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  1. Totally big news!!!!! 😀
  2. Cool! Thanks for the info.
  3. Heart full of holes, looks like there are 2 45’s. The Wilco/SK split and a Jeff Tweedy. Goes with out saying, if you can pick up both for me I would pay. Thanks again fir considering.
  4. Thanks fir the response. Fingers crossed!
  5. Long shot, but I can’t make it to the it’s time tour. Anyone willing to pick up the split single for me and ship it my way. I would pay of course. Thanks for the consideration.
  6. Wow just wow!!! Thanks all for keeping this thread going strong! And so thankful for the Tweedy Show!
  7. I’m sure you all have seen that Friday’s shoe is gonna be live streamed on tourgigs.com. Pretty great for those of us missing live gigs and can’t be there in person. Show not shoe.... ha!
  8. Tweedy Show... wed night.... Kid edition
  9. Night 2 is still up on the stuffinourhouse instagram live stream feed Night 2 is still up on the stuffinourhouse instagram live stream feed
  10. Anyone else been watching the Tweedy show these past 2 night? Night 1 with Jeff in the tub. And the new song with Sammy Nd Spencer was great Night 2 was great as well, almost played a new song as well What will night 3 bring?
  11. I’m sure this has been discussed so I apologize for missing it. Can anyone tell me the name of the bonus song that’s on the audio book version of the book? Thanks in advance.
  12. thanks Jeff and Wilco for a fantastic show. And thanks for the shout out to the El Capitan stage show. Seeing every southern california Wilco, show for the past 15 years that made my night!!!!!!!
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