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  1. No it was a new one. Sounded real good. One Sunday Morning was fantastic, real treat to hear that one.
  2. Hey all, I haven't posted in forever but since I saw bbop was going to be making the Ontario shows I figured I'd do my best at a recap. - Kingston is a small university town right in between Toronto & Ottawa, sort of infamously the hometown of Gord Downie & The Tragically Hip & a necessary touring spot for every Canadian band at some point - I haven't looked this up but I think it's safe to say Jeff or Wilco have never played there before last night, seeing Kingston on the itinerary was pretty shocking but also pretty cool, looks like they tried to do as many shows around Toron
  3. Well I managed to pull singles for each night so I take this back, but boy was that frustrating.
  4. After managing to pull amazing seats for two nights in Chicago I got shutout of both Massey Hall shows, very odd..
  5. From my eyes there: Mikael - Yamaha CP70 - Korg MS20 Jeff - Fender Champ John - some Ampeg bass amp Pat - Fender Rhodes - Mellotron reissue - upright piano
  6. It's tough to really figure it out upon my first two listens. Some real standouts & some others that require more listening, or maybe not. Some of Jeff's best lyrics in quite a while I think, especially compared to Star Wars which I felt leaned a lot on the "phonetic transcribing" he's done a lot of since TWL. I get why they separated Star Wars & Schmilo, both do feel a lot different but you always do wonder what could have been w/ records released so close together. IMO there is a stone cold classic 12-song record between these two & the Tweedy record that could maybe be the b
  7. Also because I can't turn my brain off from this stuff, I posted the chords in the tabs section for folks that want to play along.
  8. Capo 1 - Drop D *All relative to capo. Verses D - Am - G - D Chorus 1 Em - Gm - D - A Chorus 2 + 3 Em - Gm - D - A Em - Gm - A
  9. From the press release: "Schmilco finds band leader Tweedy in a state of alienation: how to cope with dissonance between self-identity and the public perception of his band – to maintain an innocence and earnestness even as some have come to see him as more (or less) than human, and Wilco as something other than six musicians? “I think this record is ‘joyously negative’,” Tweedy said. “It’s sad in a lot of ways but not in any that reach a conclusion of doom or hopelessness… I just had a lot of fun being sour about the things that upset me.” Really like the new song.
  10. I've known about this happening for a while but here's Jeff confirming it. Get pumped y'all! http://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/feb/20/wilco-frontman-jeff-tweedy-trumps-success-is-a-sign-of-how-broken-things-have-been
  11. Hey all! Just saw this thread now, thanks so much for the support!
  12. This is a particularly badly written one. http://exclaim.ca/Music/article/wilco-star_wars
  13. That was pretty great. Super gutsy thing for a band to do that at that big of a headlining festival set.
  14. They sound unbelievably tight for never playing these songs live before. They really kept this whole thing under wraps.
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