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  1. been spinning a lot of my Albini records lately. Rapeman - Two Nuns and a Pack Mule Rapeman - Budd Big Black - Atomizer Big Black - Bulldozer Big Black - Songs About Fucking Big Black - Headache Big Black - Sound Of Impact Shellac - The End of Radio
  2. Just heard JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound’s cover of “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” at the Publick House.
  3. i guess in 2015? according to setlist.fm they played 4 of the AMF songs over the two nights. but they shook up the set list pretty well i thought.
  4. Nice! they kinda did this when the Alpha Mike Foxtrot box came out but i am down for a whole show of it.
  5. there is an issue on one of the picks... "She's A Jar" and I forget the other song in the title bracket but it's not listed and "Outtasite" is listed instead as a choice.
  6. last night saw the latest buzz band The Last Dinner Party. they draw quite the rabid fan base. tonight i finally get to see Unwound again, after 30 years from the last time.
  7. when both artists played Newport Folk a few years ago, Billy joined for "California Stars"
  8. most of my listening is either via LP or digital streaming; i do have a CD player but my CDs are in the basement and I rarely retrieve any as I have everything ripped to digital and can playback via Plex. specs on my stereo: Adcom pre-amp and amp (200 wpc), both purchased new in the early 90s. turntable is a fully manual Rotel w/ Sumiko blue point II cartridge stream is Cambridge Audio speakers are Paradigm Studio 60s CD player is some generic Pioneer single disc player
  9. Horse Lords swerves much farther into the Ranaldo/Moore guitar fuckery lane, without sounding like SY at all.
  10. My review is finally done, it's got a lot of words and photos in it so dig in: Sky Blue Sky at The Big Takeover
  11. they are guests of Yo La Tengo tonight.
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