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  1. I'd love an art pop record. Can you say "Summerteeth"? That was the first Wilco record I freaked out on. I liked the first 2 quite a bit but "Summerteeth" totally blew me away. I always say that it's their Brian Wilson record. Still love it. Probably my favorite Wilco record, followed by YHF & AGIB. That's not to say I don't like the other ones. They all have at least some good stuff. There's a few I like on the new one but maybe it could've used a bit of editing.
  2. I got tickets for them, too but it's not until the fall. Long time faves. I saw them back before they got their major label deal & have been a fan since. I think "Black Love" is 1 of the most criminally underrated records of all time. "Faded" still gives me chills after all these years.
  3. I did a superficial listen. I wasn't wild about the record. I'll have to give it a few more listens & pay more attention. First Wilco record where I've said something like that, going back to the first one. I got an advance copy of that one & Being There before they were out & have been a fan since. Will be interesting to see what they do live on the next tour. Hopefully it's not all like the new record. Caveat: I'm not a huge country fan aside from Merle Haggard & Gram Parsons.
  4. Not familiar with them. Will have to check them out.
  5. Amy Taylor (Amyl & the Sniffers) dedicated a song to everyone with an uterus during the show on Wednesday. She's so awesome!
  6. John better be careful or he'll be swimming with the fishes like Luka Brazzi
  7. The fees (& prices) are out of control. With LiveNation & AXS you can basically count on paying the price of 3 tickets for 2. The smaller promoters & ticket services are being somewhat less greedy. I got row S for Bob Dylan & paid $330 for 2 tickets. I didn't even check the first 10 rows. The first 10 rows for Crowded House were $300 a ticket & that's before fees. I'm passing on some shows that I would've went to in the past. Just can't afford it. One example is Robert Plant & Allison Krauss. The cheapest tickets were $80 before parking & service charges. Reluctant
  8. Here's a link for the video I shot of Amyl & the Sniffers doing my favorite song by them "Knifey" if you're interested. I have a low end phone & was seated a bit back so I was using telephoto. You get the idea though. Almost lost my phone when I got tackled, luckily security helped me get it before it got smashed. Whew! I'm still hurting from getting tackled but it was worth it. Amy Taylor (singer) is a totally sweet & down to earth Australian lady. https://photos.app.goo.gl/AwGb3Buu1NfKAHqW7
  9. Before I had to retire I started work @ 5:00 AM. It seriously cramped my style! In some cases it wasn't worth going to bed before work.
  10. I saw an amazing show last night. Amyl & the Sniffers. They were like the Stooges with an awesome woman singer playing the role of Iggy Pop. I walked up to get my tickets (my buddy backed out at the very last minute so I gave the extra away. good karma) & Amy, the singer, was out talking to people in line. I got a picture with her & she was super sweet. The show was beyond packed & crazy. The club set me up with a seat on a barrier & I had a good vantage point. I was able to get a decent video of my favorite song by them, "Knifey". At the end of the song a drunk @$$hole dec
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