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  1. Forgot about this series - my wife and started watching it couple of years ago. Need to pick it back up --- the bits do get a bit redundant - but funny as all hell. Not as great as The Inbetweeners - but still very funny. Also finally got around to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower, this past week. Good movie (it was hit with my teenage son and niece, they both watched last year or so) -- my biggest beef of the movie was how would the three main characters not know "Heroes" by David Bowie???? The writer should have picked a different song or a used different
  2. Yeah -- made 80. Good on 'em. That last decade has not been great for him - health wise. Was such a great, great player with a beautiful tone. Songwriting skills were there, too.
  3. Enjoy the Phish show. A giant Joshua Light show would be great.
  4. Wow - this thread as been Dead (ha!) for almost a year. And now I opening it back up with a Dead & Co bit (e-gads) ----- decided to head to Vegas to catch some shows (June 13, 14, and 15th). When it was announced I was on the fence (not a big fan of Vegas at all, spent one day/night there in the late 90's and then drove out to the Grand Canyon for the 2 remaining nights of the trip) --- but decided to do something different this year. That being said I am looking forward to seeing what this Sphere thing entails and such. I am glad Phish is
  5. It is sounding good. A great year. Looking at Wilcobase I saw 6 shows in 2008. Five at the Riviera and the Lollapalooza show = not the Iowa show, though.
  6. New upload. Wilco Val Air Ballroom Des Moines, IA Mar 9, 2008
  7. Saw the below on a Stones site -- (Keith with Joe Ely). Not sure where it was taken - assume someplace in Texas.
  8. Yeah -- his radio show was great --- did catch him live at Blue Island Beer Company in 2019. Chatting with briefly while he was taking pictures with whomever wanted one. Cracked me up when a few people were leaving when he starting singing his "Donald Trump Can Suck My Dick" song ---- they didn't mind any the previous songs poking fun and 'bashing' other people, religion, etc..... A great, fun night.
  9. I think the Staples performance was my favorite part of the movie -- the way it was shot was lovely and great. The glimpse of Richard Manuel at the very beginning of the below clip is sad as hell - definitely wrecked throughout the movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCSzL5-SPHM
  10. Checked out Pete's Lifehouse DVD release from the library ---- from 2000 ---- been listening to the latest boxset a lot - via Spotify --- this Dvd is pretty great. Checking the credits, I looked up Phil Palmer -- the other guitarist on the gig. Co-wrote "I'm No Angel" - Allman's solo hit - didn't realize that. Also his uncles are Ray and Dave Davies.... He plays well on this DVD. The whole DVD production is nice. Must admit, when I listen to Pete singing --- I never miss Roger.
  11. That may have been my favorite part - kidding - that's cool, though. Did she get to meet Giamatti, Randolph, or Sessa? I got the 1970 feel while watching the film. Also, I definitely will watch the Iron Claw movie at some point -- the Von Erich's were pretty popular and in my middle school in the early 80's ----- I remember writing 'Kerry Von Erich is a wimp' in my friend's yearbook --- she in turn --- taking up a whole page --- wrote "have a great summer and REMEMBER KERRY VON ERICH IS NOT A WIMP" in mine. I guess I remembered...
  12. Watched the Holdovers -- very enjoyable. All three of the main actors (Paul Giamatti, Da'Vine Joy Randolph and Dominic Sessa) were great. Great characters and story.
  13. Yeah - the BBA is also on my list.
  14. I am waiting on the price to drop even more. But I do really want this set. Been listening to it via Spotify, since it was released.
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