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  1. I think I saw it listed on my local PBS station so I recorded it. (I'm in Mass. so it might have more local interest.)
  2. I have not seen it mentioned but I watched a great documentary last night called Museum Town. It's about the history of North Adams and the development of Mass MOCA. There are a couple of short clips of Wilco playing, and John is listed as "music supervisor" and "composer" and Mikael is listed as providing "additional composition." The Wilco angle aside I thought it was really well done, and an interesting look at the role that art and culture play in economic development.
  3. I've been listening to this (Home Video by Lucy Dacus) a lot, particularly the song Triple Dog Dare.
  4. I played that the other day. So great. For me:
  5. Listening to this for the first time in probably 20 years. It's solid.
  6. I love that album so much. I think the original (vinyl) album is just about perfect.
  7. Empire of Pain is very well done. It's got a lot of great reporting and I think Keefe is a really good writer. But it's an infuriating story because the Sacklers' goal was to game the system and make huge amounts of money - which they did. (As an aside, Keefe's podcast - Wind of Change - is great too. It's an investigation into whether the CIA wrote the Scorpions' song Wind of Change.)
  8. Just listened to a great podcast about this.
  9. It's so interesting how he moved away from this sound/style even before this album was released. He's got some great stuff.
  10. All of this Lou got me to put this one on. One of my faves. It's a shame that he and Quine couldn't get along better.
  11. That album was my first exposure to Lou and the Velvets (at a time whenthe first three VU albums were hard to find). When I think of "Heroin" I still think of this version.
  12. And I had forgotten that the Silos covered it! I think Susan Across the Ocean may be the only Silos album I have.
  13. Nice review. I feel like I had a period where I saw him a bunch but I've not seen him in years (even pre-COVID).
  14. Jonathan Richman is getting a lot of attention on the Tweedy Show these days - and I could not find a recent Richman thread. He does not seem to give a lot of interviews but this one just popped up on Aquarium Drunkard: Aquarium Drunkard
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