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  1. I know of one for 12/12, let me know if you still need one.
  2. If anyone is still looking for a single 12/12 please PM me your email. Thanks!
  3. I am also looking for one Friday if everyone else in this thread is taken care of. Thanks!
  4. So ... am I the only one who wants to hear the full track of the commercial version?
  5. A simple request (for a not so simple item) for a single ticket to any show in Chicago. My wife and I are due with our first child shortly before this run starts so I held off on the on sales but I've realized I can't let these all pass by without seeing the band once. I'm happy to accommodate any offer as needed and would gladly buy you a beer (or numerous) at any show I am lucky enough to attend. Thanks for your consideration. Best, Kevin
  6. Check out 9/19/1970 from that same run - a legendary and truly ridiculous second set (actually the third set, given the NRPS intermission). Morning Dew, Me And My Uncle, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Cold Rain And Snow, Easy Wind, Sugar Magnolia, Dark Star > Saint Stephen > Drums > Not Fade Away > Darkness Jam > China Cat Jam > Not Fade Away > Turn On Your Lovelight
  7. I thought this was pretty funny ... one of my favorite bands, local (Chicago) favorites Umphrey's McGee was just made honorary citizens of Madison, and Wilco's recent crowning as citizens of the same city was even name-checked in Umphrey's' proclamation: (in the 5th WHEREAS: "WHEREAS, recently another Chicago-based band, Wilco, was given the esteemed honor of citizenship having only played Madison 13 times (fewer than Umphrey's McGee's concerts at the Barrymore alone)"
  8. A rather simple solution to this is making all pit/best seats will call, and requiring the purchaser to show a credit card and ID when picking them up. Arcade Fire used this to great effect a couple years ago.
  9. Does anyone know when Jeff is scheduled to be on stage? I believe last year was the first year they moved his appearance to the second day, and I'm wondering if that will continue.
  10. Thank you - I searched the intertubes and the Second City website but could only find news on past years events. Looking forward to the 2009 version!
  11. Bump ... anyone have any idea if Second City has set a date for Letters to Santa this year?
  12. If you have time time and resources to do the Zurich > Italy > Amsterdam portion I would absolutely choose that over staying in London, as you'd be seeing some seriously beautiful parts of Europe.
  13. I thought both nights of Alpine were fantastic - the band (and especially Trey) were on point throughout both shows and the playing was really crisp. The song selection bogged down a couple of times, especially the closing stretch of the first night's second set but overall I had a great time and I definitely look forward to any upcoming shows I can hit.
  14. I am not a fan of the double tracked vocals in Solitaire. I don't really like the vocal melody to begin with so having it double tracked doesn't help much. I do really like the You And I/You Never Know combo.
  15. It's 68 and sunny in Hampton today - I imagine it was/is quite the charged atmosphere all day
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