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  1. Both!! Shot all four days (for unknown reasons I didn’t get pit access for Wilco’s set on the first night) and am very happy with my shots. The stage lighting was great. Kudos to the production team.
  2. great recap Paul. Wilco, the bands, the staff - everyone delivered an incredible four days (at least for me; i had a great time. my only slight annoyance was discovering that there is seemingly a sizeable portion of cig smokers in the Wilco fan base).
  3. Laminated Cat was pure energy, the highlight of the set for sure. Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd took hold of human hosts (even if they aren't dead).
  4. wow that is really sad. horrible situation.
  5. everyone has a different risk profile. doesn't make anyone right or wrong, does it?
  6. i guess it wasn't in that email (or my searching skills are on the wane, or both), maybe it was a snippet that someone else had posted to the SBS group. but, it was to the point that they already comply with the % capacity rules set by Quintana Roo so any future cancellations or non-cancellations shouldn't affect that particular possible constraint.
  7. seeing as though the cancelation deadline is (i think) 2 days before the festival starts, the email sent today by Cloud 9 would refute your conjecture.
  8. early claim to fame: he was in The Nuns, who opened the final Sex Pistols show.
  9. no one on this board has any clue as to how the contracts are structured, so conjecture about what could/should be done is just that - conjecture.
  10. yeah, Delta was a true disrupter. A good chunk was caused by overseas bands not being able to get visas into the country (in the end, only a UK band a Cz Republic band made it), and there were cancellations up until pretty much the last day or two before the event because of bands and/or crews getting sick. I do give the promoters a lot of credit to keep it moving forward and booking alternatives wherever possible on extremely short notice, and in the end it was a great event (mostly indoors) and i didn't get COVID!
  11. after dealing with endlessly shifting lineup changes/cancellations/additions etc of Psycho Las Vegas, nothing will faze me.
  12. gotta admire that it took since 2008 to make apost.
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