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  1. I'll be at all the shows with my wife! Also just snagged tickets to one of the TWEEDY nights at Largo!
  2. My wife and I saw them in Santa Barbara and they were just ON FIRE. We have seen them lots of times including NYE in Denver, Red Rocks, Jazzfest in NOLA and multiple times around LA - this show was among my favorite times we've seen them. Can't wait for the new record.
  3. Woohoo! Palladium is GA. I'll definitely be trying to get there early to get in line and get up front. I was actually supposed to be out of town when the original shows were happening... of course there was no out of town and also no shows. haha I'm super glad I can make them this time around and that there were some tickets available. I couldn't pass up going to all of them.
  4. Thanks for checking it out! I'll give your quarantine solo record a spin.
  5. I released a new single this weekend. I had previously released We Are Wild as a part of my album and did a new version of it for a single release. This new one fatures most of the original lineup of my band Northern Strangers on backing vocals, keys, drums, bass. I'm really stoked at the way it turned out. I appreciated some folks checking it out. If you use Spotify, please give me a listen there and help me get a good first weekend bump. If you don't use Spofity, listen for free here...
  6. Grabbed tickets for all 3 LA shows and I couldn't be more excited to get some live Wilco back in my life. Originally couldn't go to the West Coast run at all due to travel but COVID... I"m just so damn happy to be have a run of Wilco shows in my future.
  7. I have tickets to see Jason Isbell at the end of July. Still waiting to see if this one will be cancelled/rescheduled. We had tickets for The Decemberists a few days later at the beginning of August but that tour has been cancelled recently.
  8. Looks like the link above is now routed to the new video that released today!
  9. Thanks for checking out the music and also big thanks for helping me get back into the board!
  10. I was locked out of the board for awhile after the update last year; and I realized I never posted here about my new record. At the end of 2020, I released my first solo effort titled "Make America Love Again." On Bandcamp, I'm donating all sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, which helps ensure voters rights, voting equality and all that good stuff. The record is also available at all streaming services like Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Soundcloud, etc. This new record is a mix of psychedelic folk, alt-country and classic rock type sounds. I'd love to hear what some
  11. I listened to the webcast premiere of the album tonight. I really enjoyed the Waterfall 2 - very psychedelic overall. Jim's singing is sounding a lot more akin to the earlier records, as far as the tone and production (to me it's a lot less of the newer distorted vocal sound and a lot more clear, high, reverb-y and ethereal sounding - he really nails the soul sound on some of the tracks here too). I loved the arrangements, felt like a lot of new territory here but also some of the familiar rock n' roll elements. I'm stoked to hear it again when it's out tomorrow.
  12. Damn - I'll be out of town for all the LA dates. Hate to miss out but on this tour.
  13. I'm guessing no West Coast dates until Sky Blue Sky weekend is over?
  14. Been checking Spotify regularly for the last week or so and WARMER popped up when I checked today. I really like it. Can't wait to dig in a little more.
  15. Empty Corner is really cool. White Wooden Cross is also very good. I'm pretty excited for this record.
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