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  1. Thanks for the clarification. My premise remains unchanged: Wilco fans want to spend more money on Wilco related items. There’s nothing wrong with that, Jeff is smart to offer more stuff to fulfill that desire. There’s also nothing wrong with that. Money matters. Everyone needs it, and more is usually better than less. It’d be stupid to let it slip through your fingers.
  2. Lots of people bought it before it was discontinued and made masks out of it. There are pictures all over the FB page of this. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a cute way to show fandom. But it demonstrates to Jeff that people will pay him for just about anything. So if some feel this latest venture is a cash in, or isn’t worth the money, don’t blame Jeff. He’s just following the lead of his fans.
  3. If I were Jeff, and I noticed that Wilco fans are running out to Ikea in droves and buying the same curtains he has in his house, I would smell dollar signs. If it’s crass for Jeff to cash in (and I’m not saying it is), maybe it’s because the fans are a little too eager to buy anything that has the slightest whiff of Wilco or Tweedy.
  4. There was no indication that he dislikes Grohl personally. It came across to me more that his antics have become tiresome. He’s such an over the top self promoter that Tweedy probably doesn’t want to give him any free oxygen.
  5. Somehow they got on the subject of the nicest person in rock music. Grohl’s name came up, and Jeff jeered. He said “I didn’t know we needed a Mayor of Rock.” My opinion is that Grohl has been laying the nice guy, “Make A Wish Foo-ndation” routine (I just made that up and I’m keeping it 😂) a little thick and it’s become cloying and obnoxious. Jeff’s response strongly suggests that he shares that opinion. No offense intended towards the Make a Wish Foundation. In fairness, Jeff did say that Grohl has been nice to him every time they’ve met.
  6. That performance of Moonlight Mike was fantastic. Spencer did a beautiful job of that. I am so happy to have my opinion of Dave Grohl vindicated.
  7. I saw the video of Honky Tonk Women on the FB page, and it was interesting to hear Nels play a solo that was far more in Pat's stylistic wheelhouse.
  8. That's definitely possible. It could be that fewer songs means less gear required, which means less cargo space needed on the trucks, faster setup and tear down/set changes, etc. All of that makes for a little less labor for the crew, and a cost savings. I've seen Wilco tours where the amps, drums and keyboard setups are much larger. I'd be curious to know if they went out with fewer guitars on this tour.
  9. It'll be interesting to see if Wilco goes back to playing differing setlists each night on future tours. The cynic in me might say they've been playing similar shows every night as a way to push people who want to hear the deep cuts to Solid Sound/SBS types of events. Realistically though, the rigid setlists are probably due to lack of full group rehearsal opportunities thanks to Covid, and their full repertoire is not as stage ready as it normally would be. I don't buy the argument some have made that they are being rigid just due to the time constra
  10. I think much of Chastain's reputation comes from their "season ticket" concerts, in which tables are set up in the pit area, and people are allowed to bring in food, beverages, tablecloths, candles, and whatever else they want. This attracts people who are there more for a very high end picnic than a concert. But even when they have no tables or picnic basket shows, like Wilco and other rock shows, the problem persists. I've seen Neil Young get pissed at the audience and abandon quiet songs half-way through. A friend told me about seeing people throwing cheese at Jethro Tull. And even Ga
  11. Yes, same venue. They played here in support of Ode to Joy and Sky Blue Sky, and probably other times before that. I'm not sure what the audience shenanigans are that you're referring to, but Chastain has a long, well documented history of poor audience behavior. Mostly people going there for a night out and paying no attention to the band, loudly conversing, and giving no respect to those who actually want to hear the music. I've witnessed this myself almost every time I've been there, and it's so bad that the artists sometimes comment on it from the stage. The venue is known
  12. What is the drinking water situation like at the resort? There is a reluctance among US citizens to drink tap water in Mexico.
  13. My wife and I are booked. We got cancel for any reason insurance, because our dog was diagnosed with lymphoma right after we booked this trip. Depending on how she's doing at the beginning of January we may decide not to go. Or depending on what the Covid situation is we may decide not to go. Surely it's possible to buy cancel for any reason insurance through a third party insurer. And probably for cheaper than SBS offered. We paid something like $200+ each for the insurance. For the sake of comparison, my wife has been looking into a solo trip to Spain through Gate 1 Travel,
  14. No doubt. That remains the most memorable part of the film from when I originally watched it. As imperfect or downright terrible some of the Hendrix films may be, I have learned Dolly Dagger on guitar as a direct result of watching them over the last couple of weeks, so that's a huge win. I have found that learning any Hendrix song, even the kindergarten versions I can manage, gives me tons of source material to make up my own stuff.
  15. Oh I have, though that was 30 years ago. I was hoping the Maui film was going to have the complete concert, but that isn't the case, at least not on the Coda version. As a drummer, it's interesting to listen to the re-recorded drums and watch how closely Mitch Mitchell was able to duplicate his live performance (the drum recordings from the original concert were not usable). Sometimes he's really locked in, and other times it's nowhere close. I'm glad I watched it just for that.
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