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  1. my airbnb canceled on me already and it's memorial day weekend so i might just say fuck it and shoot Boston Calling instead. ugh. finding a place to stay is by far the worst part of the festival.
  2. they were a great band at least through Eliminator.
  3. always happy to see this thread get some new posts. Halford's IG is worth following.
  4. despite the playing of "Let's Go Rain," thankfully the rain didn't come back, which given this July in New England is a minor miracle. great show, and it was a very smooth event. i think we got there around 6:20ish and there was a sizeable line in front of us, but when we got to the seats it was easy to find prime real estate dead center and about 6-7 rows back. the sound was really good and the entire set up bodes well for future events there. hard to estimate but maybe 300-400 people in total? i didn't end up bringing any camera gear as i'd put in a request to jeff's
  5. He's gonna be in the general area for the shows at Mass MoCA and Tree House, so fingers crossed he sticks around for a few more days and plays Newport. They have not announced all the acts for either session yet so while it's a bit of a long shot, it's definitely in the realm of possibility.
  6. go to the Tree House show instead! I guess i missed the Joe allegations. what's w/ that? a #metoo moment?
  7. if anyone still needs a vinyl copy of the most excellent 4LP set Way Down In The Rust Bucket, you'll not find a better deal anywhere: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08T3JLCDH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. i thought it was a bit weird to have had to generate the quotes for the various travel insurance options rather than just state the cost of each one.
  9. i might get fired for my editorial choices. here is my track listing too: Side A: Wilco (The Album) - "Wilco (The Song)" Sky Blue Sky - "You Are My Face" Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - "Poor Places" Schmilco - "We Aren't The World (Safety Girl)" Being There - "Red Eyed and Blue" Mermaid Avenue, Vol. II - "Secret of the Sea" A.M. - "Casino Queen" Side B: Mermaid Avenue - "California Stars" Summerteeth - "A Shot In The Arm" Star Wars - "Random Name Generator" The Whole Love - "Art Of Almost" Ode to Joy - "We Were Lucky" A Gho
  10. Warpaint! man do i love this song a whole bunch
  11. the best of what i heard: C Forsyth with Garcia Peoples - Peoples Motel Band (Solar Live vol 3) C Forsyth/D Harrington/R Jewell/S Zahn - First Flight Causa Sui - Szabodelico Flavor Crystals - five Gwenifer Raymond - Strange Lights Over Garth Mountain Jason Molina - Eight Gates Kungens Man - Trappmusik Marmalade Knives - Amnesia Mary Lattimore - Silver Ladders Steve Von Till - No Wilderness Deep Enough honorable mention: Bailter Space - Concret Dungen - Live Elder - Omens Elkhorn - The Storm Sessions Emeralds - Live II Guided By Voices - Surrender to your Poppy Field
  12. Neko Case Meg Baird PJ Harvey Dorthia Cottrell Itasca Rosali Chrissie Hynde Jennifer Herrema Denise Roughan Cat Power
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