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  1. Taking a break from Talking Heads to listen to this.
  2. They really are. And so different from each other. I'm enjoying the book - but it definitely seems like Frantz needed an outlet to publicly vent about Byrne.
  3. Reading Chris Frantz's autobiography so I'm revisiting the early albums.
  4. Random thoughts/memories: There were not many people on my high school into the Dead so it was fun to see this scenePeople cheered loudly at the "I wish I was a headlight" line in I Know You RiderI knew drums/space was a thing but didn't quite get itI was surprised at how quiet it was during parts of Wharf RatAnd I really remember leaving and wanting to see them again
  5. Saw the Dead for the first time 40 years go tonight (in Providence RI): Set 1 Feel Like A Stranger Peggy-O Cassidy Dire Wolf New Minglewood Blues Althea Looks Like Rain Far From Me China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider Set 2 Samson And Delilah Ramble On Rose Supplication Jam -> Estimated Prophet -> Eyes Of The World -> Drums -> Space -> The Other One -> Wharf Rat -> Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad -> Good Lovin' Encore U.S. Blues
  6. I'm really enjoying that one. The Queen Jane Approximately is fantastic.
  7. Happy birthday Joe Strummer ...
  8. Wow! Missed last night but need to track this down ...
  9. I've lost interest in Kozelek's music a while ago - and he seemed pretty unpleasant - but he's a fucking creep. https://pitchfork.com/news/mark-kozelek-of-sun-kil-moon-accused-of-sexual-misconduct-by-three-women/
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