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  1. All OK here - went without power for about 24 hours. Worst part about that was that we couldn't get cell reception for the first 12 hours as well - must have knocked out a cell tower.
  2. I want to say that I only became aware of the Ramones because of Rock n Roll High School.
  3. Ha. Same. I can still hear the closing song (Goodnight sweetheart, Goodnight) with Bowser doing his usual Dip De Dips
  4. I went to a Sha-Na-Na concert as a 3rd grader in the late 70s in Austin MN. This would have been in the thick of their TV-show run, which looking up now says it lasted from 78-81. My first show that I went to of my own volition was in 1985 - U2, Unforgettable Fire tour - Armory, Minneapolis MN.
  5. I see Netflix added the Scorsese documentary (again?) recently. Such a great film. My wife was watching over her shoulder as I started it up the other night. She started chuckling when Dylan started belting out "DIDN'T YOUUUUUUUUUUU?!?!?!" during the Like a Rolling Stone sequence.
  6. Got a shipping notice for mine a week ago today, but I still can't get tracking information on it - the tracking number they provided says that USPS is still waiting for it...
  7. Hell, I'd watch solo competitive hackysack at this point.
  8. More bike rides (though this weather has been too chilly to bring the kids, and now it's too snowy! More time to open up those Travis Picking For Beginners books I bought myself for christmas. More time to cook fantastic weekday dinners. More time to research installing a bidet attachment, while I contemplate toilet paper supply lines. More time to dive into Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars Clone Wars episodes with my boys. More time for long-form Lego projects (the Apollo 11 model took 4 hours on day 1. Now what?)
  9. Calling all and any art-house film buffs - the Criterion Collection app (a movie streaming app) has been on tilt lately - with a Godard retropective that came out last week, and one on the career of Tartovsky that was released today. They are continually cycling new movies into their library, and I have never been left wanting ever since I subscribed (I think it's $11 a month?) last May.
  10. Makes me nervous about Bernie Bros who say they'll stay home in November if he doesn't get the nomination. I don't get that logic. Apparently, there were an un-insignificant amount of Bernie Supporters who voted for Trump. I can't get my mind around that kind of decision making. I can see Biden getting some moderate Republican votes. He's about as middle of the road as one can get. My mother-in-law was going to vote for Bloomberg for this upcoming Illinois primary. She didn't really like him, but thought he had a good chance of beating Trump. I think that "beating Trump" is driving a lot of potential Dem voters, as opposed to policy, which is the state we're in. I mean, if it were a choice between Trump and someone else who espoused the exact same policies, I would be hard pressed to not to vote for the other guy.
  11. Sanders is "only" in his 3rd term as Senator. But - he was in the House for 8 terms. (1991-2006). But, your point stands. Old white guys.
  12. Elizabeth Warren just dropped out. Does that just leave Bernie and Biden? Or are there still fringe candidates like Tulsi Gabbard?
  13. The only thing screwing Bernie so far is that the young voters who love him aren't showing up at the primary polls. Geezers vote. Kids don't. That's been true for the 30+ years I've been able to vote. I haven't always voted in primaries, but I've never missed a general election.
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