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  1. Curious to know if you were you shooting at all this weekend or was it a total enjoy the music kind of vacation?
  2. Exactly --- if the intention was to make people actually think about global warming, etc. while making people laugh - it completely missed the mark for me - the humor, due to the writing, was completely lost on me. (Typically, I enjoy McKay's movies) None of the characters had any redeeming qualities, therefore I couldn't have any empathy for anyone or anything, while watching it.
  3. We watched Don't Look Up --- horrible. We were really rooting for the meteor to hit the earth sooner.
  4. Dead & Co shows are officially off. I can't see the Wilco shows happening... Dead & Company @deadandcompany · 16m With much sadness and after great consideration of every possible scenario, the @PlayTheSand shows in Riviera Cancun on January 7-10 and Jan
  5. The below is great --- I don't know much about them -- but what I do know sounds interesting. Did see them once at the first Lolla in 91. Fun. The definitive documentary that will reveal the hole truth and nothing butt
  6. It looks like Mick Taylor started to solo a bit and Keith did not like that --- he just wanted to vamp the riff while Jagger sang the "got to roll" bit.
  7. Thanks for the review. Dylan was definitely more active at the Columbus show. The Columbus crowd was great, as well. People were glued to their seats.
  8. The Stones re-released it in the theaters in 2010 - it was cool to see on the big screen. Re-watched during DVD binge, after Charlie passed away.
  9. Never noticed that. Need to rewatch that "Tumbling Dice"
  10. Are you talking about the Ladies and Gentlemen's release?
  11. My wife and I were at the September 13, 2003 REM/Wilco show --- great Kicking Television opener. A cold, cold night.
  12. After lurking around for a while, I officially joined in Nov. 2005 ---- I needed to fill in some blanks in my head regarding Tweedy's 11.5.2005 solo show in Madison. That was a fun night. It's been a nice ride on the board, since.
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