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  1. "I Don't Belong" is the best song they have written to date. got to see them twice in Dublin and finally will see them in Boston in a couple of weeks time.
  2. And I listened to that record last night w/ Otis. sounded great!
  3. great point. w/ that Summer Bummer discount i had the Summerteeth box in my cart but i doubt i will pull the trigger. i can listen to my 2009 reissue and be fine w/ it and stream the extras and live stuff as needed.
  4. ok, which of the band members tossed in Chat Pile? whoever it is gets my respect.
  5. overall i am glad i went, but for my tastes, the material was FAR too heavy on Avalon and Flesh + Blood. that said, the band sounded good, really good. Ferry doesn't have much sustain but sounded fine to me, i know some people were unhappy with his 77 year old vocals.
  6. Roxy Music tonight! not peeking at any set lists... wanna go in cold.
  7. we were back from the so-called Feuerzone but even about 150' back, it was surprising how hot the flames felt. those guys must have roasted on stage. Rammstein has some peculiarly German restrictions on what can and can't be done with the photos we took, but i can share a link so i'll get that up when the piece is live.
  8. Rammstein was one of the crazier photo shoots i've done... that's a lot of flame!
  9. great record. I haven't seen Toth on stage since 2006. it's been a while!
  10. William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops
  11. https://worstward.bandcamp.com/album/sun-spar
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