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  1. How was the show? I was out of town last week -- definitely would have hit one the shows, if I was in town.
  2. My wife will be catching this show this coming Friday in Chicago with some friends -- it's been on the books forever, it seems. Glad it finally happening.
  3. Margo was the 'artist at large' at the Sacred Rose fest --- she sat in on a few when Jeff and Nels were playing in Phil's band - but not on U.S. Blues.
  4. Well, that stinks all around ---- especially if it is coming from management. The band has had a record in the can for while and nothing yet ----- perhaps management should focus on getting their client's actual studio recordings out in a timely manner and less on who tapes a show and the few hundred who actually takes the time to deal with torrents and downloads it.
  5. It nice to see them still playing US Blues after the Sacred Rose debut -- who would have thought that 20 years ago??? Still not buying that Jeff can steal somebody's wife, though.
  6. There you go -- Now I do remember reading that. Wonder who is driving the new 'no taping policy' --- it's not like their record company can get a record physically out in a timely manner. They are not uploading shows on Nugs, too often. Perhaps the Roadcase people? I never believed that audience recorded shows hurt concert attendance - actually I always thought it helped to promote actual attendance. If I were Wilco - I would keep the taping policy unchanged - so at least their music can get out there in a timely manner for those who want to hear it.
  7. Yeah - something official would be great. Be a shame if they totally got rid of it. It's not like they ever had an official taping section/area or anything --- so I guess they never had an official taping policy, other than - one could tape if they wanted to. (Maybe they did have an official taping policy and I missed it). I just know when my buddy asked Jeff for permission to tape a show at Lounge Ax in the 90's - he just covered his ears and tilted his head from side to side and walked away. From then on, we assumed that was official taping policy.
  8. Did Wilco make the 'no taping policy', official?
  9. Sounds like a great trip, chuckrh --- enjoy!
  10. Ha! - been listening to the show this morning and didn't notice that.
  11. Wish Wilco would start adding more shows.
  12. Enjoyable show on Friday --- the only tune that didn't work for me was U.S. Blues -- it made me chuckle when Tweedy sang the 'steal your wife' line --- how can anyone believe that Jeff Tweedy would steal somebodies wife. 'Airline to Heaven' was great to hear. Nels, though tough to hear in the mix from time to time, added a lot. I though the highlight the band was Karl Denson -- even his singing on 'Shakedown Street' was great. We took off during 'New Speedway Boogie' to catch an Uber -- so I am bummed to have missed the Franklin's and Via Chicago. I figured they were going t
  13. Sacred Rose Fest ---- Phil Lesh and Friends and others.
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