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  1. I saw them co-headline with Stone Temple Pilots. They played first & were fantastic. I literally fell asleep during STP. The pre Butthole herbals wearing off could've had something to do with that, haha.
  2. I spurged & got the super deluxe. The blu-ray surround mix is fantastic! 1 of my all time favorite records.
  3. That would be an interesting choice. I like the band.
  4. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis going on sale Friday for North America. Woo hoo!
  5. MMJ's recent 3 night Chicago run is all up on archive.org. The last night (11/6) is unbelievable!
  6. The concert on youtube was amazing. Carl Broemel is rapidly moving up the favorit guitarist list.
  7. They are showing a concert live on YouTube @ 6:15 Pacific. I don't know anything about Facebook but I think it wil be on there, too.
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