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  1. I think it gets played fairly often, so people are just always chasing their white whales.
  2. Stoughton is very proud of their Norwegian heritage and has Norwegian flags hanging from every street lamp in the city center.
  3. Via Chicago (with Harmonica) Remember The Mountain Bed Infinite Surprise Don’t Forget Cars Can’t Escape In A Future Age Kamera Family Ghost Impossible Germany You And I Evicted Box Full Of Letters Guaranteed Reservations Pecan Pie Gwendolyn Forget the Flowers Laminated Cat I Am My Mother Company In My Back Heavy Metal Drummer A Shot In The Arm After Remember The Mountain Bed, Jeff confirmed that not too many people had attended the previous night causing a woman to shout
  4. California Stars was a request with Jeff explaining that people don't usually like that song. During the song, he asked if the audience wanted to sing along but be careful not to take his part. Before the second verse, Jeff cautioned the audience that it was a little more tricky than the first and either at that point or after the two verses the audience contributed to, also pointed out that some of us had sung his part. Towards the end, a woman requested a song which I couldn't make out, but Jeff replied that he had prepared 800 songs which he could perform over the two nights and
  5. Possibly during the book portion described above or after it around the halfway point of the show, Jeff mentioned that he had been answering questions all week on the tour so he was used to talking a lot more than usual and wanted to ask the audience questions which persisted throughout the night. One of the questions asked was "What is there to do in Stoughton?", which drew the response, "Ice fishing." Jeff commented that was one way to cure boredom(!), sitting on ice waiting for fish, so you're cold and bored before adding that maybe someone might want to take him ice fishing with them. Seve
  6. Sometime during the first half of the show, he asked "Who only knows Wilco songs?" and a few people clapped/cheered causing Jeff to comment on the sheepish reaction to the question. He then proceeded to ask who had his solo albums and during the banter in which Jeff explained there would be more solo material tonight because he doesn't get to play it as often, someone shouted out he should write a book. Not one to pass up the softball, Jeff replied, "Funny you should say that!" and recounted how he had been on a book tour for the last week and it was available to purchase in the lobby. During
  7. I think Hummingbird was the first song with whistling and received the biggest reaction from the crowd upon completion, which caused Jeff to comment on how this is a crowd that loves whistling and maybe he should just whistle all the songs for the rest of the night which drew laughter and more cheers. Then after he whistled in Dawned On Me, someone requested a song without whistling, which he politely pointed out did not fit the theme, and then the request for The Ruling Class was shouted from the balcony. Jeff acknowledged that song had a fair amount of whistling before practicing the lengthy
  8. At or towards the beginning, Jeff confirmed he knew how to pronounce the name of the town/venue he was performing in: Stough (as in Standing O) ton. Standing O hint added by me, not Jeff. He just pronounced it correctly. Took me several times to get it right. Early on in the set about 5 songs in ish, Jeff commenting on the new cushions for the seats asked the crowd how our butts were doing which caused someone to ask him about his behind and after explaining that he wasn't sitting down so his tuchus would not be as comfortable as ours, remarked that he did have a fine ass and we shoul
  9. 7 P.M. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You [Bob Dylan] I Am My Mother Cruel Country New Madrid That's How I Got To Memphis [Tom T. Hall] Please Be Wrong Someday Soon Hesitating Beauty Death Of The Last Stripper [Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band] She's My Rock [Stoney Edwards] Falling Apart (Right Now) Give Back The Key To My Heart [Doug Sahm] A Lifetime To Find U.S. Blues [Grateful Dead] Reincarnation [Roger Miller] (Not on printed setlist) 9 P.M. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You [Bob D
  10. Assuming this takes place at night, I don’t see anything scheduled at Soldier Field, Auditorium, Salt Shed, Radius, Pritzker, Riv, Vic, Civic Opera House or Symphony. The Opera House is roughly located where the ad picture was taken. Metro, Thalia, Lincoln Hall, Schubas, and possibly Aragon have events scheduled at night. I haven’t checked smaller venues but hopefully it’ll be somewhere 1000+.
  11. Road cases up in store https://wilcostore.com/collections/roadcase/products/riviera-maya-mexico-2022-roadcase-bundle
  12. FS: 1 x Wilco 4/23 FBalc FL, E 703 $83 after tax/fees OBO Front left balcony. Just received print at home email so can forward immediately. Have an account on CashorTrade if you would like to set up the sale there.
  13. ISO (in order of preference): Wilco 4/24 x 2 Front Balcony C 403-404 Wilco 4/24 x 2 Front Balcony C 309-310 Wilco 4/24 x 1 Front Balcony A 306 Wilco 4/24 x 1 Front Balcony A 304 Wilco 4/24 x 2 Front Balcony B 401-402 Wilco 4/24 x 2 Front Balcony D 401-402 FT: Golden Smog 4/3 x 1 Wilco 4/22 x 1 Front Balcony F 301 Wilco 4/23 x 1 Right Front Balcony E 703 Wilco 4/23 x 1 Front Orchestra H 405 Wilco 4/24 x 1 Front Balcony A 305 Wilco 4/24 x 1 Front Orchestra D 305
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