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  1. Today is Bob Dylan's 80th birthday. Hopefully the Neverending Tour hasn't ended!
  2. Turns out I got refunded for the Seattle show that was supposed to be in March 2020. Notification from Ticketmaster was non existent. I think I sent an email to venue when it looked like the show was still happening despite the pandemic but there was no followup. I was just looking at my Ticketmaster account & noticed that they had processed a refund. No big deal. They still haven't announced make up dates for the west coast. Most likely I'll buy tickets again when they put them on sale.
  3. I just scored My Morning Jacket tickets in Seattle for the first weekend in October. They have some sort of health protocol to get in.
  4. Mogwai is giving away (or pay what you want) a new live record from their last tour. Link below has info. https://www.sunburnsout.com/mogwai-met-un-live-en-ligne-et-fait-la-fete-au-covid/
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