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  1. Thank for noting the Merriweather show. Still some good seats left.
  2. I've done quite a few Bandsintown streams and have had no problems.
  3. One of my Drive By Trucker fan friends won the Tele.
  4. You have to believe the 500$ is a typo?
  5. I have to give up my SS Trip next year due to a recently announced wedding. I have a 3-night reservation at Whitcomb Summit Retreat. It's 9 miles from the venue and all in cost was $430. Message me if interested and I'll confirm that we can transfer the reservation. Thanks, Dave
  6. Wilcoworld link for NJ is live. Just got back of orchestra.
  7. Looks like they moved NJ to Friday.
  8. Presale supposedly starts today but I can't seem to locate a time or password.
  9. How To Fight Loneliness That's Not The Issue Someone Else's Song Pick Up The Change It's Just That Simple Less Than You Think Should've Been In Love Say You Miss Me Wishful Thinking Shake It Off We're Just Friends Was I In Your Dreams In a Future Age Dash 7 Pieholden Suite Knocked out Radio Cure, Reservations, On and On and On this past week.
  10. 40+ tickets for each night already on stubhub. Management needs to do better on presales.
  11. Presale failed. In at 1000am nothing available.
  12. A fairly strong statement that's hard to disagree with.
  13. Vinyl came with the track notes. I thought the CDs had the dates of the live tracks listed, maybe not.
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