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  1. on a side note.. loved accelerate.. their best easily since new adventures in hi-fi.
  2. I think Yankee ranks with the best of R.E.M... Overall R.E.M. hit their peak in the mid to late 80's with document & life rich pagent... Wilco hit their's with Yankee, Summerteeth & ghost. So I would go Life Rich Pagent Reckoning Yankee Mumor Summerteeth Document New Adventures Ghost Green Fables
  3. trying for both philly shows on Wednesday Can't wait new wilco shows & albums plus new PJ shows & albums all in the same year
  4. the havent really played a lot of the new stuff at shows yet.. one wing, wilco, BBN & you never know pretty much at every show with deeper down & sonny feeling being rotated. I would love more of everlasting also I love that track.
  5. I always thought Pearl Jam were the best live band in America but last night almost swayed me to believe wilco are.. It was the 3rd time I had seen them and by far the ebst show. Misunderstood (I requested it) into Spiders melted my face off!!!! I was right up the front centre second row and have some great shot for once Tweedy was at his witty best with the celery crowd and the wilcoton comment which was not funny but I laughed nonetheless. I didn't expect I can't stand it, box of letters or I'm always in love so that was a nice surprise. Loved Muzzle of bees so early in the set first tim
  6. does anyone know what time the curfew is for this show?? I hope there isn't one like the wolf trapp.
  7. my wife & I will be attending we have seen wilco 2 times previous and can't wait
  8. I will add my 2 cents now about the album. I have had it on pretty much all day now. It's a hard album to review as it's SBS meets Summerteeth but more layered. It's a beautiful album full of surprises. I can't get enough of this record and love every minute of it. Normally after the 6 or 7th album bands go down hill but to me this is as strong as most of their older albums. So many catchy tunes and just can't wait to hear them live this summer I like SBS but this kicks its ass and than some!
  9. is there a copy out there that isn't a .rar file? I can't convert on my computer... thanks.
  10. well not just pearl jam I mean I was being somewhat sarcastic... I don't just like big popular bands like PJ. I would also see sonic youth, Andrew Bird, Dan Auerbach and ofocurse the dead weather.. Not bad but I've seen better.
  11. apart from Pearl Jam it isn't a very good lineup let's be honest.
  12. ummm it looks like the new album name has been announced...it's all over pitchfork and rollingstone.com www.pitchforkmedia.com WILCO (THE ALBUM) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! edit: ok i was a bit late on this one I'm not sure what to make of the name to be honest.. very simple.
  13. cheers for that I was wondering how it was worked out for a concert. Going to try to get there relatively early to get to the first few rows.
  14. You wouldn't consider a MMJ show in 2009 a double bill?? MMJ did play MSG last year remember.
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