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  1. This is kind of ridiculous, I think I'm going to stop posting all my Starbucks' hearings but I heard How to Fight Loneliness and Sky Blue Sky today.
  2. Hey everyone!!! Are any New York City Wilco fans going to this? Is there an easy way to get there train-wise? The directions off their website seem too complicated. Thanks!
  3. I'm the man who loves you at The Magician (bar) tonight.
  4. According to Wilco's recent Facebook comment, the album will be out in the fall!
  5. Belated: The album won an NAACP Image award. Yay!
  6. Either Way at yet another Starbucks. New York City is too Starbucksy.
  7. Wait a minute. Seriously? You have to explain!!! How to Fight Loneliness at Starbucks today
  8. Wishful Thinking on Criminal Minds (rerun)!
  9. What's funny is that the writer is doing exactly what the Park Slopers are doing- associating a type of music with a race and associating that race with a type of behavior and attitude. Indie music and Hip Hop don't hate each other. People hate people. The petition doesn't have to do with music, it has to do with racism. I think the writer could have delved A LOT deeper into the racism/gentrification aspect of it all. The music is just a scapegoated stand-in for what really should have been said.
  10. Also, am I the only one that thinks 'You and I' isn't corny and sugary-sweet? I get a kick out of some of the comments on youtube about boys learning the chords to try it out on a girl they like. The lyrics "I don't want to know, I don't need to know everything about you and you don't need to know that much about me" wouldn't win me over. It works great as a duet though. I think that it's those lyrics that keep it from being so sweet.
  11. \ I love that Jeff Tweedy is so wonderfully outspoken and open about his mental health issues and I think the YHF and AGIB feel like Tweedy's being open and honest with us about his troubles; but maybe not, there's a wall there. It just feels like it's true whereas Wilco(the album) doesn't feel vulnerable in that same way. But you don't have to be depressed to be edgy. When I was at my worst with depression, it was hard to get out of bed. I couldn't work on my novel to save my life, so the fact that Jeff Tweedy could create any music during that time in his life is amazing to me. I don't
  12. You know I've been listening to Wilco on shuffle and Wilco(the song) came on followed by Radio Cure and it occurred to me that the Wilco that sings "Do you dabble in depression?" and promises to love me if I do isn't the Wilco I'd turned to if dabbling in depression. Radio Cure Wilco is where I would go, which kind of makes the whole Wilco(the song) Wilco(the album) Wilco(the band) thing more funny to me. I think a case could be made for Wilco(the album) being the most daring album yet because Wilco always seemed to be most comfortable when they were uncomfortable, if that makes sense.
  13. Mods: If there is already a thread for W(TA), which I assume there is, please move this post there. I couldn't find it. Hey everyone, I might be the odd girl out on this one but I actually think Wilco(The Album)is pretty good. I don't love it, well, I love "Country Disappeared" and "You and I" (and I know that's particularly unpopular to like, but God help me I love it) but overall I think it's good. I love Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born and I really like Summerteeth, but really, I'd put W(TA) next. For me I keep hoping for the next Yankee Hotel Foxtrot but that's really no
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