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  1. Definitely will watch this when it's available to me.
  2. I got my 20th anniversary edition of Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" yesterday. Talk about deluxe! 6 cds, a poster & a nice book with interviews of Wayne & Steven. The package has all the radio sessions, b-sides, EPs & 2 concerts. + a few demos. I had a lot of it before but definitely not all. It's nice to have it all in one place. & it's not very expensive. There's a 5 LP vinyl version coming in 2023 also
  3. A friend went & saw Lemonheads this weekend & was really disappointed. He said Evan was really fooked up to the point where my friend felt sorry for him. My friend ended up walking out on the show.
  4. Impossible Germany on "The Bear". I'm behind on tv but this is a pretty good series. Obviously the music is in a good place!
  5. The long awaited England - US match was deadly dull. I really hate 0-0 matches. I guess it's the American in me. That match was 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. BTW: even though I'm not a huge soccer fan I am an Arsenal supporter. I have a friend in England that got me hooked. My friend got attacked returning from a match & was in a bad way. I got in touch with the club & they were so awesome! I even got all the way to Arsene Wenger! Wenger himself wrote my friend a letter which gave him a boost when he really needed it. Top notch & classy organization!
  6. Glad I started this thread. I was afraid that I was the only 1 who wasn't digging the GD thing. That being said let's have that art pop record ala Summerteeth!
  7. Last Wilco show I saw they did Helter Skelter with Young Fresh Fellows (Scott on lead vocals) & it was a lot of fun. Extremely noisy!
  8. Didn't they put out a triple cd (with other artists) of Fred covers?
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