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  1. If EKG had popped up on the internet labeled "rare instrumental Pixies studio outtake", I would have believed it. Joey jamming on the electric guitar, classic Kim baseline, and Black Francis strumming away on the acoustic.
  2. I've only seen 12 songs at the wilco archive. The midnight cafe has 21 songs. Maybe they're hiding from me somewhere on there.
  3. I'm sure this link is already posted somewhere on this site, but here are the Mermaid Ave demos for those that haven't heard them. http://www.themidnightcafe.org/?p=1523
  4. I'll be behind you, Section 1, Row D, Seats 1 and 2, Second night. See ya there!
  5. 1. Jesus, etc 2. Misunderstood 3. How to Fight Loneliness
  6. Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band is the opening act from 7/8 thru 7/19.
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