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  1. Typo on the Hideout calendar page! Nearly made plans for Oct 16...
  2. I can hardly wait to relive this show on Mt Tam. Great show, beautiful weather and spectacular views of SF bay. If I remember correctly, couple nice guest appearances and collaborations. And also for a great cause, then and now.
  3. Thanks to ASITA member Ron DeNicolo for sharing a snippet of episode 1 on FB. My first look at the episode I missed!
  4. Well said, Vince. Certainly hoping for another gathering soon. Joe
  5. Thanks for the info!
  6. Who is singing this song? Love it!
  7. Excellent rehash, Diane! Thank you very much! I am hoping for more Locator than Random Name Generator.
  8. Jason went on to tell a story about growing up in Evanston. As a teenager, he was with a pal doing donuts in a car on a frozen Lake Michigan inlet. In a few minutes the flashing lights were on them. He said that in 'dick move' the cop took the keys from them and said see you at the police station. His friend resided only a few blocks away and they simply retrieved the extra set of keys and went home.
  9. A couple of Jason Narducy side bar after show banter corner moments. Jason had an appx 6 inch scratch on his arm due to a recent bicycle wipe-out. He commented that he replied to a concerned motorist that he did this to get his wife's attention. He said that the concerned motorist said, ' yeah, I do that all the time'. Jason wen't on to say that my elbows are perfectly fine.
  10. Another banter moment was Jeff recollecting his wedding . He and Sue were married at Lounge Axe. " To describe the man my father was, he went to my wedding knowing that it was in a bar and brought his own cooler of beer".
  11. A quick stop at banter corner. With Sammy coming onstage to accompany I Know What It's Like, Jeff stated something similar to," this is a spitting image of me as a teenager." Jeff looked at Sammy, smiled and said something to the affect, "Sorry kid, this it where it winds up". Sammy took it in stride to his credit. Spencer and the band were fantastic.
  12. The Split Single after show was incredible. Much more than I expected. The second floor VFW hall at Canal Shores Golf Course might need to check the structural integrity and/or at least the plaster after this show. An absolutely fantastic show. Evanston is essentially Jason Narducy's hometown. Jason commented that this was the first time an opening band sold 3800 more tickets than they did. Haha! Regarding playing a VFW venue on a Saturday night, Jason quipped that they picked out the loudest songs to enjoy beers together on a Saturday night. Ohh, and also, Micheal Shannon jumped up on stage to sing the second and third songs of the four song encore! Brilliant!
  13. It would be difficult to imagine a more perfect summer evening in Evanston. Low humidity and a Lake Michigan breeze. I don't have a set list, but I will say that the band and support were fantastic. OHMME's harmonics at the soundboard were perfect. Something that I noticed tonight that's different from when I first saw TWEEDY at the Pabst Theater is that it was a full band backing Jeff. In lieu of Jeff playing solo acoustic Wilco for the first half of the show. Tonight's set list was fantastic on it's own merit. All original songs for two hours. James Elkington's guitar was once again brilliant.
  14. As long as I chimed in here: I want to give two shouts out. Tim Bugbee. Really nice to meet you as you passed thru Courtyard C post lunch with your son. John Losaviao.. A long overdue thank you for being so cordial at the Fillmore. Your group made room for Sue Osbourne and myself in your upper level cubby. It had been a long, beautiful walk from Hardly Strictly Bluesgrass / Golden Gate Park. Haha, Jeff read the riot act to a Trumpster that night. .. Joe Campbell
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