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  1. The Hideout (in Chicago) is hosting a virtual book release ---- with Nick Offerman. https://noonchorus.com/jeff-tweedy/?mc_cid=2638a853d1&mc_eid=3d31a29281
  2. Gonna get a bit chilly tonight - 39 degree is the low - wonder what their policy is on turning on ones car to warm up a bit???
  3. Got it --- W.S. Merwin is one my favorite poets --- would have been cool if there was a Tweedy/Miller connection.
  4. Was he talking about W.S. Merwin?
  5. Yeah - those sessions will be tough - i can't imagine.
  6. Ha! That exactly how I sound when play those tunes - not! Thanks for the links, they are great versions. My m.o. is to head down to my basement after my kids go to bed, have a smoke and beer or two - and attempt to play along with the music. Do enjoy the hell out of it, though.
  7. I re-checked out U2360° at the Rose Bowl from the library a couple of days ago - I know I watched it a few years ago, but that was before I purchased and listened to the No Line record a few times. Figured I would revisit the dvd. Also checked out the songbook/sheet music of Achtung Baby -- which I just got on vinyl (I never owned the CD outright - since my brother had it, I always borrowed it from him, when I wanted to listen to it.) Look forward to tooling around with my guitar while listening and perusing the book.
  8. Also a few months ago I purchased No Line on the Horizon -- a new copy of the clear vinyl on Deep Discount was super cheap - never listened to it before in its entirety. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It sounds pretty great, production wise.
  9. That Boston DVD is one of my favorite concert DVDs. I wish I would have seen them during the Elevation tour- but never saw them, until the 2017 Joshua Tree anniversary tour. Definitely glad I spent the dough to see that show - well worth it. During 80's and 90's I never had a real desire to catch them live - I do remember the wife and I talking about seeing them during the Elevation tour, though.
  10. I wonder who came up with that lick? Can't Stand It was co-written with Bennett. I hear a slight difference though (I am listening on a crappy computer speaker, though)
  11. The below are notes in the db.etree listing. http://db.etree.org/lookup_show.php?shows_key=94254&show_users=true
  12. Since you waited this long - you should have just waited for 2029. Just put it on hold in my library system. I don't think I have ever checked it out, before. Be cool to see the Grateful Dead's performance. Finally got the below through my library system and watching now. Is there a better band to get you through an aftermath of a derecho and when you just learn that the start of school for your kids got pushed back a week, due to covid ---- our school had two options - hybrid and remote --- we chose all remote from the start, figuring we all would be remote in a month --- it didn't even make that far - go figure. (we were suppose to start this Monday) - anyways "Boy Don't Cry". The sound on the set is great.
  13. Put me in the lucky camp, too - no damage and very little power loss. Many of friends in my village are still with out power and lost trees. It was crazy for about 15 minutes - then sunny within a hour or so.
  14. Crosby's thoughts on Garcia were much better than Nash's. https://variety.com/2020/music/news/jerry-garcia-grateful-dead-graham-nash-remembers-1234728260/
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