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  1. It's so interesting how he moved away from this sound/style even before this album was released. He's got some great stuff.
  2. All of this Lou got me to put this one on. One of my faves. It's a shame that he and Quine couldn't get along better.
  3. That album was my first exposure to Lou and the Velvets (at a time whenthe first three VU albums were hard to find). When I think of "Heroin" I still think of this version.
  4. And I had forgotten that the Silos covered it! I think Susan Across the Ocean may be the only Silos album I have.
  5. Nice review. I feel like I had a period where I saw him a bunch but I've not seen him in years (even pre-COVID).
  6. Jonathan Richman is getting a lot of attention on the Tweedy Show these days - and I could not find a recent Richman thread. He does not seem to give a lot of interviews but this one just popped up on Aquarium Drunkard: Aquarium Drunkard
  7. I'm a big fan of Schitt's Creek - and feel like it got better as it went along. For me, Chris Elliott is the weak link. I generally like him so I'm not sure why his character bothered me. It's not just because he was obnoxious at times but I can't figure it out.
  8. Saw this on Facebook: It’s with a sad heart that we announce this uneasy news: Brian has decided to retire from the Bottle Rockets. Although he’s in good health, he’s been feeling the passage of time and has lost interest in anything that distracts from or takes him away from home. Unfortunately, this means the Bottle Rockets can’t continue as we know it. This is a difficult and emotional outcome for the band, and we share the sense of loss over this ending, but it can also be framed as an opportunity for new directions. We appreciate our fans, many who have become dear
  9. Yes! I've been a big fan for a while but I just took advantage of a Yep Roc sale and picked up four albums I didn't have. I saw him a couple of years ago and he was selling copies of Tromsø, Kaptein - which is totally great.
  10. I agree with both of you on your love for Something Wild. I remember seeing it in the theater right when it came out, and I had no expectations walking in. As you said, it's a quirky and funny road trip movie until suddenly it is not. I remember going back to the theater about a week later to see it again. I had also just gotten into the Feelies and they show up as the band at the reunion (as the Willies). Demme later did a video for their song Away.
  11. I had a dream last night that I was at the great 2/11/70 show from the Fillmore East where Gregg and Duane Allman and Peter Green (and others) sat in. I wasn't part of the band - though at one point I may have been Duane Allman playing slide guitar. It was lots of fun.
  12. I was just thinking the same thing. For years I have taken a walk or two a day (as part of my commute or just to get out) and listened to music. These days I mostly listen to podcasts when I walk. Early in the pandemic I was also using my home computer which has tons of music on it but now I'm using a work computer which doesn't.
  13. Yes - I went back to the Color of Water because I had read both Deacon King Kong and The Good Lord Bird last year and really liked them. (And I actually thought the showtime version of The Good Lord Bird was pretty good.)
  14. I'm a big fan of the Sodajerker podcast where two guys from Liverpool talk with songwriters about songwriting. Jeff was on the most recent episode: https://www.sodajerker.com/episode-184-jeff-tweedy/
  15. I still get a rush at the opening notes of Harborcoat.
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