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  1. I never felt unsafe at a show, but I have seen a lot sketchy stuff. I can see all the stuff mentioned in that article happening. Also, I have been to a few Rainbow gatherings in the early 90's. One can tell some of the people there were evading the law and very distrustful. My buddy was thinking about doing a paper for college on the community, focusing on the structure and all. We brought it up and most of the people we talked to, spoke up and discussed it a candid manner, while others would just walk off. Cameras were highly discourage, also. They were always enjoyable, though, and I never felt unsafe. At one of the gatherings, I did witness a group of locals in a pick up truck ( I am assuming locals, since we were in Southern, IL and I know they do not take too kindly to hippie transients) , fire bombed a parked car.
  2. The chat with Offerman and Tweedy was a delight - just 2 friends having a chat about creating. He played 2 songs at the end. One was A Robin Or A Wren - forgot the name of the other.
  3. Chicago Tribune interview regarding the book and the record. https://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/books/ct-books-jeff-tweedy-how-to-write-one-song-20201009-w2egxqmvirenza5jiwwddzcphi-story.html
  4. Phil Hartman - wow. Another dude who was great. And gone.
  5. My favorite bit is that he stopped answering the phone when Rahm Emanuel calls.
  6. What a pic --- looks like they all had a smoke and took a picture.
  7. Cool story -- it would have been great if that $40 you found ended up to be Roth's --- must admit Roth was the main reason I never gotten into to Van Halen --- I do enjoy 5150 the most out of their output. I did dub a cassette of 5150 off a friend of mine.
  8. My sister was a big fan, so I remember listening to them a lot in the 70's --- must admit their music never grabbed me, though I always respected Eddie's guitar playing. I was in 6th or 7th grade when 1984 came out - it was huge at my grade school, for sure. My friend had an extra ticket to see them in 1992 (Southern Illinois Arena in Carbondale, IL) - so I went to check out Eddie's playing. Again it didn't move me at all, but he was fun to watch. The production of the show was pretty good. I remember Michael Anthony being a highlight of the show.
  9. I am not Instagram, so I never see these shows ( thank you kindly to U2roolz for these recaps, ) -- anyway's I would have been in your same White Sox boat. Looking forward to next year.
  10. I was hoping that Romney would come out against the Court nominee -- when that didn't happen, the outcome became inevitable. Pretty crazy a few month's ago, one voted to impeach and then 'oh no - he can pick the judge' - like nothing has happen. To the teachers -- I remember it was an IL requirement to pass a Constitution test in 8th grade -- is that still a requirement in the rest of the country? I am not even sure if it is a requirement in IL, anymore.
  11. The Hideout (in Chicago) is hosting a virtual book release ---- with Nick Offerman. https://noonchorus.com/jeff-tweedy/?mc_cid=2638a853d1&mc_eid=3d31a29281
  12. Gonna get a bit chilly tonight - 39 degree is the low - wonder what their policy is on turning on ones car to warm up a bit???
  13. Got it --- W.S. Merwin is one my favorite poets --- would have been cool if there was a Tweedy/Miller connection.
  14. Was he talking about W.S. Merwin?
  15. Yeah - those sessions will be tough - i can't imagine.
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