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  1. weekend closer of metal shows. last night it was the record release show from Blood Lightning, with KIND, Casket Rats and Lipsmear tonight it's the Satanic Panic tour w/ Coven, Lucifer and Early Moods
  2. i had never seen him before, and the reports of unrecognizable songs w/ radically different arrangements was 100% correct. I really only ID'd one song "Gotta Serve Somebody" and then when i saw the set list i should have had at least 5-6 more. I thought he was great, personally. had really good seats and his band is fantastic. for all the people bitching about his voice, it's not like he was Pavarotti in the '60s and it suits the songs well. i didn't think he sounded bad at all.
  3. in a turn of events, i ended up leaning on my contact at Bowery Boston who hooked me up w/ a ticket and then the opener got me another one so Allison and I were able to enjoy last night's show.
  4. shows i've been to since that Eitzel one... Sam Black Church Bob Dylan Blonde Redhead Codeine/Barbara Manning Wet Tuna/Magik Markers Tool Botch/Converge/Cave In Sexless Marriage/Dwelley Liz Phair tmrw. (Scratch that - no press tickets, don't feel like buying a ticket to provide coverage)
  5. Guided By Voices is in a similar place but with even way more material to draw from. the set list is gonna have a handful or two of songs from the last 2-3 records, about a dozenor two classics that don't change much and then the rest are things pulled from this current lineup's output.
  6. see if i read this post before i went, i would have realized you were gonna be there!
  7. not sure i ever posted this... WRP and maybe some others might find interest in Tedeschi Trucks Band: https://medium.com/culture-beat/live-review-tedeschi-trucks-band-bring-a-bunch-of-friends-to-the-garden-parties-at-td-garden-9531cf1c3a29 and for the progheads, there's this: https://medium.com/culture-beat/live-review-steve-hackett-and-friends-breathe-life-into-foxtrot-at-50-0735b03558f8
  8. had a great 4 night run starting Tuesday... Nick Cave, The Mission/The Chameleons, Steve Hackett, Mike Watt (as MSSV). here's my review of the Nick Cave show: https://bigtakeover.com/concerts/nick-cave-wang-theatre-boston-oct-10th-2023
  9. tangentially speaking, i got to see Tedeschi Trucks Band last week and they brought out Warren Haynes for a few songs https://medium.com/culture-beat/live-review-tedeschi-trucks-band-bring-a-bunch-of-friends-to-the-garden-parties-at-td-garden-9531cf1c3a29
  10. The Breeders did a cool thing at the Boston show... 1st 30 posters were signed by the band and were the same price as the unsigned copies.
  11. Syl Johnson once told me that The Rolling Stones were from Chicago.
  12. i would have loved to see any of those bands in that era... closest was finally seeing DKs my first year in college ('85), and REM played our college spring concert... Fables of the Preconstruction tour. My only real hardcore claim to fame was seeing Deep Wound, which featured J and Lou who would later form Dinosaur Jr. I also saw Murph's first band, All White Jury a couple times. their singer Simon had a giant pink mohawk.
  13. it is pretty wild that the DK's record first came out in the UK, not over here. that record had an out-sized impact on me in high school. pissed that i somehow lost my copy of _Plastic Surgery Disasters_.
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