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  1. One GA to a great venue Roadrunner in Boston looking for a home paid 70us incl fees will sell here for 40 smooth transaction
  2. Considering Making a 2 hr Drive to NH. Guessing Set time is usually clocking in at 2 hrs. Thanks
  3. Saw that as an early teen mid 70s in a theatre it was decent Have not seen it since/ maybe time to revisit.
  4. Re :Can't You Hear Me Knocking\ Heard Warren Haynes do a nice cover of this in Boston 2 weeks ago. Jason Isbel. Covered it in an Encore last week as well. Nice homage to Charlie Watts. The song does have a great groove,
  5. Thanks a lot 9:30 start wow went to Fogerty last week there ( very good ) it ended at 10:20 where do locate setlist ? the website or somewhere else ?
  6. Some thoughts on the show. i have seen the babd spread out over 4 states in the last two decades. This show is in my top 3 out of 22 shows i would have to harken back to an Evening With Wilco to say those are my other 2 the show took off like a rocket. The band was tight as usual although lose in terms of mood. The pacing was great as was JT mood hell he even smiled … twice !! Great tribute to Charlie Watts and well played I might add. Chargrilled that this is it until next year but still smiling at the memory of an outstandi
  7. Something fun, perhaps swap some song / stories around them. 1) Midnight Rambler - Being from Boston and just a kid of 12 when it came out I started to like it, and purchased My first Stones Album; Get Yer Yah Yahs Out 2) Brown Sugar after completing Walk For Hunger walk at 13, I arrived on the Boston Common to hear opening chords of Brown Sugar was being played live by a local band . It stuck with me. 3) Honky Tonk Women - Always a fun one when The Stones do it live. It was the first song I sang with my buddies cover band. What's Some of Yours and Why..?
  8. Hello Pls advise what you have available. You will receive a prompt response. Thanks!
  9. As someone posted in a Drive By Truckers FB thread about cancellations in general.. There is going to be a lot of babies next winter.. Hope it gets rescheduled for you. Just saw them last month. As potent as ever,I love the last three records.
  10. Awesome review .. Re ; The encore I am now recalling the very last time I saw him no encore as well. Eric Church started to keep a long main set a few yrs back and announced that he did not want to run off and run back out.. He's rather leave it all out here. I get it .. Im fine with the bands either way.. hmm either way brings up Wilco .. thats how my mind works - got tkts for the Boston show today.. Man the holdbacks and the bots got the great seats.. Too bad Wilco does not do what Sturgil did that was a pre qualification thing.. Before I go tip O' the cap for audience policing more should
  11. and also Lucero .. Caught Lucero a couple of months ago solid new songs somewhat somber but good I thought. How was Rateliff .. he just came through.. But I was off seeing Brit Floyd
  12. How was it .. ? We are waiting until May in Boston. Im sure he played loud and quite good,, Have yet to ck setlist wondered about your thoughts on show.
  13. Boston Pre was fair got in @10:00 had to wait 3 minutes in Que and first 15 rows in center ..Gone No GA Sides were WC in 1st 10 rows. But we have a summertime show in the city and overall I am grateful.
  14. Really a 180 from last night in so many ways .. Jeff was more involved with banter tonight I.e. repeatedly commenting on the size of lite beers then moving into burning the same folk that were drinking lite large beers and texting. We are playing not for you but with you! Another comment later “ Get a real Beer “ Moreover and more importantly it was to me a better range of the band both setlist wise, and Band Wise Hell,we even got a banjo plucked by Pat. This was a better, louder ( at the appropriate spots) overall, crowd than last nite and the band knew it. It will be another few years
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