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  1. For what it worth, out of the 24 or so people I know who had their 2nd shot - 2 had issues - nothing major, just felt like crap. Out of those two, one had Pfizer and the other Moderna. My 2nd shot is on this Tuesday -- which happens to be 4-20 --- afterwards I am going to have a smoke and relax. Will wait for the end of the month to finally have beer at my local pub.
  2. calvino


    We are finally getting out of Dodge tomorrow thru the rest of the week -- rented a cabin on a lake in Southern Illinois. Plan to hike and fish with the family. Low key in insolation, as much as possible. We also will get to visit some family who are fully vaccinated. I am looking forward to the drive.
  3. Chicago never shut down either --- that being said my wife misses her train ride to and from her office everyday. She made an appointment to get in her office for a couple of hours this Monday (for the 2nd time since last March) -- she decided to take the train this go around and is looking forward to it.
  4. My second shot is around the same time ---- was just going to write the same thing --- probably will wait until June or so to go to a White Sox game, after there is a more of a vaccine roll out. (besides, it probably will take me that long to get over being mad at Eloy for such a dumb injury, too). Looking forward to hitting a jazz show, too --- that's one good thing about the type of jazz shows I go to -- never have to worry about huge crowds..
  5. Was able to finally book my appointments -- 1st shot this Tuesday and 2nd shot schedule later in April. Extremely happy.
  6. Maybe Elliot is sticking out for you because he is the only American actor (among the main cast, at least) on the show. I think he meshes well with the rest of the cast, though. Esp. when he is in scenes with just Stevie and Johnny Rose. His character is very one dimensional, though. The Bob Curie character always cracks me up, too --- his whole demeanor.
  7. Yeah - the pilot turned my wife off -- I stuck with it and think it is a great, great show. I have been a fan of Chris Elliot since he first started to appear on Letterman. His character is great, as well as the rest. Definitely will bring back my wife into the fold and re-watch at some point. I think I am on Season 4.
  8. Over the weekend, the wife and I watched Something Wild - thanks for the recommendation, folks. Definitely a fun flick. Really enjoyed the dance scene with Daniels and "Fame". Like stated, the whole soundtrack was great.
  9. I always grow carrots, but stink at the thinning, also.
  10. I think seeing Mick Fleetwood in my dream may have woke me up in fear ---- thinking that a giant was going to off everyone on the stage.... I re-listened to this show on 2/11/21
  11. Seriously, though - Don't Care is a great, catchy tune - never heard of Klark Kent, before.
  12. Klark Kent is a pretty clever title - I like it. The name Foo Fighters - not so much -- unless I am missing something... (didn't know that Copeland came up with the name) Guess Clapton started this with Derek and the Dominoes.
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