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  1. What a bunch of long hairs...
  2. So grateful! Thank you very much, I was at both shows and this is so cool to have!
  3. What a fantastic show. One for the record books. Thanks Wilco for a fantastic run.
  4. Best show of the Whole Love tour so far, hands down.
  5. I agree, they will be back to longer set lists in the states. Hoping for "Evening with" types shows in Chicago especially. Nick Lowe only supports through the Civic Opera show.
  6. ALTWYS...that song is ridiculously good in so many ways.
  7. Happy for those who got in to this one. I feel fortunate to have gotten into 3 of the shows.
  8. So where are we at on expectations for a 5th show? Likely announced this week on XRT I would imagine...
  9. Got one this morning, feel very fortunate to be going to this one of all. I am super excited for this week in December. Who will open? Will anyone open? How will the setlist(s) look? Wilco is giving back big time this time around. Think of it, from the UIC Pavillion to Metro? Insanely cool in my opinion.
  10. This is exciting for sure. Maybe Schuba's or Beat Kitchen...?
  11. Listened to Kicking Television yesterday, man that was a helluva week of shows. Anyone hear of rumblings for a 4th Chicago show yet? Eagerly awaiting...
  12. It is absolutely absurd to give us die hard fans any grief for going to multiple shows. I can't even understand your logic JDK. When they added a second UIC show night two was empty.
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