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  1. 2 shows have been rescheduled to 2022 for me: Roger Waters & Chris Stapleton (with the Dirty Knobs!). I was going to get a refund on Stapleton if Mike Campbell was off the bill but he's still on. Roger Waters I scored really good reasonably priced seats. No announcement on Wilco or Drive-by Truckers yet.
  2. Lovely version of "Over the Rainbow" on this release. Watched "Wizard of Oz" yesterday & got inspired.
  3. 2 piece metal band on tour (a couple) are on tour when the drummer suddenly starts to lose his hearing rapidly. He ends up at a school for the deaf & learning sign language while hoping for an operation to stop his loss. There's also an addiction element. It's on Amazon. Note: watch with subtitles as they give an additional perspective from his point of view. The flim was also nominated for best original screenplay. I thought the film was very original & not your run of the mill hollywood production. The director didn't get nominated but did write the screenplay.
  4. It was actually good! Fine mindless entertainment.
  5. My second shot is April 17. Tentatively planning to get together with a friend soon who lives on the other side of the country. She got her first shot about the same time as me. With all the COVIDiots out there, I'm still not planning on concerts, games etc for awhile. I'm fairly pissed about the Mariners & don't want to spend money to walk into a giant T Mobile commercial. Also, for now seating capacity is very limited. You can't go by yourself unless you buy at least 2 tickets. The stadium workers are pretty fascist & I'm sure they will be out of control with the COVID restrictions. Doesn't seem like a lot of fun.
  6. this dvd is no longer listed at the greedy hand store. glad i acted on it right away!
  7. Thanks. It's nice that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We'll just hope it's not a train!
  8. Sorry I didn't get a chance to take a photo. I've been up all night with flu symptoms. I was expecting it though for the most part. I get the same thing when I have to do the high dosage flu vaccine every year & the shingles vaccine was nasty. It's because of the other exotic poisons I have to take. I'll live & will be worth the discomfort in the long run. I'm just going to do an all day NCAA binge on the couch.
  9. Getting my first shot of Moderne today. Finally became eligible in Washington yesterday. Distribution has been a mess as the system has been based on the honor system. Hasn't worked out so well. The pharmacy I go to is part of a small chain. They have a lot of computer issues & I was unable to schedule or get on a waiting list via the website. So I called the pharmacy direct & it turns out no one is taking that step. Sadly I'm a big customer for them but they were able to get me in right away. It will be a relief. Fingers crossed it goes well!
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