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  1. No doubt. That remains the most memorable part of the film from when I originally watched it. As imperfect or downright terrible some of the Hendrix films may be, I have learned Dolly Dagger on guitar as a direct result of watching them over the last couple of weeks, so that's a huge win. I have found that learning any Hendrix song, even the kindergarten versions I can manage, gives me tons of source material to make up my own stuff.
  2. Oh I have, though that was 30 years ago. I was hoping the Maui film was going to have the complete concert, but that isn't the case, at least not on the Coda version. As a drummer, it's interesting to listen to the re-recorded drums and watch how closely Mitch Mitchell was able to duplicate his live performance (the drum recordings from the original concert were not usable). Sometimes he's really locked in, and other times it's nowhere close. I'm glad I watched it just for that.
  3. I signed up for the Coda Collection so I could watch Jimi Hendrix Electric Church. Problematic film for a number of reasons, mostly because nobody took filming the event seriously. It holds local interest to me as an Atlanta guy, and had some of the best close-up footage of Hendrix's hands I've ever seen, which is fun if you're a guitarist. It's mind boggling how many Foo Fighters films there are on Coda. You scroll through and it feels like every third selection is Foo Fighters. There are also tons of other Hendrix films on there. The recent Maui one is really co
  4. Thank you for the response. This is good to hear. I'm glad you found it to be supportive. Maybe we'll run into you in January.
  5. Thank you. I feel like I've been grieving over the last year, noticing her getting older and slower and having a bad day every now and then. I wish I could set that aside and just enjoy the time we have with her with no distractions or conflicted feelings. Neither me nor my wife are ready to reengage. I'll have to go back in a couple weeks, and I'm not looking forward to it at all. There's no part of my job that I can't do 100% satisfactorily from home. Our workplace is very old fashioned, almost military-like, and does not value flexibility for its employees, so it's go
  6. What luck to have tuned in last night! I've only watched a few of these shows, and never an entre episode. I tuned in just in time for How to Fight Lonliness. I really needed something like that to wrap up the weekend. Today is "telework is over" day for my wife, and I had to take my dog in for cancer testing this morning, so I was feeling pretty sad about a number of things last night. These performances and all the silly banter did a god job parting the clouds.
  7. Cloud 9 customer service can provide you the upgrade request link via the portal you used to order your package.
  8. Thanks, that is good to hear. I know my wife wants to take me to one of the cenotes. She did one a few years ago with her mom and it has become one of the all-time travel highlights of her life. I'm looking forward to hearing the details of the Positive Legacy project.
  9. I was actually just thinking about that aspect of their shows the other day. I was reading a discussion on a different forum about various things the Dead pioneered in the touring business, and it brought that to mind. I remember hearing about the sober groups at their shows when I was in that scene in the '90s, though I didn't recall they were called the Wharf Rats. That's a good, welcoming name.
  10. I'm hoping to finally get to meet some VCers at this thing! I'm curious to know from those who were there last year if there were any type of social meetups or support activities/resources for people with addiction issues. Events like this tend to aggressively promote alcohol use, and a member of my party had to give up alcohol a couple years ago. Do any of you who were at SBS or similar events at this resort recall if they offered any non-alcohol beverages that are a little more exciting than bottled water/soda/tea/coffee? Like non-alcohol beer or alcohol free cocktails?
  11. We're booked. The onsale for us was really hairy, and we got a worse room than we wanted at a higher price than expected. Not exactly sure how that math works. My brain is too fried from other life stuff right now to figure that out. Nevertheless, we're very happy to finally be attending a Wilco festival, with an extra day on the front and back ends!
  12. We didn't go last year, and we have never been to Solid Sound (though we have traveled several times to see Wilco), but we are making plans to go to SBS this time. Hopefully we'll be able to book one of our preferred room types during the general on-sale.
  13. Riverbend, yeah, that was the one. This new festival sounds really good. I would definitely go see Maddison Cunningham, Molly Tuttle, Seratones. Maybe Dawes. Maybe Lake Street Dive. For me to even have heard of that many of the acts, much less be actively interested in seeing them, is a far better ratio than most festivals.
  14. King has been in the HOF as a songwriter since 1990. This will be her second induction. I think they intentionally hold back worthy inductees so there will always be one or two non-controversial "cred" inductees each year. I'm convinced they also make sure to induct someone every year that will get people talking about how much the HOF sucks. There's no bad publicity. Don't get played.
  15. Is that the River Fest, or something like that? My wife and I drove up to Chattanooga in the '90s while that festival was going on, just as a coincidence. When we pulled into the Aquarium parking around lunchtime the sound crew was blasting King Crimson to test the PA system. Later that night we got to see James Brown from outside the fence.
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