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  1. Never heard of "Friday Night Dinner" -- will check it out. Recently, we did watch the 1st two episodes of "We Are Lady Parts" --- pretty interesting.
  2. It was great show yesterday -- guess it will be streaming for while on their website. I can't see Wilco not giving Brehmer a shout out at some point during the Riv run. Mary Dixon was out town this week, so she missed out on radio tribute and others. Part of her written words stated: "I'm on my first real vacation in four years and will miss a [Sunday] gathering ... to share some drinks, memories and songs in Lin's honor. My request in absentia is Wilco's 'Box Full of Letters.'" Perhaps they can dedicate "Box Full of Letters" to him.
  3. He did write a nice piece on the White Sox. https://www.audacy.com/wxrt/blogs/lin-brehmer/ode-white-sox
  4. Lin and Mary Dixon were the best ---- when Bob Verdi was doing his bit with Lin and Mary, it was always great, too. My wife hates sports and yet she always looked forward to listening to Verdi and Brehmer do their 10 minutes or so of sport talk. A musician's DJ, for sure. A great pic with Jagger - both looking uncomfortable as they both should.
  5. Had a great life, at least that is it how sounded while he was on air. Always knew how to turn a phrase. I am glad he was able to get back on the air, while battling cancer. XRT will be having a remembrance tomorrow morning at 10am. "It's great to be alive!"
  6. Guess I could start a new thread, but my favorite show, while also running into Paul (and a few other VCers) was at a Tweedy solo show up in Fish Creek, Wisconsin in 2011. The show was off the beaten path, so it was nice to run into people I 'knew'. I am not much of a talker - so I probably didn't say anything, maybe a hello - I just remember pointing him out to my wife and telling her he goes to lots of shows. That was a great weekend of camping and milling around town, after the Friday night show. A great setlist, too. (I don't think a tape
  7. Hey a Via Chicago shout out by Paul --- the wife and I were at that Red Rocks show -- remember standing in line, too. The Kicking Television opener was indeed great.
  8. I have never had any issues finding street parking. You may have to walk a few blocks. South of Lawrence - in between Clark and Broadway - north of Wilson, is normally where we park. Sometimes we get lucky due north behind the Green Mill or by the old Uptown Theater. Other than Thalia Hall - I always found the Riv to be the easiest place to find parking. I was there this past November and we happen to park right in front of Carol's Pub - about a 10 minute walk from the RIv. It was about two weeks after Wilco played there. Also the Lawrence Red Line stop is closed
  9. It'll be great to get back to the Riv to see a run. https://pitchfork.com/news/wilco-announce-2023-spring-tour-north-america/
  10. Nice play on words by Pat (or whomever came up with it). "Brokedown Palace". This has been fun, thus far. 8:15am CT BAROQUE DOWN PALACE with PATRICK SANSONE Wilco’s Patrick Sansone explores the use of harpsichord in pop and soul music through the 60’s and into the 70’s.
  11. Two episodes into The English on Prime, definitely shot nicely. Interesting lead character - the whole Indian - US Soldier duality. Also started watching the sitcom The Inbetweeners (British) - nice way to unwind down from The English.
  12. Yeah, I have that too. The Allmans have issued some nice sets over the years. The Brothers and Sister box is a great one, too.
  13. Recently purchase the below. Great sounding record. Nice to finally have on it vinyl. Started with the Hot 'Lanta side - cheers to A-Man. The Allman Brothers - Live At Fillmore East Orig Pink Capricorn Monarch George Piros All 4 Sides
  14. We watched the first two episodes of Somebody Somewhere on HBO Max ---- funny, interesting show. Nicely written. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
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