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Amoeba LA signing

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There is a good possibility, if my preorder from Wilcoworld doesn't arrive by September 29, that I will need to go out and buy a copy of the album to be able to listen to it in anticipation of the run of shows that starts five days later, so it wouldn't necessarily be a problem that this Amoeba thing would require me to buy a second copy of the album (actually a third since I bought the CD and LP) except for the fact that they apparently won't give it to you until the day of the signing. Meanwhile, if the two copies I ordered from Wilco arrive on time, I'm apparently not allowed to bring them to Amoeba to have them signed. 


This reminds me of when I went to get a book signed by Jimmy Carter in 2015. He had published a new memoir, A Full Life, and was doing a signing in Pasadena. There were hundreds of people in line on a 100-plus degree day, and it took a couple of hours to get to the front of the line. They had signs up everywhere saying that he would only sign copies of the new book. I also had a copy of his White House Diary, and I brought it along just in case. When I got to the front of the line, the handler from the bookstore said, "He's only signing the new book." Carter looked at the other book in my hand and said, "If I wrote it, I'll sign it!" I said, "Well, it's your diary, so I hope you wrote it." He signed both books. I'm sure Wilco would be as generous if I showed up with my Wilcoworld copy of Cousin, but Amoeba might not let me in line.

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I live in Manchester, England and would love a signed copy of Cousin if anyone is attending and will not be using their second item. I’d be happy to send the cost of the record and postage by PayPal to anyone who might be able to help me out. Plus a bonus if it could be dedicated :)


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7 hours ago, edouble said:

Hoping they sell signed copies at the merch table starting tomorrow- MMJ, Beck and others did this summer on tour. Would be a nice surprise 

Fingers crossed. I saw a picture on Instagram of Jeff signing a table full of albums so hopefully you’re right 

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