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  1. Ye Gods! Happy bidet VC and all that sail in her! I’ve met some very good friends through here and on various Euro tours - you know who you are and I’ve got photographic evidence for future potential blackmail enterprise. As they say in Mrs Queeny’s homeland: oxters aböin !!
  2. All the articles and interviews included are reprints from previous editions of the magazine. The album reviews are new, but are inconsistent in tone and sometimes the historical context is contradictory as they've been passed amongst their journo pool and divvied up. My one real gripe is that the side projects chapter is woefully inadequate - it notes the Nels has made 'over a 150 albums' but fails to note any of them or give any context to his career outside of Wilco! (He's constantly referred to as 'the avant guitarist'). It's generally a 'nice thing to have' all in one edition, but
  3. I've been to Paul's house and I doubt ANYONE has more records...
  4. Much Impressiveness! I have a LOT of Wilco Tees, but actually none of those ones...
  5. "What makes this different from any other show and why does any of this matter? I don’t know, really. I guess I just wonder whether we’ll all be doing this next year, or in five years or in 10. Will I still be around? Will the band? Anyway, I suppose it’s a reminder to try and appreciate the moment because it’s probably even more fleeting than we realize." Appreciate the moment then get to the pub, it's your round FFS !
  6. They so should've kept the 'Black Shampoo' moniker, the merchandise possibilities alone would've funded a twenty five year career in bathroom technologies if the music sucked.
  7. 'The historic Eternal Father Of The Seal Chapel' sounds like a Masonic night out at the zoo. Presumably you get free fish as part of the VIP package. FFS!
  8. I actually saw that being performed (at the Roundhouse in London). But forgot to tape it.
  9. "This is a song we made a video for," Jeff said. "There aren't many. There will be few more, so thanks for watching." Obviously they can't afford Paul's fees (and rider)...
  10. OOOH CONTROVERSIAL! Are you saying the average Wilco fan is 'slow'...? Personally I still don't get the second disc of BT.
  11. "Instead, I suppose I'll shed a few tears that this chapter of the Ode To Joy cycle is now in the books. As much as I'm looking forward to the band bringing the new songs to audiences back home (and hopefully playing live the ones I haven’t heard yet), a part of me will always remember that this European run was the first time I got to hear most of them. And this trip as a whole is one I certainly won't soon forget, from Poland to Paris, Stavanger to Scotland and all the friends — old and new — that I got to hang with along the way. I just hope it won't be too long before our paths cross again
  12. "he said something to the effect that someone should buy me a drink after the show and yet I received nary an offer of a free beverage. So Utrecht, I'd like to thank you all for nothing at all..." You can forget Glasgow as well FFS. Maybe Manchester tho'...
  13. There should also be a 'how far am I from the nearest Wagamama' section, a weather check and an up to date itinerary of how early you need to be at the airport the next morning.
  14. You should have got the bootleggers to run you off 100 T Shirts with a cameo of your video appearance. Would have sold faster than freshly harvested tagliatelli from the pasta trees.
  15. No - but suspect it'll mean the inevitable Festival circuit next year to include Ireland and Spain that were missed this time around... FFS!
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