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  1. Heading up to Minnesota today for the Stones' Sunday concert. I am looking forward to see what Steve Jordan brings to the table. Guessing it will be both a sad and sweet show. I am glad I saw the two Soldier Field shows in 2019 --- those shows will serve as the bookends, while this weekend's show is the afterword.
  2. I enjoyed watching this. An interesting guy.
  3. I think Offerman and Tweedy touched upon this story during their 'web-talk' for Tweedy's songwriting book. My wife and I did this trail - he definitely hits descriptions nicely.
  4. some nice shots with Nels (via Relix). Listened to the show on the archive - sounded great.
  5. Looks like you are heading down to the Ryman -- what a great place to see Hiatt with The Jerry Douglas Band. Enjoy.
  6. Dead & Co. The last band I saw in '19 was Sleep. From one "stoner rock" band to another (kind of).
  7. Watched both of these ---- Paris, Texas was shot great --- I will watch anything that has Harry Dean Stanton. His character and his son played a great road-trip duo. Val was also pretty good ---- sad. It's great that he had a great relationship with his parents, though they didn't seem to all that great to him --- guess they probably paid for his Juilliard training. It's great that it seems that he has a better relationship with kids. Also like the fact that he is still pretty weird. The footage of Top Gun was pretty cool to see. Remember my buddy's mom taking us
  8. Been listening to them all morning via Spotify - while cleaning house (Happy Labor Day to all) ---- kind of reminds me of Rush, too - not sure why, but it does.
  9. I hear a more early Pink Floyd feel, than the Dead. Interesting stuff. Do/did they ever tour the states?
  10. Need to seek out that Moonlight Mile version ------ what did they say about Grohl?
  11. That's why that frog was probably a god-send for you at that one show --- 'woo-hoo, finally something really unique to write about'... I do appreciate your write-ups.
  12. Oh jeez --- Dylan must have been crabby that day he was being interviewed.... Maybe he was hanging out with Keith the night before of the interview.
  13. Really? Not sure why Dylan would have any beef with Springsteen about writing a song about a killer or killings. Dylan has written plenty of those types of songs.
  14. For the love of Pete -- I have been playing and singing that song on my guitar for 30 years and just realized it when you mentioned it. That 1st stanza --- the song never even crossed my mind while I was watching that scene... I saw her standing on her front lawn Just twirling her baton Me and her went for a ride, sir And ten innocent people died From the town of Lincoln, Nebraska With a sawed off .410 on my lap Through to the badlands of Wyoming I killed everything in my path I can't say that I'm sorry For the things that we done At least for a little while, sir Me
  15. Haven't pulled out my Dirty Work record out in a long while --- remember buying when it was released. My first Stones record I bought was Tattoo You (on 8 Track) then, Still Life on vinyl. Must have bought Tattoo You in late 81, because I remember getting Still Life soon after it was released. Anyway - Dirty Work is ok -- production does stink. But Mick sings the hell out of "Winning Ugly" and the music on "Back to Zero" is pretty cool. Anyway, while reading up on Dirty Work, I forgot that Watts was going through his heroin/drinking phase during this time and Jagger di
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