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  1. Happy birthday, Via Chicago !! Thanks for all the info and entertainment for these last 14 years. Congrats to Donna and all those who have kept this going. Joe
  2. My cat O'bama nearly always sits in front of a speaker when I play a Jeff acoustic CD. She's doing the same today listening to The Minus 5's Scott the Hoople in the Dungeon of Horror Part II: Of Monkees and Men. It's as if she like Scott's songs as much as Jeff's.. She's a keeper.
  3. From the rooftop of the chocolate factory at Archer and Lawndale, I've watched the Orange line El trains going to and fro Midway airport roll by completely empty, every time, for a year. Initially, I thought it was a waste of money, to run empty trains. In hindsight, I think it would have been worse not to see the Orange line running at all. It's nice to see the a couple of train cars sparsely populated in the last week. I'll be receiving my 2nd Pfizer shot Monday and it will be great to get out again after this Covid winter and especially as Chicago is getting into full-on Sprin
  4. Perhaps tuning into another city's local broadcast online occasionally can break the monotony. Chicago's 93 WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback is great from 9am til noon. It reviews music, movies, current events and often followed by Johnny Mars at NOON... Also, Terri Hemmert's Breakfast with the Beatles is always nice for a Sunday Morning. There's a lot of light looking to break out!.. radio.com can take you to any worthwhile radio.
  5. I hear some co-workers say that there's no way that they'll get vaccinated. It was entertaining to hear Stephen Colbert interviewing Bill Gates. Colbert informing those opposed to vaccination, ' Bill gates can put a chip in me and control my mind. I just want to hug my in-laws again!' .. LOL
  6. I'm so happy that under the Biden administration vaccine availability has upticked tremendously. Good to see that the United center, home of the Bulls and Blackhawks will become a federal-based vaccine location. Through work I'm considered 1B, but landing a vaccine appointment lately has been kike playing the Lotto. It doesn't help much at all when Cook County announces that it will make available 5000 appointments at noon on Feb 23 and actually make them available at midnight on Feb 24 .. F*ckin Crook County... However, and in spite of all these delays, vaccine deployment plans
  7. Typo on the Hideout calendar page! Nearly made plans for Oct 16...
  8. I can hardly wait to relive this show on Mt Tam. Great show, beautiful weather and spectacular views of SF bay. If I remember correctly, couple nice guest appearances and collaborations. And also for a great cause, then and now.
  9. Thanks to ASITA member Ron DeNicolo for sharing a snippet of episode 1 on FB. My first look at the episode I missed!
  10. Well said, Vince. Certainly hoping for another gathering soon. Joe
  11. Who is singing this song? Love it!
  12. Excellent rehash, Diane! Thank you very much! I am hoping for more Locator than Random Name Generator.
  13. Jason went on to tell a story about growing up in Evanston. As a teenager, he was with a pal doing donuts in a car on a frozen Lake Michigan inlet. In a few minutes the flashing lights were on them. He said that in 'dick move' the cop took the keys from them and said see you at the police station. His friend resided only a few blocks away and they simply retrieved the extra set of keys and went home.
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