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  1. that was the downside of staying ~45 min away from the fest this time; i didn't catch any of the late night shows. anyone see Mess Esque? wanted to see Mick too!
  2. not really sure where to put this since it seemed self-gratuitous to create a new thread... my review and photos from the weekend: https://digboston.com/fotobom-wilcos-solid-sound-festival/
  3. Watt was the highlight for me. pure energy and having Nels on for those two covers was a mountain of cherries on top. bummed i missed Iceage's set and Mess Essque (Mick and Helen were part of BPB's band).
  4. fist bumping w/ John seeing my first non-dead/non-in a zoo porcupine seeing so many friends and meeting new ones
  5. i hope it returns to the June slot... Boston Calling is that same Mem Day weekend and while the lineup has been getting worse, there are still good bands that play and i would like to cover both.
  6. i think this was the most lackluster SSF closing set i've seen yet. the special guests were really just limited to Byrne, and Rick and Janet from 11DD along w/ Sam Evian on guitar. now that Tweedy has a couple solo records to draw from, there are less random covers or UT songs to get played. I don't mind Love Is The King or Warm/Warmer but it does get a bit samey to me. "Love Is The King" seemed to have the most spark due to Jim's lead guitar playing.
  7. one of the perks of covering shows is that i don't have to buy tickets very often. Grouper (aka Liz Harris) was doing a short run of West Coast and East Coast shows and I knew from prior experience she doesn't carry a press list so i was just gonna buy a couple of tickets for last night's Portland ME show. i went to search my emails for the tickets and the usual suspects of online ticket accounts but turned out i never actually bought them and the show sold out weeks ago. damn.
  8. Dry Cleaning were one of the best shows i've seen this year. so damned good.
  9. I saw the 'final' (we've seen this play out before... The Who are in town next week after their farewell tour was in 1982) tour from Kikagaku Moyo last night. they are good and i like them but i wouldn't put them in top-tier psych bands from japan (tbh, that's a pretty lofty bar to clear) and i can't figure out how they got so much more popular than the rest of those bands. seems like they resonate pretty well with the younger crowd; maybe it's because they don't go for the throat too often and spend a good chunk of their time w/ playful jams, which is one of my critiques. they are
  10. yeah not many people are gonna be paying $300 to see Wilco.
  11. not when i have a 7:30AM meeting! they got on at 9:45 at a venue i'd imagine the usual curfew is 11PM.
  12. i saw Interpol last night. they must think Boston is NYC since they played until 11:30. not even Trey's band played that long last weekend!
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