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  1. Face value on mine were $65. Very fair. Parking is a problem at the venue so I got a spot. I got out of it for a little over $200 with everything included for the pair. I was due for some good luck. Still due but at least I don't have to worry about that. Funny, a lot of the bands I really like are fan friendly like that. I spent more for Springsteen for crappy seats. At least I got upgraded for free at that show because of ADA issues. I don't see a lot of shows this summer that I'm up for. Over the summer I've got the Cure, Flaming Lips & Buddy Guy. I'm sure something else will pop up bu
  2. After hassling for a whole day I got my Cure tickets for Seattle. Word is they are nuking tickets on StubHub etc & those tickets are now popping up again. Got seats right by the stage, a bit up with no one in front of me.
  3. Bad day for this question. Just started another round of chemo on Thursday. It's really nasty stuff. Will have another 4+ hour IV in 2 weeks then none for 4 months. Questionable if it's working at this point. As a bonus it's putting me into the poor house due to our fine medical insurance system. I'm running out of fight & am trying to figure out if it's worth trying. Sorry to be Dougie Downer. I'm not in a good place right now. Hope everyone else is doing better than that.
  4. The Beths US tv debut this morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoMDicLotus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOthG9rJYQg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoW6kNjbH2k
  5. Glad I was able to find the presale code. When the general sale happened it sold out literally in 1 minute. & Ticketbastard wasn't involved! That & Japanese Breakfast were the only 2 shows that sold out immediately. Pretty good lineup this year. Patti Smith, Jason Isbell, some other good ones.
  6. Just scored tickets for the Flaming Lips doing all of "Yoshimi" at the zoo in August. The ADA section at the zoo is awesome but small so I'm happy I scored them. It was nice to see that the Lips have drawn a line in the sand at $50 (although there were some reserved seats @ $150. I think that's more of a venue thing). $50 is very fair considering how elaborate the Lips show is. One of my favorite bands!
  7. I saw Bruce Springsteen Monday night. It was a very good show. When I got to the arena I discovered my ADA tickets weren't ADA. I complained & got upgraded by the arena for free. Bruce didn't do the soul covers which was fine with me. We got 1 shocker in the set: Bruce did Trapped for the first time in years. It was stellar. It looks like the tour is hit & miss. The next show in Denver, 1 of the soul songs was back & there were no tour debuts. Only 26 songs. Seattle was 27 songs in 2 hours 45 minutes. I think that was my last Bruce show. especially at those prices. I'm good with it
  8. He's got a really dry sense of humour. Nice guy.
  9. Enjoy! They were really great last Friday night.
  10. Live in Italy has a mighty Heroin, too. Robert Quine was in the band & Fernando on bass. Killer record, wasn't released in the States at least at the time.
  11. Second book of a fantasy series, a new path for James Rollins. Both books have been quite good (about halfway through this one).
  12. The new Beths record is their best yet which is saying something!
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