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  1. I saved the sleeve. But I’m never going to wear this thing. LOL. It’s so itchy. Like wearing a bag of bees...🤪
  2. Tomorrow. I’ll try to save the sleeve and try again 😂😅
  3. Finished my first and, very likely, only sweater, knitted by myself. now assembly needed to be done. So far so good. Sleeves were a bit tricky, so I had to loosen the stitches a bit. Unfortunately I didn’t wear my glasses when using the scissors... so, bye-bye sleeve 1. UAGH!
  4. I really can’t say. It all feels unreal. My second shot will be in June. It’s Astra Zeneca, so that’s normal to have a longer time between shots. I just hope something, anything will be open again by then. We’re still in a lockdown. I miss eating something that I didn’t have to cook. I miss being able to work. Having friends over for drinks.
  5. It’s just sad. i always had the radio on, at work, background music. And whenever a song came, that I loved or new music , that sounded interesting I turned up the volume. I didn’t work for almost a year.
  6. I did it all., Reading, knitting, crocheting, talking walks. Just to occupy my mind. Most of the year we were not allowed to open our business. It’s hard to adjust to any situation when you struggle to pay rent.
  7. Yes! They did change a lot. If I listen at all it’s mostly music that I was happy to hear live, or with special people in my life. Like Trampled by Turtles playing a Warren Zevon song. I was at their show in Brooklyn with S. and he told me about Warren Zevon and about this special song. It’s “Keep me in your heart for a while”. I listen to this song when I need to go back to this evening.... or certain Wilco songs...
  8. Right! If I hear music it’s just songs and albums that mean something to me or were special in a certain situation. i just hope we all can experience special situations again soon.
  9. Maybe is ist just me. But the longer this lockdown/ not being able to work/ being stuck at home state continues the harder it gets to find comfort in music. music has always helped me through difficult times, but I hardly listened to any music in months.
  10. Ok. This will be my new Sunday task😂
  11. ❤️❤️ Just solved the mini crossword on NYT and now starting spelling bee. ☺️
  12. Sleeping. Getting out of the way of all the Valentine’s crap. Maybe a book.
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