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  1. We enjoyed Lupin on Netflix. It was a little ridiculous, but it was fun.
  2. He's still under active investigation by the FBI for sex trafficking, no? So, unless that investigation has been squashed, I don't think this fades away.
  3. I kinda hope that in an alternate universe that John Candy would have had that role.
  4. We've been pleasantly surprised by Schitt's Creek, which we almost quit after the very unfunny pilot episode. But we pushed forward, and it's grown on us. The four leads are great.
  5. That performance got him the Goodfellas gig.
  6. Linda Ronstadt is my queen. Neko Case First Aid Kit The Staves
  7. Man, I was feeling low on Wednesday morning. I think it all turned around for me when Biden took the lead in MI later that morning, and all Vegas betting lines started to heavily favor him. (Biden's chances, according to betting lines, fell as low as 25% sometime late Tuesday night, but were up to 90% by noon the next day) Over the weekend, I read that Biden will end up with 306 electoral votes, assuming he ends up winning PA, AZ, and GA. Which would be more electoral votes than Donald received in 216 (he had 304) - which is great for a number of reasons, but mainly: 1) Trump has a
  8. The Linda Ronstadt documentary that's on HBO/MAX is great. She seems like such a normal grounded human being (who just happens to have a once-in-a-generation golden voice).
  9. Biden is now leading in Michigan. If he maintains his lead in Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin (and if he gets his one electoral vote in Nebraska) that will total him out exactly at 270. That's the good news. The bad news is that 66 million people want Trump re-elected.
  10. No pre-orders on individual Dave's Picks. It goes on sale the day it goes on sale.
  11. I see they're no longer doing pre-orders as well. Strange decision.
  12. It would be nice if they moved to a digital delivery option. I just replaced my 10-year old Mac, and the new one doesn't have a CD Drive!
  13. Same - we got about 30 minutes in and lost interest. The skit I remember was when he was dictating a fax to some poor old guy working at the neighborhood Kinkos.
  14. Yeah, but compared to tripe like this - (budget, maybe $1,000?) the exotic locales of the Duran Duran videos were a godsend. Back to EVH - Hot for Teacher just couldn't be made today. You've got two different teachers/strippers gyrating in front of kids! Eddie's performance in that video makes me laugh - he couldn't get DLR's choreography down. Today I learned that Phil Hartman supplied the voice for Waldo in that vid.
  15. My picks are not too far from that. I would also say Duran Duran, David Bowie, Hot for Teacher, and I'm Just a Gigolo - which is probably my #1 video of all time. I remember watching USA network's "Night Flight" on Friday night sleepovers - waiting for the "unedited" Girls on Film, or another one by Berlin (forget the song) that were too risque to show during daylight hours...
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