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  1. it would have really been funny had Pitchfork re-reviewed some random album and changed the score from say 5.3 to 5.2.
  2. $8 shipping for a 7" definitely steps over into 'this is way too much for postage' territory but my friend wanted a copy too so we split it to $4 each.
  3. Woodsist Records put on a sweet little fest. totally enjoyable (aside from trying to find my camera bag after it got dark).
  4. Gimme Shelter (that intro still gives me shivers and i've heard it a million times) Let It Loose (arguably the best song they ever wrote) i will think of another soon... "Salt Of The Earth" comes close to making it.
  5. Thanks! yeah doing two sets w/ a short break is pretty ideal for a band like Yo La Tengo. enjoy the show!
  6. a couple of recent show reviews... Black Crowes: https://digboston.com/fotobom-the-black-crowes-and-dirty-honey-at-xfinity-center/ Yo La Tengo: https://digboston.com/fotobom-yo-la-tengo-the-columbus-theatre/
  7. Yo La Tengo continue their reign near the top of the heap. excellent show last night, good mask adherence and proof of vaccine required for entry. i felt entirely comfortable.
  8. nothing says metal like a balding old guy w/ an acoustic guitar.
  9. yeah i meant it more as a 'here's a band that jams the F out' rather than sounding a lot like the Dead, who have more blues/bluegrass and american folk tones in their songs (at least as far as i can tell, i am assuredly no expert on them). If you like that sort of thing, Earthless is another band worth your time and they are from California so they definitely tour the US. I don't think any of those bands on the label has been over. I did get to see Mythic Sunship at Roadburn in 2019 and they are signed to Tee Pee over here now so maybe! I would love to see Colour Haze too. they had been b
  10. literally, jams: https://papir.bandcamp.com/album/jams this Danish band is among the best of the current crop of guitar-based psych bands.. no vocals, just white heat. I'm currently listening to the reissue of Stundum, and it's another stunner. https://papir.bandcamp.com/album/stundum hope some people dig! the record label El Paraiso is chockful of similar goodies, check out Causa Sui as well while you're at it. The latest one (Szabodelico) sounds like they spent the summer surfing w/ Marc Ribot.
  11. not that this is anywhere complete but it does log a lot of the shows i've been to... kinda wish there more shows from the 90s added so i could have added them as well. i do add random setlists from time to time as i discover things online. https://www.setlist.fm/concerts/tinnitus_photo
  12. a few orders of magnitude higher, even. how many times have you seen them play, at least a few hundred at this point no?
  13. Thanks Paul! I do find it a bit of a challenge to review shows of a band I've seen so many times and keep the review fresh.
  14. and it's now defunct but they could have played at Southpaw.
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