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  1. The remaining 69 Love Songs tonight!
  2. The Magnetic Fields - night one of 69 Love Songs (or alternatively 34 or 35 Love Songs)
  3. Nice! Let us know how it is. Love that album.
  4. Saw Billy Bragg the other night and he played three Mermaid songs: Way Over Yonder in a Minor Key, I Was Born, and Birds and Ships. I put this one just now and realized that when I imported it to my computer years ago, I Was Born didn't come over.
  5. Fort Nights, night 2 Billy Bragg Kristin Hersh Juliana Hatfield Tanya Donelly and Bill Janovitz Arc Iris
  6. Buffalo Tom, Tanya Donelly, Fuzzy, and Thalia Zedek
  7. So good. She's such a great guitarist.
  8. Agree. Really enjoyed this one.
  9. Last night: Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert. Really enjoyed it - partly because about halfway through a friend of a friend (who had some connection to the venue) found me a brought me to a seat in the very front row, right in front of Chan.
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