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  1. The rest of the band is great, too ---- bunch of my friends were heading there, already - I was gonna pass - but this changes things.
  2. Man that stinks - I hardly ever fly, but I always thought airlines tried to get people a new flight, after cancelation.
  3. Today was my kid's last day of school (4th and 6th grade) --- both stoked for the summer. Sadly, I can imagine the slain kids/teachers (as well as the survivors) talking about the upcoming summer vacation, yesterday... I would love a complete ban, but it has to be much, much harder to purchase guns, ammo, and body armor ( I am not even sure why the hell body armor is buyable by the general public).
  4. Yeah definitely from The Old Grey Whistle -- need to search out the full video - did not realize that they were on it. Listening to "Run of the Mill" now --- great, great tune.
  5. Listening to the 2022 Record Store release of Judas Priest's - Hero, Hero. Sounds fantasic. Tunes from Rocka Rolla and Sad Wings --- I never owned Rocka Rolla -- can't say I even listen to it all the way through (probably have, but forgot) - anyway right out the box Judas Priest were writing killer tunes. Was at my mother in law's house this weekend for Mom's day --- she has this crazy antenna TV system, which has music video stations from the each decade ----happen to catch the Rock Rolla's video for the first time --- it took me a second to realize that was Judas
  6. Last month I went to a Bob Weir show at the Chicago Theater --- a dude had a dog with him. Obviously it was a service dog. My seat was right off the center isle - it was cool seeing the German Shepherd (with its owner) walk up and down the center isle. Every time I think of dogs and concerts I think of Altamont. From the looks of the footage from that day, a dog always seemed be on stage.
  7. I signed up for it, but forgot to tune in. I
  8. Looks like a YouTube page has been started. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_odog3e_Ks
  9. Me too - (via nugs, though)
  10. Just looked up the University of Leeds Refectory --- didn't realize it was a place like that (or I forgot) --- very similar to the Dead's 72 Aarhus University gig (another cafeteria).
  11. Yeah - it's nice to finally have the whole Dark Star in the Pick. I haven't listened to that box in a long while. Gans did a good job on that one, I thought. The Miami Jai-Alai Fronton had to be one of the funkier places the Dead has played. From pictures it seemed so wide.
  12. While I was at the Weir and the Wolf Pack show in Chicago last month, I kept of thinking of the 73 horn tour. The horns sounded great - it just took 50 years or so to get it to sound right. That being said, I wouldn't mind an official 73 horn show release --- I would think they would be able to clean up the sound of the boards. Or maybe they tried and it is a lost cause. I got away from 72 today and listened to Dave's 34 - June 23, 1974 / Jai-Alai Fronton in Miami, Florida.
  13. Yeah - now I am listening to the Aarhus University from 4/16 - the most unique venue of the tour (a college cafeteria) - another favorite. Garcia's runs during El Paso are beautiful.
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