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  1. Brooklyn made is officially a 500 capacity room, but it's much wider than it is deep, so it ends up feeling more intimate than that. It's also all standing room, as opposed to the Largo which is seated, and i think that is the biggest thing that creates a difference in vibe between the BK Made and Largo shows (though i've only seen one show at the Largo, so i could be over-extrapolating)
  2. Really fun opening night in Brooklyn that saw a lot of good Jeff banter & crowd interplay, plus what i thought was a great mix of songs. Maybe a bit light on deeper Wilco cuts, but "Venus Stopped the Train" was a big highlight having never seen it before, and having never heard "Lou Reed", it worked very well and can't wait to see what comes of it. All in all Jeff and the crowd seemed to be having a great time. Jeff even said so in the encore ("I'll say it plainly, i had fun tonight"). The Universe Box Full of Letters Out For A Walk I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
  3. I was there, and it was fantastic! Jeff and Spencer were great during the YLT set, even when Jeff seemed a bit shaky on the song structures (Mr Tough was a good example), he still found ways to add a lot. And Spencer really shined throughout the night, picked up songs really fast with Georgia, and even played the keyboard riff on "Just What I Needed". Jeff & Spencer's opening set was really great. Towards the end, Jeff started taking requests from the crowd, but when he tried to play "Gun" after a few people yelled it out, he couldn't remember how to play the verses. Tried to get it righ
  4. It was very interesting how close they kept the BT songs to the album arrangements. Very cool to see, though I do hope that the normal live arrangements come back for most of those as I've always thought they were stronger than the album arrangements. Also, was very scared they were gonna do the same for YHF and that we'd miss out on an Ashes guitar solo but thankfully that didn't happen!
  5. Seeing Friday nights full album(s) show was great, but this set was truly special. Had an energy and urgency that I haven't seen from the band in a few years, and it resulted in one of the best sets I've ever seen them play and maybe my favorite solid sound set yet (covers set is a close contender). On a side note, I think this was the first full electric Casino Queen in a few years, as it's been mostly relegated to Hootenanny encores. Really great to see that back again
  6. No, he was saying he might be getting a cold. But i'll say, you couldn't tell based on his playing. It was a great show, after going night 1, tonights crowd seemed a lot looser. No sit/stand issues, the Orchestra was standing from the first note and never wavered, which is always great. Highlights include opening with You Are My Face, a song i'm usually just ok about but really shined as an opener. ALTWYS was absolutely on fire, and Theologians was a great one to see as well. Also, nice to see Glenn return to the rock n roll drumkit stand for I'm the Man (after what looked like a little prod
  7. Great recap, and t'was a great show. Didn't expect them to pack so much into 30ish minutes, and also was pleasantly surprised to hear some old songs mixed in (kind of expected them to just do Schmilco stuff). Hopefully NYC gets a full Schmilco show soon, the stuff they played sounded great live.
  8. So glad Spiders is back! Was lucky enough to catch it the last night of the Chicago residency last year, and they did the same standstill start there. Hope it begins working it's way back into the set, the first couple times i saw the band, Spiders was the song that always made the biggest impression on me.
  9. Damn, can't believe they did all the new ones acoustic already (save for satellite). They seem to be really confident with this album straight out the gate. Also the birds cover is a nice touch. Hope a road case comes out of this one.
  10. I've been listening to "Magnetized" on repeat. This happens to me with probably a few songs a year, but man Magnetized is such a beautiful song. I love Mikael's synth sound in the opening minute of the song (one of my biggest complaints from the pitchfork set was that it wasn't loud enough). And the fuzzy "Brian May" sounding octave part is absolutely incredible. This song and I are, in fact, Magnetized.
  11. I was there. Crowd was luke-warm to the new stuff, but got fired up for "the hits". Which makes sense as it wasn't quite a wilco crowd by any means. Will say the crowd loved Nels' moments, as well as the noisey parts (Break your heart, via Chicago, etc).
  12. Nels used a gold top les Paul for a lot of tunes, his lap steel for two, and his double cut tele for one or two songs
  13. One thing that was interesting about the Star Wars portion was that Nels almost never touched the jazz master, they really branched out the tones
  14. What a show! Just got back to the hotel, and I love that they played Star Wars front to back. The crowd was a little mixed for that part, guessing a lot of them were only vaguely familiar with the band and were probably a little lost. But people started getting really into it once the older material came out. Band seemed in great spirits, couldn't have asked for much more!
  15. 8:30 (EKG plays as band enters) 1. More... 2. Random Name Generator 3. The Joke Explained 4. You Satellite 5. Taste the Ceiling 6. Pickled Ginger 7. Where Do I Begin 8. Cold Slope 9. King of You 10. Magnetized 11. Handshake Drugs 12. Camera 13. I am trying to Break your Heart 14. Art of Almost 15. Via Chicago 16. Impossible Germany 17. Red eyed and Blue > 18. I got you 19. Outtasite 20. Heavy Metal Drummer 21. I'm the man who Loves You 10:00 Band played all of Star Wars, a lot to unpack, will give a full review tomorrow
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