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  1. Dead & Co. The last band I saw in '19 was Sleep. From one "stoner rock" band to another (kind of).
  2. Watched both of these ---- Paris, Texas was shot great --- I will watch anything that has Harry Dean Stanton. His character and his son played a great road-trip duo. Val was also pretty good ---- sad. It's great that he had a great relationship with his parents, though they didn't seem to all that great to him --- guess they probably paid for his Juilliard training. It's great that it seems that he has a better relationship with kids. Also like the fact that he is still pretty weird. The footage of Top Gun was pretty cool to see. Remember my buddy's mom taking us
  3. Been listening to them all morning via Spotify - while cleaning house (Happy Labor Day to all) ---- kind of reminds me of Rush, too - not sure why, but it does.
  4. I hear a more early Pink Floyd feel, than the Dead. Interesting stuff. Do/did they ever tour the states?
  5. Need to seek out that Moonlight Mile version ------ what did they say about Grohl?
  6. That's why that frog was probably a god-send for you at that one show --- 'woo-hoo, finally something really unique to write about'... I do appreciate your write-ups.
  7. Oh jeez --- Dylan must have been crabby that day he was being interviewed.... Maybe he was hanging out with Keith the night before of the interview.
  8. Really? Not sure why Dylan would have any beef with Springsteen about writing a song about a killer or killings. Dylan has written plenty of those types of songs.
  9. For the love of Pete -- I have been playing and singing that song on my guitar for 30 years and just realized it when you mentioned it. That 1st stanza --- the song never even crossed my mind while I was watching that scene... I saw her standing on her front lawn Just twirling her baton Me and her went for a ride, sir And ten innocent people died From the town of Lincoln, Nebraska With a sawed off .410 on my lap Through to the badlands of Wyoming I killed everything in my path I can't say that I'm sorry For the things that we done At least for a little while, sir Me
  10. Haven't pulled out my Dirty Work record out in a long while --- remember buying when it was released. My first Stones record I bought was Tattoo You (on 8 Track) then, Still Life on vinyl. Must have bought Tattoo You in late 81, because I remember getting Still Life soon after it was released. Anyway - Dirty Work is ok -- production does stink. But Mick sings the hell out of "Winning Ugly" and the music on "Back to Zero" is pretty cool. Anyway, while reading up on Dirty Work, I forgot that Watts was going through his heroin/drinking phase during this time and Jagger di
  11. To continue with the whole last week or so of discussion - I watched Badlands, yesterday. Definitely an interesting take on a Starkweather and Fugate's murdering spree. Didn't know anything about the events, prior to watching the film. Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek were great in the film --- both their characters seemed believable and non-believable at the same time. Malick wrote and directed a great screen play - making a killer liked and loved by everyone. Only Holly's (Spacek's character) father showed his utter hatred towards Kit - and that started the whole ball rolling.
  12. Reading a review of Pig in the Washington Post sparked me renting Joe. Looking forward to seeing Pig. I also checked out and watched Willy's Wonderland ---- pretty entertaining movie.
  13. Nolte's whole character is great ---- by far the most interesting character in the film. Penn's is a close second. I remember when it came out, a buddy who is pretty pro-military - hated the movie. Now I understand why. It was hammered home a bit much --- but a great one. It's great to see all the actors in the film - even it was just for a very short time. Jared Leto's scene was great --- even watching Clooney do his thing, while Penn looks on, is great - because of those two actors and direction..
  14. Stones touring without Charlie -- pretty crazy. Understandable, I guess. Especially with all the previous Covid cancelations. Steve Jordan is real solid choice, though. Hopefully Charlie recovers well enough to join towards the end of the tour.
  15. Watched the The Thin Red Line. For the life of me, I can't remember if I ever seen it before. Nicely shot - definitely an interesting perspective of war. Little too dramatic at times, though. Nolte and Penn definitely shined. I watched the Criterion edition -- in the beginning of the movie, it stated: “Director Terrence Malick recommends that The Thin Red Line be played loud.” You had to hit continue to watch the film. Never seen that before on a DVD - it seemed that Malick really wanted the viewer to acknowledge his request. I also checked out Malick'
  16. SIn after Sin, Sad Wings, Unleashed, and Stained Glass are my favorites --- still haven't gotten Sin after Sin on vinyl, yet. I did pick up a copy of Priest, Live ----- always had soft spot for that record - the last one (on cassette) I purchased of theirs, before my musical taste changed (damn Grateful Dead).
  17. My local used record store/vintage furniture store have been celebrating their 2 year anniversary the last two weekends. Couldn't believe that a month or so I bought a record player, an actual record store opened up within a 5 minute walk from house. Some of my favorite purchase has been buying old Judas Priest records that I only had on cassette when I was kid. Yesterday I bought Hell Bent For Leather - never owned this one. Don't think I ever heard "Evening Star" before --- a great bridge tune --- a mix of old school and what they will become.
  18. How was Billy K show, dagwave?
  19. Man, I don't remenber the last time I downloaded a show. Bought a turntable a couple of years ago, not sure if that has anything to do with it. Also, when Nugs had a great sale going on, last year, I subscribed. Though, I think I still prefer a great audience pull of a Wilco show, than a sbd. Thanks (A-Man) for helping to keep the archive, going. I appreciate it.
  20. That's cool. It's great that Billy got Strings in the band.
  21. Maybe Wilco can sub out the Wharf Rats ------ still going strong at GD affiliated shows. I always thought that was one of the greatest things at a Dead show - always having them available. Oddly enough, the other thing was searching for and finding great looking mushrooms (though those days of me searching for those are long gone).
  22. I can not see ever stopping, unless his health starts to really decline. The last time I saw him was in 2019, his voice was stronger than when I saw him in 2015. A great setlist at the 2019 Chicago show, too. Setlist: Things Have Changed It Ain’t me Babe Highway 61 Revisited Simple Twist of Fate Can’t Wait When I Paint my Masterpiece Honest With Me Tryin’ to go to Heaven Make you Feel my Love Pay in Blood Lenny Bruce Early Roman Kings Girl From North Country Not Dark Yet Thunder on the Mount
  23. Don't forget the Guns/Motley Crue feud, too. Doesn't get more entertaining than:
  24. I was surprised Turner was not in the hall , already, as a solo artist. But the below may help explain things. Looking forward to the HBO Tina doc to come out on DVD. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/arts/how-racism-pushed-tina-turner-and-other-black-women-artists-out-of-america
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