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  1. Ha! The good old days...
  2. How was it? Need to catch a flight, so I didn't see it. Would have been great to see them at Fitzgerald's.
  3. Listening to the 12/31/73 Allman's show now --- glad people stopped lighting off firecrackers at shows. That would have drove me nuts. The Lost Live Dead had a great post on this New Year's Show. http://lostlivedead.blogspot.com/2012/12/december-31-1973-cow-palace-daly-city.html My take on why they never played together again after this date is probably due to the Dead's hiatus after 74 and drugs.
  4. Just finished listening to the Dead's December 12, 1973 show from the Omni in Atlanta where Jerry wishes Dickie a happy birthday, before the band heads into Sugar Magnolia. Alan Paul mention's it in the book. Alan Paul also mentions the ABB December 31, 1973 New Year's show at the Cow's Palace -- the last time Garcia played with Betts on stage. Not sure if I have listened to the whole show - I guess the Dead crew dosed the Allmans.
  5. Been reading Brothers and Sisters: The Allman Brothers Band and the Inside Story of the Album That Defined the '70s A decent read. The chapters on the Summer Jam at Watkins Glen were great. I am up to the point where Brothers and Sisters was released. It seems like Betts was an asshole in the 70s, too. His wife and kid was not part of the Brothers and Sisters gatefold because Betts was pissed at his wife and kicked them out for a bit.
  6. Yeah I guess. But man, I would have read that as two completely different sets -- otherwise why even put it on the webpage.
  7. Yeah I can see your beef. The venue page stated as such. Wonder where the disconnect came from: the promotor, venue's webpage, and/or Wilco. https://www.tivolivredenburg.nl/agenda/wilco-27-08-2023/ (I had to google translate it to English)
  8. Marc Ford --- playing with The Steepwater Band at Fitzgerald's.
  9. Tweedy using a vocoder may be interesting (or maybe not). I don't think he used one before.
  10. Yeah - I saw that and was happy. Yesterday, I happen to check out John Grant's - A Boy from Michigan cd from my library. Not at all familiar with him until I watched an old video of him performing "GMF" with Sinéad O'Connor, last week. After seeing that I decided check some of his stuff. While reading the liner notes for A Boy from Michigan, I noticed that Cate Le Bon produced it and Euan Hinshelwood plays saxophone on a few of tunes, too. (Hinshelwood is the one credited on Cousins)
  11. How was the show? According to the below - it seems like it was great night. Bromberg / Hiatt / Tweedy --- pretty good. Below is a review from Relix. Relix
  12. Noticed the below is now streaming: MAR 16, 2002 All Tomorrow's Parties - Royce Hall Los Angeles, CA I noticed it before the official email, which I just got. Feel like it's another scoop by the VC - ha! Who needs that dumb FB page! *just kidding of course - still haven't done the whole FB thing - fads come and go, I tell ya - just wait.... WILCO Los Angeles 2002 Wilco's latest Front O
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