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  1. Nice! Glad it worked out. Link seems to be entirely gone now.
  2. Anybody able to get Portland tix? F5'd from 9:55 until the "Purchase" button popped up. Never an option on the drop-down to buy more than one ticket, despite the "4 tickets max" message, and every single time, from 9:59 on, I got a message saying "We were not able to find any tickets in that section." Either they sold out before 10am or the page is just borked. Just wondering if anyone else had better luck.
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know that I've finally added the recent Terminal 5 Roadcase show to my Mediafire folder of Roadcase rips. The folder contains ONLY the shows that Wilco has posted to the Roadcase for free over the last few years, NOT the new Roadcase series that they're selling. There are a few rips of other shows that I judged as being "free" in the same sense (e.g. the Letterman Live performance audio), but, as always, let me know if any of this content shouldn't be freely available and I'll take it down right away. Just wanted to share, as this show is particularly awesome.
  4. Hi all, I wanted to let everyone know that I've reorganized the various Roadcase rips that I've been posting over the last few years in a way that makes them easier to download while adding a few new rips (ACL, Live on Letterman, etc.) and fixing a few specific tracks that had errors (which various members kindly messaged me about). These are all of the Roadcase shows that I've recorded, ripped straight from either Wilcoworld.net or the band's Facebook page and compressed to 192kpbs mp3 (likely equal to or less than the level of compression of the streams themselves). I also ripped the rec
  5. i know someone already got to at least one of these, but in case anyone is still looking for them, i ripped both in 192kbps CBR mp3. here's the link to the whole collection, and you can pick out the individual folders from there.
  6. A few of you requested rips of these, so here they are: Live on Letterman (audio only): http://www.mediafire.com/?58n49i23pgzrt 2011.09.18 (from Wilco's band page on Facebook): http://www.mediafire.com/?sulhkiddzwr27 Assuming these are still okay to post; mods, let me know and/or delete the thread if that's not the case.
  7. There's a new show up in the roadcase, the Seattle show from last year, which I was actually at. It was a good one. I've got a stream rip up here, for those interested. Mods: as always, if it's become verboten to post stream rips from the roadcase since I last asked, please delete this topic.
  8. In case you missed this in all the TWL excitement and/or disappointment, there a new show up in the roadcase. I've only really listened to the first half, but it's a good one. I've got a stream rip up here, for those interested. Mods: as always, if it's become verboten to post stream rips from the roadcase since I last asked, please delete this topic.
  9. as annoying as the whole multi-package presale thing is (and $17 to ship a record to washington state is insane, amazon does it regularly with hard cardboard packaging for 3-4 bucks), i think it's probably less wilco getting up to "usual" record-company games and more just an acknowledgment of the reality of today's music business. most fans (though probably not most of us on this board) are going to buy music in general (and wilco music in particular) in digital format. wilco seems to be acknowledging this by making ALL the bonus tracks available through iTunes with an album purchase. if you'
  10. thanks for the suggestions on a better uploading strategy. i may look into re-upping these shows in a different format later (maybe on mediafire but as zip files for each separate set?), but right now to be honest i can't really take the time. if i do move them to a more download-friendly system later, though, i'll be sure to let you all know
  11. okay, i got the four new roadcase shows uploaded, finally. everything's in CBR 256kbps mp3, and should be correctly tagged and all that jazz. they're all available in my mediafire folder, here, along with four of the older roadcase shows, in case you don't already have those. mediafire is by far my favorite uploading service, but unfortunately, you have to download each track separately, as they don't allow large (+200MB files) without a paid account. i tried zipping up each of the shows into one file, but all but the tweedy one was over 200MB. i tagged and tracked these shows really q
  12. got all four shows ripped, and tracked one, only to find that using "export selection" in audacity introduces some weird overlapping effect between tracks. found a different way to cut the tracks up this morning, but i'm hoping to be off on a mountain climbing trip tomorrow if the weather clears up. either way, though, i should have these up by the end of the week. i'll post here when i finish them.
  13. okay, i'm actually ripping all four of these after all. it might take a bit to track each show and tag the mp3s, but i'll try to have them up later this week
  14. i've ripped roadcase streams and posted them on here before, and it's always been okay, so i'd imagine it's still fine.
  15. yeah...i know that often "the vinyl sounds better" is code for "i'm cooler than you because i listen to records", but i just got the WTA vinyl yesterday and before then i would have absolutely agreed with everyone who says the album is "pretty good". but after listening to the vinyl, i've been converted; this album is just as good (if a bit less unique) than any wilco album, for me. tweedy himself, i think, described it as a sort of "greatest hits" album, and that disappoints me a bit...i think if you're a huge wilco fan, you want another weird, exploratory album more than a greatest hits so
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