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  1. great show last night with Jon Spencer and the HITmakers, Minibeast and Muck and the Mires.
  2. Though I have a Blog section of my website, I ever hardly use it. But I got around to collecting every review I wrote from last year, with a lead photo accompanying it... so if you want to browse through the 55 shows and festivals I wrote about, dig in! https://www.tinnitus-photography.com/blog/2023/1/2022-recap (i am still collecting my favorite images from 2022, as there were plenty of shows I shot that I didn't also review)
  3. Spacemen 3 - Playing With Fire
  4. did you go to Split Single? i was there! i also caught the 2nd Dehd show at Empty Bottle, and the Arrivals and The Brokedowns at Reggie's on NYE. I loved that club, and the next door bar was really great too. Empty Bottle was a fantastic venue as well! i dug Chicago a lot.
  5. Looks like Om will release their first record in a decade.
  6. King Buffalo and a couple of local bands. tough call to miss the Oneida/Martin Bisi/Thalia Zedek show.
  7. last night I saw High On Fire and Municipal Waste tear it up in some biker bar in Hampton Beach NH. shit ruled. too bad HoF got on so late i had to bail halfway through their set.
  8. Suede were great, Brett really brought the fire.
  9. maybe i missed it but given the late date and lack of annonucement, i guess SBS 2023 is a no-go? didn't they have a three year contract?
  10. MSP were the worst band i've seen in quite some time. mindlessly dull. a total knack for writing horrible melody lines.
  11. yeah it was really good. Yorke in prime spasmodic mode and he played a ton of bass too.
  12. i just looked at the bands and overlaps at the 2008 ATP that Low played and i am at peace with my decision to skip them and see the Polvo set instead.
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