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  1. I remember there being some songs in the set that I didn't recognize, which I assumed at the time were from the upcoming album. I can't remember what the songs were. It was definitely a good while after YHF had come out. I even remember talking to a friend well after YHF had been out, but before AGIB, and telling him that I had never seen Wilco, but was really hoping to, and being envious when he said he saw them in Atlanta in support of YHF. So it felt like a long time had passed between YHF and when I saw them in Des Moines. The show I saw didn't really feel like they were promoting any
  2. I'm pretty sure YHF was when I saw them for the first time, too. It was Jeff, John, Glenn, and Leroy, with Michael as an auxiliary member offstage. We traveled to Des Moines to see them at the Val Air Ballroom. The opening band was Carla Bozulich's Red Headed Stranger, with Nels on guitar. That trip was the beginning of a goal my wife and I made to visit all 50 states. We had each been to probably half of the states prior to that, not all the same ones, and not together. But we figured we could knock out the rest of the states together. We've been working really hard on th
  3. jff


    I'll have to make sure she understands her motivation...which is to record garbage can percussion sounds on a recording that'll almost definitely never get any farther than my little Tascam recorder before Glenn Kotche does the same thing on a Wilco record that gets released world wide. Just so I'll have bragging rights. With that understanding, she's sure to see the importance of this effort and deliver a performance filled with heart and soul. As a bonus, there's going to be a big electrical storm later this week, so we can go out there and do a storm version of it,
  4. We watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople this weekend. It was terrific. Not new, but highly recommended.
  5. jff


    We'd have to nail it on the first take. I don't think it'd go over well if I said "Drag the trash can back to the curb and do it again. This time with feeling!"
  6. jff


    I should go out there with a hand held recorder and get my wife to pull in the trash cans. Maybe I can beat Glenn to it.
  7. jff


    Yesterday I found my old copy of the Wilcovered/Ode to Joy Uncut magazine, so I reread the article. It talks a bit about how percussion is sort of the lead instrument on Ode to Joy. I remember a lot of reviews emphasizing that, so I decided to listen to the record earlier today and pay specific attention to the percussion. I hadn't listened to this record since before Covid, so it was all pretty fresh to my ears and I was hearing some details I hadn't picked up on previously. Sure enough, there was percussion rumbling away in the background. It was getting gradually louder, almost thunde
  8. My weekend was very productive. On Friday, we had an all day fire in the fire pit I built a few weeks ago and burned a bunch of old branches the previous owner left in a big junky pile by our fence. Then on Saturday we finished landscaping around the fire pit area with a zillion wheelbarrow loads of mini slate chips and old bricks. Yesterday, I removed and closed up the doggie door on the door to our porch (It's actually a door for a large cat, but our dog figured out how to wiggle through it and would let herself out, but NEVER back in, at all hours of the night). Our dog is getting too
  9. Oh man, I love Klark Kent. Now there's an act that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Well, maybe not. But I do genuinely love that album. Maybe my favorite album ever where all the instruments are played by one person.
  10. That's a good question, and in order for them to be in they'd have to be able to tell a story that connects fusion to rock in a direct way. Like, did fusion really impact rock in a substantive way? I'm not convinced it did, but I could be talked into it. I think it'd make more sense for Jimi Hendrix or Cream to be in a Jazz Hall of Fame than for fusion musicians to be in the Rock Hall of Fame. By and large, the jazz artists that influenced rock, and continue to influence rock, predated fusion. I don't really see post-fusion rock being different if fusion never happened. A lo
  11. That's probably true. The Go-Gos accomplished something that had never been done (first all female band to write and perform their own music and have a #1 hit). Devo wasn't the first to do anything that I know of. Firsts are a huge deal in music and the music business (and the Hall has proven itself to be primarily a business focused entity.) That's why I feel the Go-Go's should have been in already and if it had to be one or the other, it should be the Go-Go's first, even though I'd rather listen to Devo and bands influenced by Devo than The Go-Go's or bands they influenced. Bu
  12. I love Devo. More than the Go-Gos. Both deserve to get in. But I am curious why you think Devo deserves it more.
  13. There is no plausible argument for why the Go-Go's should not get in, or aren't already in. That's probably true for Iron Maiden, too. The rest could be argued for and against. Pretty decent list, all in all, FF notwithstanding, ignoring of course that there are some MASSIVE oversites that are still not up for consideration. Worth noting is that Carole King has already been inducted as a writer. This nomination is for performance. I love her, but I don't think she (or anyone else) deserves to be in twice when there are so many who should be in but aren't in and have never eve
  14. I really enjoy the Gateway album with John Abercrombie, Jack DeJohnette, and Dave Holland. Especially the opening tune. I remember the first time I heard it, maybe ten years ago, I thought "Nels definitely lifted some of Abercrombie's shit." Haha. Bill Frisell was a major player in the ECM universe for a while, but I generally prefer his post-ECM releases.
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