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  1. Have 2 for Red Rocks dead center row 2
  2. Looking for one ticket to the 12/12 show!
  3. I got 2 for you for the 12th! Happy Birthday! I have to pay bills and will miss this wonderful show. Paid $132.82 exactly for the 2. You want em???
  4. What a bunch of long hairs...
  5. So grateful! Thank you very much, I was at both shows and this is so cool to have!
  6. What a fantastic show. One for the record books. Thanks Wilco for a fantastic run.
  7. Best show of the Whole Love tour so far, hands down.
  8. I just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I am dying to go to this show if anyone has an extra?
  9. Yeah, I have a good friend who is able to go now. I'm sorry.
  10. I agree, they will be back to longer set lists in the states. Hoping for "Evening with" types shows in Chicago especially. Nick Lowe only supports through the Civic Opera show.
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