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  1. I have a single pair of GA tickets for the Saturday show that I'm selling on behalf of a friend. PM me if you are interested. Thanks!
  2. Yee gods. What a run. Can't wait for the torrents to start popping up for this last show in particular, but every show this week had something special.
  3. I have a single extra ticket available for the Riverside show tomorrow - Right Center, Row AA - don't get too excited, this is not in the front, but about 26 rows back - still on the floor. Face value is $44, but I'm more than willing to give this to someone who is down on their luck and dying to go to this. (early Xmas present?) I believe the show is sold out. If you can meet me outside the venue @ around 7:30 pm, that would be great. Send me a PM if you are interested.
  4. Well, I already knew that. I was talkin' about the ticket...
  5. Anyone have any idea what the seating chart is for this, even? I wound up with Row BBB. Is that good? I haven't seen a single Civic Opera House seating chart that has triple letters for anything.
  6. How about The Strokes - Angles? Probably another disappointment, but I kinda like that record - at least the first half. The Kills - Blood Pressures - thoughts?
  7. New songs are face-meltingly good. I geektastically told this to Pat during the Solid Sound fest. He seemed pretty damn proud of what they've been working on.
  8. Bump. If you just want to buy one, that's cool, too.
  9. A good friend can't make it. Willing to consider offers below face to recoup. PM me an offer. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, Barb. Hard to play when you're quaking with nervousness. Love that song so much, so happy we got to hear him sing it.
  11. No, I know, D. It was a very funny, entertaining convo.
  12. It was just about perfect of an evening. We got a lot of treats: acoustic Bull Black Nova, acoustic Kicking Television, Rainbow Connection (!? - yes, the Kermit song), Let Me Come Home + Panthers (which I got to join him on), No More Poetry (Russ), Family Gardener (ditty), Either Way (Atticus), a Tweedy confrontation over covers vs. his songs (timewasajoke) followed by When You Wake Up Feeling Old. I'll leave the official setlist to others and babble nonsensically about how amazing it was. Lovely, lovely house at the Jules residence. Weather couldn't have cooperated any more - some rain ble
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmNHtWqcXqY
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