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  1. Pearl Jam were fantastic Thursday. Opener was Seattle band Deep Sea Diver. They were quite good. Then PJ came out & started with Black. Talk about setting the bar high for the show. Great mix of old & new material. They played 2.5 hours. At the encore Ed came out & did NIN's Hurt solo. Mike McCready is totally mighty on guitar. He just went off all night. Great show, worth going to if you can.
  2. If anyone is interested, PJ is broadcasting their show Thursday on their Sirius channel. Good news as I'm going to be there. Should be a good show.
  3. Sorry I'm late with this. for @calvino too. The big shows take a lot out of me. The show was far better than expected. Keith was "on" which is becoming kind of rare. Mick ran around with far more energy than an 80 year old has a right to. The setlist was pretty standard but well played. My goddaughter had never seen them & liked the show. I'm pretty sure that was my last Stones show & they went out on a high note.
  4. Go to the Stones! The night with Bettye Lavette opening in Chicago should be awesome.
  5. Modeled on the infamous gum wall in Seattle
  6. I see your Neil Young & I raise you a Rolling Stones tomorrow night!
  7. Dennis Thompson, last surviving member of MC5 has died. https://www.theguardian.com/music/article/2024/may/10/dennis-thompson-dies-aged-75-death-mc5-drummer
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