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  1. I was a huge Allmans fan in the late '80s/early '90s. Still am, but that's when I was going to see them in concert. At that time I was also into punk/alternative/whatever, and went to see Mike Watt, where I discovered Nels. Had I not been a fan of the Allman's I don't know if I would have connected so strongly with Nels' playing . There's always been things Nels plays that are obviously inspired by certain guitarists from the past, and Dickie is one of the big ones.
  2. Girls5eva has been very enjoyable.
  3. We were on the waiting list to be on that cruise. Glad we didn't make the cut. But hell, put a bunch of country songwriters on a boat loaded down with so much alcohol that it barely floats and what do you think is gonna happen? RIP Mojo.
  4. jff

    Tweedy on Cobert

    Maybe he was just trying to get in on some of that priceless Elle King publicity. Look for her to be added to the SBS lineup for 2024.
  5. jff

    Tweedy on Cobert

    I'm not concerned with Tweedy's opinion on any given song, but the idea that people have a natural inclination to reject things they can't do is so ignorant and obviously false that it blows my mind. Especially coming from Tweedy, who I have always found to be really eloquent and insightful. Does Tweedy reject Nels Cline's guitar solos because he cant play guitar the way Nels can? Of course he doesn't, nor should he. But if he believes what he said in this interview, then yes, he should reject Nels's solos.
  6. Same here. This isn't a cult. None of us are required to love everything Wilco does, or pretend to love everything they do. It'd be inhuman if we all did that. I'm confident everyone who has ever been in Wilco would agree with that. Having said that, I think the new album is pretty good, even if it doesn't scratch my itches in a way Wilco music did for a long time.
  7. True, and I like some of it.
  8. Not really. I don't care if the song rocks or not. Some of my favorite Wilco moments are things like the first half of Muzzle of Bees, the unusual note choices Nels makes at the end of each verse on Bull Black Nova, or pretty much everything about Ashes. I'm the one who's always complaining because the quiet parts are the most interesting part of their concerts, yet that's when people really start running their mouths. But sure, I like the rockers, too. In a rock ensemble, I want the instruments to be recognizable as the instruments they are the majority of the time (I welcome
  9. I enjoyed that article and agree with many of its points. But, then there's this lazy old chestnut: It’s beyond reductive to say they’re not being utilized properly because of a lack of traditional guitar shredding. This comment itself is reductive and arguably dishonest, because nobody is asking for more "shredding." Like finger tapping or chicken pickin', shredding is a specific, definable style of guitar playing. One that typically is not utilized in Wilco at all, except as the grand finale of a guitar solo in concert. It's always been a vanishingly small percentage of
  10. Those numbers are interesting. Considering how difficult and time consuming it is to press a record these days* (see: the massive Cruel Country delay), I doubt any "name" band would do a run of 1000 only to blink and immediately need a full pressing. I'd be curious to know what their typical sales are on vinyl in the first year of a new release. *Wilco may have figured out how to beat this problem by...if I'm remembering correctly....partially bankrolling a Chicago pressing plant, which surely lets them jump to the front of the line when they need to press vinyl.
  11. I've only listened once so far. First impressions are that the highlights are Sunlight Ends, Cousin, and Pittsburgh. Soldier Child was the low point for me. One review said there are some songs only true believer Wilco fans will be able to tell apart from some older songs. I think that's a reasonable criticism, and this song is an example of that. I did enjoy the outro, but this one might end up in the Midco file. I'm looking forward to reassessing that sometime down the line. Overall, to my ear, there's more meat on the bone here than on their recent releases, a
  12. No, that was from an LA based publication. More a promo piece for their show than an album review.
  13. I said I wasn't going to read any more reviews. I guess that was a lie. This was a promising review.
  14. Here you go: Led by alternative rock legend Jeff Tweedy, Wilco has maintained a steady rhythm for almost 30 years. Not many bands have stood the test of time, let alone released 12, soon to be 13, albums. Wilco’s 13th studio album, “Cousin,” is set to debut on Friday, Sept. 29, through dBpm Records. It comes on the heels of the release of its lead single, “Evicted.” In conjunction with the album’s release, the band is on a U.S. tour, including multiple shows at the Theatre at Ace Hotel from Wednesday, Oct. 4, to Friday, Oct. 6; and Wednesday, Oct. 11, and Thursday, Oct.
  15. Oof, terrible. I'm not reading any more reviews.
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