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  1. Currently reading Christopher Knowlton's Cattle Kingdom. A great, well-written read.
  2. I remember when I got Dale's rookie card in the early 80s. It's still sits in a hard plastic case. One of my all time favorite players, too --- it helped that the Braves were on TBS, so I was able to catch a lot of their games on cable from Chicago. Need to check out the podcast.
  3. As a recent Nugs' subscriber, I now cannot condone the use of any sharing of any Wilco torrents/live concerts ---- it was part of the contract that I had to sign with my kid's blood.... Just kidding -- I understand why they forward people to the nugs site, but I don't agree. Thanks for helping to keep the archive running and Happy New Year.
  4. Is the snow a new thing this year? Threw me for a loop this morning - like it.
  5. I have been a member of the Seminary Co-op Bookstore (in Hyde Park) - the last annual meeting was held via zoom. Below is from the minutes. NIces to see that the Tweedy/Offerman event was success for the store.
  6. Thanks. I think I will give it a shot. The deal they have going on is: I did end up signing up. Starting with the Jeff Tweedy show at Henry Fonda Theater Los Angeles, CA 2.16.06
  7. Anybody care to share how they think the sound quality is on the nugs app? Just got an email that they are running a great deal and thinking of trying it.
  8. Nice Guys is a great one. Urban Bushmen is a classic. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them, though.
  9. You should check to the ECM titles of the Art Ensemble of Chicago.
  10. I saw Tori Amos perform a couple of times - my wife is big fan - a great performer, indeed. Pretty amazing how she can hold a theater crowd with her voice and a piano. Ani DiFranco is another one that my wife turned me on way back when.
  11. Fireworks were going off in my neighborhood after Biden and Harris spoke on Saturday night - which were nice to hear.
  12. I would say that the 'dirty bookstore' is much cleaner than Giuliani and his client.
  13. I have received my signed copy, via Noon Chorus. Like Chez, it came a day or so after the live stream event.
  14. I never felt unsafe at a show, but I have seen a lot sketchy stuff. I can see all the stuff mentioned in that article happening. Also, I have been to a few Rainbow gatherings in the early 90's. One can tell some of the people there were evading the law and very distrustful. My buddy was thinking about doing a paper for college on the community, focusing on the structure and all. We brought it up and most of the people we talked to, spoke up and discussed it a candid manner, while others would just walk off. Cameras were highly discourage, also. They were always enjoyable, though, and I never felt unsafe. At one of the gatherings, I did witness a group of locals in a pick up truck ( I am assuming locals, since we were in Southern, IL and I know they do not take too kindly to hippie transients) , fire bombed a parked car.
  15. The chat with Offerman and Tweedy was a delight - just 2 friends having a chat about creating. He played 2 songs at the end. One was A Robin Or A Wren - forgot the name of the other.
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