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  1. 2-1 England. Saka and Foden. Looking forward to the match. Will have a large gathering at my local pub.
  2. Awesome match yesterday (England - Netherlands) -- England looked great in the 1st half -- 2nd half not so much, but pulled it out yet again - a great goal by Watkins. Foden had a great 1st half, but none of found the net.
  3. I tried getting into the Copa cup - but after watching the Euro's during the day - it always seemed like a let down watching the Copa.
  4. The Euro's have been a hoot - for the most part. Gonna be sad when it ends. Rooting for England.
  5. Future Islands at the Auditorium in Chicago. Looking forward to it.
  6. Regarding Tweedy's vocals, I wonder if still stems from his sinus operation --- don't remember when he had that done - so I may be way off. From the tapes I have heard - he still sounds good live - perhaps it's just in the studio and the tunes he has been writing over the last 10 years or so.
  7. Watched the 1st episode of the Bear -- starting off great. Just noticed that the above is the freezer door - that's pretty cool. Last night, my kid wanted us to make the Bear family spaghetti recipe --- it turned out pretty good - need to season it more, though. The kid was hoping we'd find a bunch of cash when we opened the can of San Marzano tomatoes --- but nothin'...
  8. Last night my village celebrated our 100th Year Anniversary with a bunch of what not, which ended in a drone show. As the show was ending and the drones started fall down back to land, WIlco's Love Is Everywhere (Beware) played over the ball park speakers -- Definitely not expected to hear this tune -- it was kinda cool.
  9. Saw three shows at the Sphere last week -- definitely worth the trip. A different type of crowd. The visuals were great - though they did repeat many over the three days. Musically - Weir vocals were great through out -- his guitar playing got better as the shows went on. The rest of the band sounded great through out the weekend. The sound is definitely great -- not as loud - especially during a solo - as I was hoping, though. Don't think I will venture back any time soon. Still not a fan of Vegas -- the 110 degree temperatures did not help.
  10. A great season for the Gunners ---- 2 points shy of the Championship. A much better finish this year, than last year. We'll see if City gets any point deductions. I would be perfectly fine with waiting a month, to celebrate a Championship for the Gunners.
  11. The White Sox has been somewhat ok to watch the last 15 games or so ------ Still miss Jason Benetti calling the games, at least him and Stone made the games interesting even when the play on the field stunk. I am back to listening to music, as I watch the games. We just finished up season 3 of Slow Horses. A very enjoyable show - Gary Oldman is awesome and it's always nice to hear Jagger sing the opening theme song. Also watched the 1st two episodes of "Drops of God" (via Apple TV), yesterday. Definitely piqued my interest. The location shots have been great (Paris, Toy
  12. There is still hope for the Gunners ----- traveling for a wedding on Saturday, so I will be watching it via the phone in the car. Go Gunners! Also, I am glad fans don't do the flare thing in the states --- those things seem annoying. They kind of remind me of hearing firecrackers at concerts go off during the 70's, that I hear on bootlegs.
  13. Bettye's night is definitely out for me -- it would be the Sunday show with Lainey Wilson, if I do end up going. It would be great to see Lavette, though.
  14. Enjoy! I am glad Keith is back to singing two songs. I do wish they were doing more than three songs off the new record. Still 'sitting on the fence' on going to a Chicago show. Dead & Co's shows in June completely blew my concert budget this year. Cool poster.
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