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  1. ISO: 1 x Golden Smog 4/2
  2. FT: Golden Smog 4/2 ISO: Golden Smog 4/3 or/+ cash
  3. Sima adding guitar at the end of World Away really shined. It's hard not to focus solely on James interacting with Sima and Macie throughout the show. As Jeff was talking about James' guitar, a bird must have flown close to Jeff causing him to remark incredulously that the size of the bird meant it must have been a hawk which almost attacked him and he was lucky to be alive. I feel very fortunate to have experienced these Tweedy live events over the last year and would probably pursue multiple shows if this lineup were to tour in the future, similar to my Wilco obsession.
  4. Show notes state those were released in March 2020
  5. Can we get a quiet amplifier please? 3 Lennon songs. Think they’ll repeat Happy Xmas tonight but maybe add in an Imagine or Give Peace?
  6. Bright Leaves Before Us Company In My Back War On War Handshake Drugs Side With The Seeds One And A Half Stars The Joke Explained Hummingbird White Wooden Cross Via Chicago How To Fight Loneliness Laminated Cat (AKA Not For The Season) Random Name Generator Reservations Impossible Germany Jesus, Etc. We Were Lucky Love Is Everywhere (Beware) Box Full Of Letters I'm Always In Love Everyone Hides Heavy Metal Drummer I'm The Man Who Loves You Hold Me Anyway The Late Greats Misunderstood California Stars After Cincy the night before, the crowd was much more tame causing Jeff to remark several
  7. Barnes and Noble Lincoln Park now has it in stock
  8. Anyone know if either night was recorded? Really wish these were released as Roadcases each year. Thanks for all the updates, love following along on the tour!
  9. https://www.owlandbear.com/wilco-archive/#.XGHhgS2ZNPM
  10. 1. Bombs Above 2. Some Birds (I'd Love To Take You Down) 3. Don't Forget 4. How Hard It Is For A Desert To Die 5. Let's Go Rain 6. Far From Away 7. I Know What It's Like 8. Having Been is No Way To Be (New Wave Theater) 9. The Red Brick 10. Warm (When The Sun Has Died) 11. How Will I Find You Played but not on the album - Drawing From Memory, Family Ghost, Evergreen, any more? Thank you to whoever updates the Wilco website.
  11. New Wave Theater is listed as Having Been Is No Way To Be on the Pabst FB post. Not a fan of the show setlist for Milwaukee on their website missing 5 songs. I mean, some really cool people keep their own show statistics in an Excel spreadsheet. Think that leaves Family Ghost and Evergreen (unless Jeff reworked Childlike & Evergreen)?
  12. Sunday night - Billy Bragg feat. Wilco They played a bunch of the songs off Alpha during the winter residency 2014 on their 20th anniversary, but it will be there 25th...
  13. Friday night = Mermaid show feat. Billy Bragg
  14. I trust no emotion I believe in locomotion But I've turned to rust as we've discussed Though I must have let you down too many times In the dirt and the dust I have no idea how this happens All of my maps have been overthrown Happenstance has changed my plans So many times my heart has been outgrown Now everybody's feeling all alone Can't tell you who I am
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