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  1. I know someone posted this under the Allman Bros thread but I think Dickey is worthy of his own thread. He's my all time favorite guitarist. Always in the shadow of Duane but I've always preferred Dickey for his uniquely melodic style and sweet tone. Also a terrific songwriter. In Memory of Elizabeth Read, Blue Sky, Ramblin' Man, Jessica are all timeless classics. Lots of musicians stepping up to pay tribute today, including a lovely one by Nels Cline.
  2. Wilco! (second night running).
  3. Great clip! Not a huge fan of the Moody Blues either but they did have a few bangers including this and "I'm Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band". And Jason King would have slotted right into this line-up!
  4. Really looking forward to seeing them in Sydney tomorrow and Friday night. A a bit surprised they're not playing more from Cousin, particularly Meant to Be or Soldier Child which are both bangers that would sound great live I think.
  5. Just stumbled on this recently posted clip of the Small Faces from 1968. Always good to be reminded what a tremendoius band they were.
  6. Looking forward to it. I've also seen The Beths twice before and loved them - might just be my favorite band right now! Seen Liam live a few times and he always puts on a fun and energetic show - particularly when he's doing his solo thing (which I assume he will be this time). I don't see a lot of love for QOTSA on this board but jeez what a terrific live band. Josh Homme is a force of nature and has charisma in spades.
  7. A good run of shows for me. Last Thursday: QOTSA Last night: Todd Rundgren Next Friday: The Beths (Liam Finn opening) Next Saturday: The National (Fleet Foxes opening). And two consective nights of Wilco next month (March 21, 22)
  8. Excellent debut album Treats just released by Australian band Victoria featuring Max Doyle (Songs), Cameron Emerson-Elliott (Yourth Group), Alison Galloway (Smudge) and Patrick Matthews (The Vines, Youth Group).
  9. Tomorrow night - Courtney Marie Andrews.
  10. Saw them last month in Sydney and loved them. Terrific band. Much funkier and jammier than I expected.
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