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  1. Listening to this for the first time in probably 20 years. It's solid.
  2. I love that album so much. I think the original (vinyl) album is just about perfect.
  3. Empire of Pain is very well done. It's got a lot of great reporting and I think Keefe is a really good writer. But it's an infuriating story because the Sacklers' goal was to game the system and make huge amounts of money - which they did. (As an aside, Keefe's podcast - Wind of Change - is great too. It's an investigation into whether the CIA wrote the Scorpions' song Wind of Change.)
  4. Just listened to a great podcast about this.
  5. It's so interesting how he moved away from this sound/style even before this album was released. He's got some great stuff.
  6. All of this Lou got me to put this one on. One of my faves. It's a shame that he and Quine couldn't get along better.
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