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  1. The ability to form feelings from a written description of something you haven’t directly experienced is an admirable trait. It’s why humans are able to enjoy fiction books. There’s nothing wrong with reading a review and expecting, based on what that review says, that you won’t like the thing being reviewed. That’s precisely what a review is for.
  2. Unfortunately, this is my impression based on media reviews and the few people who have been brave enough on the fan pages to speak in less than raving terms. All the descriptions indicate it will be, to my taste, another pretty bland record. That’ll make three in a row. I very much want to be proven wrong and will give it an honest chance to win me over.
  3. Are some of you saying there are no longer hit songs? If so, what was Old Town Road? Wilco is very unlikely to approach that.
  4. Let’s hope it never happens. It’d make the concert experience awful, and probably hurt Wilco in the long run. It’s very difficult for a band to go from huge success back to the stable, moderate success Wilco enjoys.
  5. Guitar music is not permanently over any more than vinyl records were permanently over in the late ‘90s. For Wilco to have a big hit, it’d probably need to be a song that’s used prominently a massively huge move.
  6. Check your emails. Supposedly SS ticket holders were just given access to the new album.
  7. That seems to be the prevailing opinion. I can’t pinpoint what it is about Tired… that isn’t doing it for me. It’s a well made piece of music, and there’s nothing bad about it. It’s just missing an intangible something that I’ve gotten from most of Wilco’s music in the past. Falling Apart…not the greatest song ever, but it’s pretty good and it came with an element of surprise, which is one of the definable things that I’ve (almost) always enjoyed about the band’s records.
  8. It’d be interesting to know, and I hope the liner notes will include these details. Baritone as an instrument is probably more associated with Nels than Pat. But baritone as part of the musical vocabulary of country music is a lot closer to Pat’s musical roots than Nels’. Could go either way.
  9. That’s a good way to reword what I mean by “new Wilco.” Jeff with backing band, rather than an ensemble where everyone’s contribution rises to a higher level than just support for the lead vocal. I feel like every Wilco album has songs that make the list of all time great Wilco songs. But nothing on Schmilco or Ode rises to that level for me, no matter how many listens I give them. I hope the new record breaks that pattern.
  10. Not crazy about this new one. Might be incredible in context of the album, but on its own it strikes me as a pretty generic “new Wilco” song. As a teaser track, it doesn’t have me rushing to the cash register. I did like Faliing Apart quite a bit. Haven’t heard the other songs yet, but I’d be happier if Falling Apart, and not this song, is more representative of the new album.
  11. I’m in the camp that hopes it is not largely a country record. I love this type of country. This is a straight-up throw back to Buck Owens and others and is not “alt” in any sense. But 21 songs is a lot of space to devote to one type of sound. I’d love for this one to be all over the map. Already we have one song with some real tempo to it, unlike any of the molasses on Ode (not counting Everyone Hides.) Regarding instrumentation, on first impression, I’m pretty sure it’s Nels on the baritone (low pitched) guitar. Nels is a huge Danelectro/Jerry Jones enthusiast, an
  12. Sucked might be an unfair description, but thanks you for the hard evidence supporting my opinion. 😂
  13. Digging the baritone and B-Bender guitars. Hopefully this sound, great as it is, is only one facet of a wide ranging album. Agree about the artwork. Very nice, and refreshing to see. I thought the Ode to Joy artwork sucked, Schmilco art was ok, Star Wars art was tossed off.
  14. Hopefully the double length means it will be a stylistically wide ranging record. I feel their last two (and first two) were narrowly focused on the style they were working within. That’s not a bad thing, but at this stage of their career, and especially with a double album, I’d like to see them flex every muscle they’ve developed.
  15. This is what I would have liked to see. A first set with three or four songs from each of the pre-YHF albums (plus maybe some rarities) that creates a chronology of the band’s progression towards YHF. Then a break before performing the full album. This keeps the focus unambiguously on YHF while delivering something closer to a Wilco concert length show. I understand why people were disappointed with the 70 minute length. Wilco has a devoted concert following because they earned it through quality AND quantity for a relatively low price. All of those things matter a lot, so if y
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