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  1. https://www.guitarplayer.com/players/nels-clines-musical-life-in-five-riffs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYGDAvk3nmc Nels Cline’s Musical Life in Five Riffs Jim Beaugez Nels Cline follows two distinct tracks in his guitar playing, alternating the avant-jazz arc he explores solo along with the psychedelic-punk-freakout textures he brings to Wilco. Here are the five riffs that changed his life, and inspired his own fearless fretting. “Turn! Turn! Turn!” - Byrds “I had to listen carefully to see what was going on here,” says Cline. “I learned later in life that I have this great love—a
  2. I was an especially big fan and am poised to follow-up my, double your pleasure & double your fun, vote of "And Your Bird Can Sing" with a perfect show closer- "It's All Too Much" this next time around... ...and I wonder what the new songs will be for certain other bands/artists likely to appear in the set list again (Big Star, Television, Neil Young, Kinks, Stones, Dylan, etc.)... and what newbies might grace the list... Hope the covers show is the first thing they ever repeat!!
  3. And he just did the same thing again for this year's Night #6- http://viachicago.org/topic/52738-yo-la-tengo-with-tweedy/ http://www.brooklynvegan.com/yo-la-tengo-hanukkah-night-6-tweedy-eugene-mirman-more-pics-video-setlist/ https://www.jambase.com/article/jeff-tweedy-spencer-tweedy-join-yo-la-tengo-hanukkah-show-new-york
  4. "Masseduction" by St. Vincent!!!!!!!!!!!!! For you dancing & dining pleasure...here's the full album, my faveo of 2017, from her official youtube channel... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGUi2JKoqAo&list=PL8WyDKvjmWQSfYYBsVK7IlX1Lw6kTNjxx
  5. I'm voting for "Being There" myself, for the obvious double album reason & it's brilliant to boot... but... it looks like it's gonna be "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" & that's great too.
  6. I'm very excited for this album since I'm a huge fan of his solo acoustic work. I've gotten to go to 2 years of the all request benefit gigs, 4 shows total & I'm planning on going again next year (love to go yearly someday, but for now, it's Solid Sound & Benefit shows on alternating years). This album is a great idea & I'm hoping that there will be more volumes of Jeff solo acoustic arrangements in the future! The acoustic version of "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" is very unique & I love it at least as much as the full band version (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6LVEBC
  7. I was just listening to & seeing a close up of hands on keyboards, "Pot Kettle Black" from the replay & you are spot on in every way! Not only are they often a 3 guitar band (my fave feature, let's be honest...), they are also, often, a two keyboard band (as brilliant as well, it's it's own way...)...
  8. I did the same thing & have it paused in case the Archive of the show goes away at some point...but... For all those getting here, late to the party... But don't worry you DID NOT miss it!!! Just click on the link below, and, as of right now, IT'S ARCHIVED there as a nearly 2 hour show!! (And for the record, apparently Jeff was wearing braided pig tails... very, very Willie Nelson & soooo cool... just when you though you couldn't love the dude anymore than you do already ) https://www.abconcerts.be/en/abtv/wilco-live-at-ab-ancienne-belgique/89336/
  9. So "Quarters" joins "Sunloathe" as the yet to played track...
  10. Soooooooooo... If I'm looking at the recent shows correctly... they've done everything off the new album, except- "Just Say Goodbye", "Quarters" & "Shrug & Destroy" (interesting as he did it solo acoustic at Pickathon)- so 9 out of 12? Is that right? I'd love to pick up some Roadcase shows of the recent material, but... Is there anyone who's sampled the recent wares & has any feedback on which are the best sound-wise/performance-wise? There's two Seattle & 3 from L.A. & "bundle" offers for both. I know they are generally consistently just pretty amazing live, night to nigh
  11. Nice work! Love it!!... I'll put up my triple here eventually too... With 30 songs on your double, you'd have a 5 songs a side/10 songs an album, triple album!! Not to mention your bonus EP... Including those you'd have 36 songs to work with... you could go "Sandanista" here & have 12 songs an album/6 songs a side, for your triple. Mine will be 10/11 of "Star Wars" + 12 from "Schmilco" + 14-17 from the Tweedy releases= working with 36 to 39 songs myself... hijacking the thread for the expansive, rather than reductive, route!!
  12. OK, for me, this is like the old "Make a single album out of "The Beatles (White Album)" threads! In response, I've actually started up- "Make a Triple Album out of "The Beatles (White Album)" by adding extra non-album tracks from the era" threads in response... So, please allow me here to chime in with these contrarian ideas, raising the flag of the loyal opposition 1) The "Schmar Wars/Stilco Sessions" (hope that phrase sticks ) a second chapter to Wilco's "Great Lost(Found) Double Albums That Never(Ever) Were)". The first involved all the extra material out there from the "Yankee Hotel
  13. Here's what I wrote here initially: "I think while "Star Wars" was the easiest to quickly love & batting average wise it looks the strongest now... and "Tweedy" was the most sprawling, being a double, but by that virtue, it offers the most number of great songs just by it's sheer breadth... "Schmilco" sits somewhere in between these.. not as accessible as & instantly stunning as "Star Wars", but not as overwhelming as "Sukierae" was to take all in. I think it has more in common vibe wise with "Sukierae". I also tend to now just view this era as the incredibly prolific time when Jeff
  14. What I initially wrote here: "...I've found not only plenty to love easily, but also a fascinating listening, geared well to the approach of Fall (for me at least) in that it's also deeply layered, on so many levels. I look forward to having it bloom as Autumn does it's own particular blossoming & I am incredibly excited to hear how they'll be retooling the whole show to harmonize with the vibe of this album (the physical set/backdrop for the show itself is completely stunning!!)... that should make it's impact after seeing them all the more interesting & rewarding." I truly wish the
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