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  1. I saw her in Vegas opening for Pixies in 2016. So age wasn't an issue.
  2. The concert from San Francisco 1971 is amazing. Think Live at Leeds meets Who's Next.
  3. I'd be real interested in Weyes Blood. They were supposed to open the NIN tour that never happened.
  4. Bring your earplugs. They hurt me one time.
  5. The ashtray says, you've been up all night.
  6. The Flaming Lips at the zoo tonight! Quite excited! They're doing 2 sets, so it should be a nice, long show. Going with new friend giirl, hopefully on track to get that reversed. She's excited, too. The Lips are doing all of Yoshimi for the first set, then another set of various faves. I heard a tape of the SF show & it's stunning.
  7. Buddy Guy tonight I think. Waiting on my friend who bought the tickets.
  8. RIP. He was one of my guitar heroes for sure. Got to meet him once, he was very cool.
  9. 78-81 Bruce was about the top of Mt Rock. I saw him 4 times in that period in theaters to arenas. I've seen him a lot over the years & he's never topped that for me. A few shows that stood out for me after 81 were the River tour in 2016 & the tour without E Street for Human Touch/Lucky Town. I got lucky & saw an excellent show on that tour. This year it was pretty good but there were a few meh moments. I won't spoil it for you. Will be interested in your thoughts. Enjoy the show!
  10. Very interested in listening to this whole record. I like the first single more than anything on Cruel Country. That's just me though.
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