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  1. This show was so much fun. I was on the floor and there was a lot of energy down there - a few standers but the sitters mostly won until the end of the show. At Shot everyone on the floor was up and remained up throughout the entire encore. The Spiders Singalong was so fun. It reminded me of a Cake concert where John encourages the crowd to free themselves and revel in the joy of singing along. Jeff gave a similar shpiel - in a way that fit his personality. Also it was just a real mean version of Spiders overall. Jeff's guitar work was superbly weird and great. I also r
  2. So excited for some non-festival LA shows! My Wife and I got tickets to night 1 at Ace Theatre and The Bellwether (super excited for a GA/Standing show). We may still try to get the other 2 nights at Ace Theatre... we'll see how it goes.
  3. Just watched that Impossible Germany with Derek Trucks on YT - WHOA!!! Monster version of that song. Just incredible.
  4. Finally got around to listening to the version of this that is on Spotify. The live stuff from the Pageant is amazing. The thread of "snoozin'" comments throughout is hilarious and very Jeff. The version of Reservations is beautiful and the crowd reaction to that one just stops the show in an amazing way. Also the version of Laminated Cat from the live show is superb.
  5. I got tickets for Sunday! I woke up super late and didn't see the announcement until the afternoon yesterday. Was very glad to see tickets were still remaining at that point, as I thought I'd missed out completely.
  6. Also "technically" no LA, for CC since they are playing close to here doing a set at the beach fest and I'm sure that booking restricts doing other shows in the area within a certain time period . I'd bet there's proper shows to showcase the new record in a lot of these bigger cities sometime next year.
  7. I'll pass on a local festival at $300 per person. Glad I caught the three magical shows back in October at The Palladium/Orpheum and even gladder to be attending Solid Sound in less than 2 weeks.
  8. The songwriting of Fallin Apart, as well as other new tracks that he's played live or on the Tweedy show definitely have a more finely pointed direction than say the haphazard poetry of a song like I Might.
  9. The Youtube video of Fallin Apart is live now. What a cool tune. Super country AM/BT vibes. I dig it.
  10. Cruel Country? Double Album? So excited for some new Wilco and very excited to be attending Solid Sound this year with some new material coming out. Maybe they play the whole thing on Friday? IMO the drone on AGIB is one of the very things that makes that album "better" than YHF (not that I intend to put any shade on YHF)
  11. Just released another new single this week. Check out Miles And Miles! This is an old song that I just re-recorded. My wife got a new piano at the beginning of the year and it has the most beautiful sound. We captured it for this new release. This is also my first time recording the Taylor 12 String my wife got me for my birthday last year. This track definitely has some Wilco vibes. It also feels pretty 90's. I'm really happy with the way it came out.
  12. Really enjoyed Night 1! I'll be back on Tuesday for the final solo show! Then it's on to Solid Sound for more Wilco!
  13. Just received emails about the 2 Largo shows I had tickets to. My emails said that the 12/30 show is now rescheduled for 3/1 and the 1/1 show is now rescheduled for 2/24. Wonder if they will be reversing the order and doing the Tweedy band shows first with the 3 solo shows to follow?
  14. Just streamed Jeff's new release on Spotify. I just love the album so much to begin with and these live recordings are so great. It's honestly really close to the way the record sounds but you're listening and knowing they are all there in the room playing and singing it all together. I'm even more psyched to see the Tweedy band at Largo on the first day of 2022!
  15. We got our earlybird passes today! So excited!
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