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  1. Sure. I didn't mean to suggest that those were the only three songs by Weir that I like.
  2. The question above got me thinking about favorite songs. Over the past few years, while working from home, I've been listening to more Dead than I have in a long time. And almost all of the songs I go back to are Jerry songs: Bird Song, Dark Star, Scarlet>Fire, Morning Dew, Eyes of the World, Brokedown Palace, Ripple, Terrapin, Althea, Franklin's Tower, Friend of the Devil, China>Rider. I don't mean to crap on Weir - I really like his guitar playing - but in thinking about my favorite Dead songs, almost none are his. There are some I like: the Other One, Cassidy, Estimated
  3. Ha! I am too. And it's a big book!
  4. I've been listening to some Leon recently. There's a new biography of him just out (written by Bill Janovitz from Buffalo Tom).
  5. Wow - I used to listen to that a ton. I haven't listened in ages.
  6. I've been listening to a lot of Hitchcock recently - going to see him in a few weeks.
  7. The latest edition of the Jokermen podcast discusses the album. I like the podcast but I haven't listened to this one yet.
  8. Yeah, I'm a big fan of that album (and Quine). But I haven't listened in a while. Maybe I'll put it on now ...
  9. Been on a big Lou kick recently. Dating myself, but when I first got into Lou and the Velvets the first three Velvets albums were hard to find. This and 1969Live were my intro and I still think of this as the definitive version of Heroin.
  10. And the other? The Feelies seem to only play the DC to Boston/I-95 corridor these days. I know at least one of the band remembers doesn't fly.
  11. Granted they have not put out a ton of music but the Feelies first record came out in 1980 and their most recent album came out in 2017. There's some stuff on the latest one that's as good as anything they've done.
  12. Enjoyed that one (and the follow-up Stella Maris) - though I will admit that I'm not sure I got everything. Might be worth a re-read.
  13. Happy anniversary to one of my favorite shows (and favorite Dark Star): 2/13/70
  14. Been listening to this recently, partly because singer/guitarist Paul Janovitz (younger brother of Buffalo Tom's Bill Janovitz) died recently. It's pretty solid 90s grunge-era rock. Trivia: drummer Paul Harding went on to write Tinkers which won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
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