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  1. I drove people crazy with Summerteeth. I had liked the first two WIlco records plenty but seriously flipped out on Summerteeth. It's been an issue ever since, haha. Both of those records have a timeless quality & still hold up today. Neither sounds dated at all. Probably still my favorite Wilco record although it's close. YHF, AGIB & definitely Kicking Television are right up there, also.
  2. Another band I've been into for a real long time. This record is wonderful. Comment above about Soft Bulletin is totally appropriate. Since SB is 1 of my favorite records of all time.....well, you do the math!
  3. Calvino, check out link below. It's stunning. I would love for them to do this version in concert. I think Edge is a great singer in his own right. Maybe not as messianic as Bono but that's ok in my book. Hope you like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12d-5Azr6PI this one is pretty cool, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-RsogWt6wg
  4. That Joshua Tree show was amazing. Just as good was the 360 show, at least the night I saw. I go way back with U2. I'm about the same age as them, so lot of common ground musically. They played a tiny bar in Seattle between Boy & October (famously, the handwritten lyrics for October got stolen here). I was 20 & couldn't get in due to liquor laws at the time. I made up for it on the War tour. Saw them in a 2000 seat theater. For a long time I kind of went back & forth on them in direct correlation to the amount Bono talked, haha. I think my favorite show was the arena Zoo TV show with Pixies opening but its close. They definitely have the stadium spectacle down, performance & sound-wise. Even the Stones lifted some concepts from them like the small stage in the crowd.
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