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  1. I listened to the webcast premiere of the album tonight. I really enjoyed the Waterfall 2 - very psychedelic overall. Jim's singing is sounding a lot more akin to the earlier records, as far as the tone and production (to me it's a lot less of the newer distorted vocal sound and a lot more clear, high, reverb-y and ethereal sounding - he really nails the soul sound on some of the tracks here too). I loved the arrangements, felt like a lot of new territory here but also some of the familiar rock n' roll elements. I'm stoked to hear it again when it's out tomorrow.
  2. Damn - I'll be out of town for all the LA dates. Hate to miss out but on this tour.
  3. I'm guessing no West Coast dates until Sky Blue Sky weekend is over?
  4. Been checking Spotify regularly for the last week or so and WARMER popped up when I checked today. I really like it. Can't wait to dig in a little more.
  5. Empty Corner is really cool. White Wooden Cross is also very good. I'm pretty excited for this record.
  6. I'm all for a new record also but even if they're on tour playing new material in the mix of a set you're still going to hear Heavy Metal Drummer for the 20000th time. The difference with these recent sets (and what I love about seeing the band in between records) is seeing the older songs that you don't expect to hear like Hell Is Chrome. I know they are warming up for Solid Sound and just playing as many songs as they can over the 2 night runs but damn if they aren't some good setlist. And watching the webcast - they were smoking. The arrangement of Laminated Cat is one of the best I've heard by any format of Wilco.
  7. Anyone else catch Wilco's Instagram post captioned "Back in the studio"? It was a video of Pat playing a funny little drum with a brush. I saw it earlier in the day and wondered if anyone else on here caught that. Edit: Here's the link... https://www.instagram.com/p/BtjfV-qjOJ3/
  8. Definitely underestimated. The venue in LA definitely holds less than 1000. They added a second show here that was not even announced formally and went onsale an hour after the first show and the second one also sold out within minutes. There are tons of tickets to both shows for about $90 (up from $26) on Stubhub. I saw that this was basically happening for all the shows in all big cities. I did end up managing to pull 1 ticket to the added LA show about 15 minutes after they went onsale - which is great, but my wife was really hoping to go with me. I guess we'll take what we can get. The band said they were going to try to do something about it in response to all the people on Twitter who stormed their page and complained. I'm not really sure what can be done though. I know My Morning Jacket recently found tickets that were being resold and cancelled the orders. Then they put a bunch of tickets back on sale at a later date for their few shows coming up this summer.
  9. Went on to try and get tickets to the Los Angeles show when they went onsale this morning and of course they were totally sold out before Ticketmaster would even give me the option to choose how many seats I wanted. And of course, by 2 minutes after the onsale time started there were about 60 tickets available on Stubhub for more than 3 times the face value of the tickets ($26 face value and going for about $88 on average). I literally can't believe how long this ticketmaster/scalper BS has continued and there's no way to stop it or help get the tickets to actual fans after all this time.
  10. I love this new record but I also generally love all the things Conor Oberst does. I loved his last solo album Salutations - he really is one of the best songwriters out there. I love the first track on this BOCC record "I Didn't Know What I Was In For" - just a great dark, modern folk tune. I also love "Service Road." I like how this Better Oblivion Community Center record is a mix of the super strong writing chops of the newer Oberst material (not that he was ever bad at songwriting...) and also the electornic, experimental vibes of the Bright Eyes records.
  11. I didn't feel like your response was curt at all. Just saying "wow I really missed the boat on that one" haha.
  12. This record is so good and so beautiful. I just love it.
  13. Guess my attention was elsewhere and I totally missed that. I'm sure they sold out as soon as it was on. I was lucky enough to see one of the shows at Largo in 2013 and it was amazing. The venue is tiny. Even then, I only got to attend because of a friend who happened to be able to take my wife an myself. It was an incredible show and an incredible setlist that included The Long Cut and Dash 7. Just wow. Cheers to anyone who gets to attend any show on this run.
  14. Yikes the dates at Largo are sold out already and I didn't even realize they had even gone on sale. I just saw the tour announcement earlier in the day and then got home from work, etc. to check when the onsale was happening and it was all sold out. I knew they would go fast and getting a ticket was a long shot but, wow.
  15. It does have a twang. It also has that thick John Lennon-esque delay on the vocals. I think it's pretty rad. Excited to hear this album.
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