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  1. Listening to this today after news of the untimely death of Hamish Kilgour, drummer for The Clean who were pioneers of the Dunedin Sound. He went missing in Christchurch a week ago with family and friends fearing the worst. Very sad news. RIP.
  2. That was my experience when I saw him solo about 8 years ago. Was really hoping he had cleaned up his act since then. But I guess the years of substance abuse have taken their toll. Sad.
  3. Khruangbin at Sydney Opera House
  4. RIP Wilko Johnson. British guitarist whose unique slashing combination of rythmn and lead was a precursor to the UK punk explosion. He was a force of nature live. In their prime Dr. Feelgood were one of the the most exciting acts around, thanks mainly to Wilko.
  5. Aldous Harding last Saturday night in Sydney. A unique talent. Very unusual stage presence - awkward, almost menacing - but totally compelling.
  6. Elizabeth Stokes is a one-person earworm factory. Great album.
  7. Mystified by this too. My only access to Cruel Country is via the streaming services. For my favorite acts like Wilco I always prefer to have a physical copy - not just to have the CD artwork/lyrics etc. but because the sound quality is better than lossy streaming. Also, artists get better compensated from physical sales than streaming. When I check out my local record stores there are loads of new CDs coming out every week so I can't believe this is some sort of supply chain issue. I understand the backlog for vinyl but not CDs.
  8. https://www.bernardzuel.net/post/wilco-cruel-country-review
  9. Damon is super smart. Just been listening to an episode of the Odd Lots podcast where he really clarifies why and how musicians get screwed over by the streaming services. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-real-reason-so-many-musicians-are-frustrated-by-spotify/id1056200096?i=1000555923014
  10. Touring in the age of Covid is such a high-wire act. I saw Crowded House here in Sydney a few days ago and the band have just had to cancel the remaining dates of their Australian tour because Neil Finn has Covid. Must be hellish in terms of logistics and insurance.
  11. Terrific. My first time seeing the Rolling Blackouts live and was super impressed. The band were obviously delighted to be back on stage after a year of covid-related delays.
  12. Severance. Really enjoying this series. Fascinating concept and good performances.
  13. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
  14. I'm not a fan of the Foo Fighters but Taylor Hawkins seemed like a great guy and obviously a very good drummer. Only 50. Quite a shock.
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