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  1. I really enjoy the Gateway album with John Abercrombie, Jack DeJohnette, and Dave Holland. Especially the opening tune. I remember the first time I heard it, maybe ten years ago, I thought "Nels definitely lifted some of Abercrombie's shit." Haha. Bill Frisell was a major player in the ECM universe for a while, but I generally prefer his post-ECM releases.
  2. If any of you know any 17 year olds (or, more likely, their parents...who am I kidding, we're all pushing 50 here) in Georgia who are turning 18 very soon, please ask them to register to vote. You can register to vote for this election until December 7, as long as you are 17.5 years old. And you can vote on January 5 if you have turned 18 by then. Anyone in Georgia can vote in this runoff. Unlike some runoffs, you do not have to have voted in the general election to be eligible to vote. https://thecivicscenter.org/blog/2020/11/6/young-people-could-decide-the-georgia-runoff-races-for-us-senate I tend to agree that Warnock has a better shot than Ossoff. Being the pastor at MLK's church goes a long way in this city. And, unlike Ossoff, he's running against a rookie who has never been elected (Loeffler was handed her seat by the governor after Johnny Isakson stepped down for health reasons mid-term).
  3. I can't help it...all I can think about right now is your son making a fist with his left hand and giving Rudy a quick punch to the nuts.
  4. GA still has provisional and military ballots to count, which probably outnumber Biden's lead. That could tip it back to Trump, but with PA all but locked down GA won't matter. But as a Georgia citizen, I really hope the lead holds for Biden here. The farther over 270 we can get the better.
  5. I mean, I'm not really a sports guy, but our whole city is still bruised and embarrassed from the Falcons totally collapsing during the Super Bowl a few years ago, so we need this real bad. Plus, the uncounted ballots have a very good chance of putting Senator Purdue under 50%, giving us a runoff (against Jon Ossoff). Generally runoffs are bad news for Dems, but with two runoffs in one state (Warnock vs Loeffler is the other), and the senate in the balance, there might be enough enthusiasm here to flip one or both of those seats.
  6. C'mon GEORGIA! It could happen. The numbers are there.
  7. I was following that, too. Terrible decision. Total cesspool of conflicting information (from anonymous randos who never reveal the source of their info, even when directly asked), ultimately all of it boiling down to doom. The 538 live scroll was reporting real info in real time, and was less anxiety inducing, though not particularly comforting. It's still live and is giving me some degree of hopefulness. It's here if anyone is interested. https://fivethirtyeight.com/live-blog/2020-election-results-coverage/ EDIT: Of course, as is to be expected, today much of their live scroll is "SHUT UP...WE WEREN'T WRONG, YOU JUST DON'T KNOW HOW POLLS WORK!"
  8. I don't really buy that. Our form of government is designed and intended to be adjusted when necessary. It's baked in by the founders for the express purpose of maintaining as fair a representation as possible. We don't have that now (we haven't in a long time, but it has gone to an extreme under Trump and McConnell), therefore adjustments are necessary. I don't like the idea of expanding the court, either. I doubt anybody does. But the only options are to do it, or to suffer tyranny by a court (y then entire federal judiciary, really) that does not resemble the values of the country for the next few decades, or perhaps forever depending on how strategically the GOP games the system. I do agree that the refusal to vote for HRC was an inexcusable bit or ideological purist arrogance, and also sexism, but I'd take it back to Al Gore, or farther. Similar ignorance was going on back then, too. "He's SO boring." "Lockbox, har-de-har." "Replace my lightbulbs over my dead body." Bending over backwards to find a reason to deny support to the better candidate.
  9. Maybe nothing, but a watertight argument is worth preparing, and the talking points on this subject seem pretty obvious to me and would be easy to convey to the public in an effective way. A representative form of government, by definition, is supposed to be similar in its makeup to the viewpoints of the citizenry. There are not twice as many conservatives as liberals in this country. Therefore, the court, with its (soon to be) 6/3 conservative majority is not even close to representative of the citizenry and should be adjusted in number to make it representative. That's the argument IN DEFENSE OF expanding the court. The argument AGAINST a future republican president expanding it further is that, having now achieved a more accurate representation by expanding the court, the only point of expanding it further would be to create an unrepresentative advantage. Force republicans to argue in favor of a less representative court and you have the winning argument.
  10. That's an amazing story. What a great experience! It serves DLR right to have a drink spilled on him if he's gonna be an arrogant bastard. Best of luck with your chemo and recovery. I'm pulling for you, as is everyone here.
  11. On further thought, Ratt's Round and Round and The Cars Magic were probably bigger players in my limited MTV experience than Duran Duran. Quite possibly also true for some Phil Collins songs. I remember seeing You Can't Hurry Love many, many times. I can remember more specific details about all of those videos than any Duran Duran video, which is just remember as them poncing around on a yacht.
  12. We didn't have cable in my house, so I only got to see MTV when I'd visit my grandparents each summer, so my MTV experience might be different than others, but: Michael Jackson, obviously. The David Bowie China Girl video is a pretty massive one in my memory. Maybe Duran Duran. But Van Halen Hot for Teacher was a huge smash. Probably a bigger deal than Thriller for me, which I only saw after it had been out a while.
  13. I grew up in the '80s, and I think Van Halen probably makes up more of my musical DNA than any other music. I haven't listened to them all that much in the last 20 years or more but it is undeniable that they are a massive presence in my life and in so many vivid memories of my past. I cant separate them from memories I have of so many childhood friends (and enemies). I know exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard as a 12 year old that they were becoming Van Hagar. They were my first music purchase I made with my own money. They are on the MTV Mount Rushmore. They are my grade school graduation swim party. They are my high school cover band. They are what the boys AND girls I knew thought was fun and awesome...which is a fucking revelation when you're 11 years old. EVH is maybe the most influential person who ever lived. At least when it comes to what matters.
  14. What if a few Republican senators dying or going into comas from Covid is how RBG's seat goes unfilled? That'd sure be a twist. I can envision Mitch McConnell right now getting the every Republican in the senate to write notes saying their dying wish is to vote for Amy Coney Barrett, and then if enough of them die, McConnell arguing that those are valid votes.
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