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  1. Damon is super smart. Just been listening to an episode of the Odd Lots podcast where he really clarifies why and how musicians get screwed over by the streaming services. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-real-reason-so-many-musicians-are-frustrated-by-spotify/id1056200096?i=1000555923014
  2. Touring in the age of Covid is such a high-wire act. I saw Crowded House here in Sydney a few days ago and the band have just had to cancel the remaining dates of their Australian tour because Neil Finn has Covid. Must be hellish in terms of logistics and insurance.
  3. Terrific. My first time seeing the Rolling Blackouts live and was super impressed. The band were obviously delighted to be back on stage after a year of covid-related delays.
  4. Severance. Really enjoying this series. Fascinating concept and good performances.
  5. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
  6. I'm not a fan of the Foo Fighters but Taylor Hawkins seemed like a great guy and obviously a very good drummer. Only 50. Quite a shock.
  7. Damn - this feels like a watershed moment for boomers like me. Charlie may have been unwell recently - but he was 80. A trickle that unfortunately will turn into a flood over the next few years. Whenever I made party tapes in the '70s and 80s I always included loads of Stones songs because that's what got people up dancing. Most of that was down to Charlie and his irresistible swing.
  8. Just saw this note from Susan Miller Tweedy on the Shot in the Arm Facebook group. "Hiiiiiiiii. Guys, there will probably be no Tweedy Shows next week. Unfortunately, Sammy has tested positive for Covid. He's feeling totally fine so far and hopefully will stay that way. The rest of us were advised to get tested on Wednesday, so that is what we are going to do. Since singing is one of the top ways to transmit Covid, there will be no shows. Oh.....hold on.....UPDATE.....we just discussed maybe doing a quarantined show where Jeff will sing from the basement with the phone on a tripod.
  9. Lyric obviously directed at a certain leader and his enablers. "As crazy as a king, as bent as a snake There are some things they will never ever say And people will tell you whatever you want Whatever you want to keep you in your place Hear the lying every day, I see the same expressions on them How they long to speak their mind But something always stops them dead Should be shouting from the mountain At their top of their voice “this is not right, this man is a fake” But they will follow him down to the edge of the cliff And
  10. Wilco connection, produced by Pat Sansone, and he plays a lot of the instruments. Beautiful album.
  11. Damn. This one hurts. Justin Townes Earle was such a talent. Saw him a bunch of times and he always delivered. An engaging performer but always sensed the sadness and fragility there.
  12. Nick Lowe with Los Straightjackets (last night in fact).
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