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  1. It's really good. All Matthew except for the drums. He's got his long time drummer Rick Menck covering that. Matthew has put out a string of really good records that have sort of flown in under the radar. Less distractions back living in Omaha, haha. I know him a little from back in the day. He produced a demo for some friends & have hung out with him some at some record label functions back when there were record label functions. I probably have a good story somewhere that wouldn't be politically correct to share here haha. Really nice guy. I've been a fan since Girlfriend. Still 1 of my all time favorite records. He'd be a great opener for Wilco should touring become a thing again.
  2. RIP. David Johansen is the last one standing from the classic Dolls. I'm feeling old.....
  3. If you ever get a chance to see The Dimmer Twins (Hood & Cooley) do it. The show I saw was fantastic.
  4. Yes. Another excellent record from DBT. They are on a roll with 2 great records in a year. The current (& longest lasting) lineup is really strong. Great cover of "The KKK Took My Baby Away" on "The New OK". I'm not able to buy many CDs as I'm on a fixed income now but I splurged & got this one. No regrets. DBT are one of my favorite bands, about equal to Wilco. I've had a bit of dialog with Patterson Hood via email & he's a really nice guy. We bonded over Midnight Oil during the last Oils tour. The last 4 DBT studio records are all keepers. All 3 shows from last years Heathen's Homecoming are available online. Epic collection & worth picking up the downloads.
  5. Looks like a deluxe version with 3 live tracks has just been released. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P83FXK7?tag=amz-mkt-chr-us-20&ascsubtag=1ba00-01000-org00-win10-other-nomod-us000-pcomp-feature-scomp-wm-5&ref=aa_scomp
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