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  1. I've only listened once so far. First impressions are that the highlights are Sunlight Ends, Cousin, and Pittsburgh. Soldier Child was the low point for me. One review said there are some songs only true believer Wilco fans will be able to tell apart from some older songs. I think that's a reasonable criticism, and this song is an example of that. I did enjoy the outro, but this one might end up in the Midco file. I'm looking forward to reassessing that sometime down the line. Overall, to my ear, there's more meat on the bone here than on their recent releases, a
  2. No, that was from an LA based publication. More a promo piece for their show than an album review.
  3. I said I wasn't going to read any more reviews. I guess that was a lie. This was a promising review.
  4. Here you go: Led by alternative rock legend Jeff Tweedy, Wilco has maintained a steady rhythm for almost 30 years. Not many bands have stood the test of time, let alone released 12, soon to be 13, albums. Wilco’s 13th studio album, “Cousin,” is set to debut on Friday, Sept. 29, through dBpm Records. It comes on the heels of the release of its lead single, “Evicted.” In conjunction with the album’s release, the band is on a U.S. tour, including multiple shows at the Theatre at Ace Hotel from Wednesday, Oct. 4, to Friday, Oct. 6; and Wednesday, Oct. 11, and Thursday, Oct.
  5. Oof, terrible. I'm not reading any more reviews.
  6. "There is a sense of musicians seeking sounds rather than musical dexterity or brilliance. Hushed and reverent in many ways but there is a power within the restraint. Repeated plays reveal nuances and moods that swirl around Jeff Tweedy’s careful often wracked vocals. There is celebration after the journey, but it feels hesitant, with an eye in the rear-view mirror. Wilco have made another compelling album, not as immediately accessible as Cruel Country or indeed Sky Blue Sky, but it is one that rewards repeated listening flowering into something both moving and essential. These tracks will os
  7. I'm scared to death that Biden's going to have a heart attack or stroke before the election. If that happens, Trump wins even if he's in jail.
  8. I hadn't thought about that, but...Maybe? The timing of this comment is interesting to me in a tangential way. Hearing Bowie recently is what gave me the realization that Tweedy's voice is often mixed too high for my liking, as I mentioned in a previous comment. There aren't many singers whose voice should be more prominent in the mix than Bowie's was, and Tweedy is definitely not one of them, so I'm happy to hear his voice dialed back a bit and everyone else dialed up a lot.
  9. Very cool track. Most satisfying thing they've done in two or three albums. One thing I like about this is that Tweedy's vocal track isn't mixed way higher than everything else. Thankfully we're back to a place where the instrumentation is not relegated to a subservient role to Tweedy's vocal, like it is on a lot of their recent work. (Not all, obviously.) Prominent instrumentation is a hallmark of their best music, and I'll admit it: I don't like Wilco when Tweedy's voice is too forward in the mix. I like ensemble music far more than singer & backing band music, and ensemble music wha
  10. jff

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Don't really know her, but I saw that she has The Breeders opening part of her tour. That's pretty badass.
  11. Also, if I recall, a lot of the track lengths are on the long side, so there may not be very much to choose from for singles.
  12. I am too. Hopefully that means the rest of the album is weird as hell.
  13. Sam Evian is one of my favorite current artists. I think his output so far is as good as anyone else currently in the business. Somehow, nobody I know has heard of him, which is a good thing in a way, selfishly. The more important it is to me to see a band, the less I want my friends around talking in my ear during the show. He played a good mix of songs from his newly completed, but not yet released album, and songs from his three previous records. Plus a note perfect cover of Still Crazy After All These Years. I felt generally that they brought some extra heat to their perfo
  14. This is more like it.
  15. I kind of see it like eating at the same restaurant over a long period of time, but in the last few years they've been removing more and more of the things from the menu that I most enjoy. For a while now I've still been returning to the restaurant, albeit not as frequently or as enthusiastically. But now they've announced a revamp of the menu, so hopefully some of the things that I found so stimulating about the restaurant in the first place will return.
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