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  1. Very solid setlist and happy to see a few of the Sky Blue Sky tunes stick, at least for now. Great report and to feel a little closer to being there (that pun just happens on it's own). Take care Senor PS and see you again hopefully soon on down the line. Steve
  2. Perfectly encapsulated report, thanks so much. Been to so many different shows at Radio City over the years since my first - - Jethro Tull in January of 1977 - - and of course the Grateful Dead in 1980, but also the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Arcade Fire, the White Stripes etc. But having been to see Wilco there in 2004 and be able to do it again so many years later was pretty magical (even if the crowd overall was a bit stiff) and a super fun time.
  3. Yet another great read, thanks so much and see you in a couple of weeks for some stateside shows.
  4. Yes, cool format. But as long as you write I am happy with the resulting feel of being there that you convey.
  5. Hold Me Anyway started the encore. True Love was a transition from end of Cali with no break and no mention of Daniel. Figured they thought a name perhaps not known there. Fun show with very little banter. Quick reference to the copy machine. A couple of kids near the front so Jeff said that was good to see as their regular fans are getting old and dying. At another point he said thanks for standing.one kid was maybe 11 and was air drumming along and got a grin from Glenn at end of main set. At the end of the show Jeff grabbed the drum sticks and handed them off to that kid, sweet. A guy behi
  6. An interesting moment all around, thanks Paul! I think Jeff had just started strumming but not really started (but he was not happy with the timing as it was obvious he was starting a different song). As I heard it she called our for the Wilco bed and Jeff said you mean Remember the Mountain Bed. For whatever reason Jeff must have felt a tad guilty for the thrice calling them out (I recall a lyric as well perhaps in the one or two songs after Reservations) as he decided to slot the tune in. Interestingly, he did so without looking in their direction as best I could tell. Or was he thinking Wil
  7. A wonderful read, thanks Paul. Loved every minute of it and they somehow made the (at times) near tortuous 18-1/2 month wait fade away almost immediately. Such a thrill to see them again and know so much more to come!
  8. dead and co concerts were at the Barcelo resort but it was more people and other resorts were available. We stayed at Barcelo so i don't recall if one of the other involved resorts was the hard rock but cloud 9 coordinates most of these and they all seem to be run about the same. we were concerned about the water but agree with this post and didn't hear of anyone having any issue. these big resorts often have own filtration plants and in any event can easily stick to bottled water
  9. We think this will be a fantastic event filled with Wilco fans. We loved the Dead and Co event we did in 2018 and hard to see any downside at all to seeing 3 Wilco shows in the same venue (maximum setlist variety as they know everyone there is there for all 3 shows) plus Jeff set and other performers other than it is relatively expensive and requires an ability to take off from work. We were a bit skeptical of Mexico and the water and everything else when we did Dead and Co and it was just an amazing weekend. We hope to do the Avett Brothers one as well end of February in the Dominican Republi
  10. Paul: Among many i am so very grateful for your earnest and stellar reporting of the shows you attend. Your reviews/recaps really fill the void of not be able to attend in person and always convey a real and honest sense of the performance, venue, crowd and vibe. Thanks so much for always taking the time and energy to do so, it is so very much appreciated and a quality/fun read even about the shows i do make it to! Look forward to seeing you down the road as the Wilco wheels start to turn. Steve
  11. Thanks much Paul and count me happily among those who really enjoy/rely on your accounts. I was at both shows at Town Hall and still missed your not being there to do this level of reporting. One note of banter from night two at Town Hall was when Jeff recounted a bit of advice Michael Stipe once many years ago offered up. I think he has told it before and the advice was to give make up a try. What was noteworthy is that Jeff actually did a spot on impression of Michael, very impressive.
  12. I think there is virtually no way that the entire 2019 year of shows has not been booked. They are just waiting to announce. Tours are being booked farther and farther in advance per comment Jeff made to a group of us on a loft tour last November. It seemed at that time that all of 2019 was already booked. Maybe waiting until closer to Solid Sound to max out ticket sales for their own festival first. I am in same boat of trying to hold off trip planning and at this point more so just hoping convenient tour stops do not conflict with existing plans.
  13. As always, thanks so much for the reporting. Looks like I may only make it to the two Town Hall shows this tour so relying even more heavily on your most excellent reporting. Much obliged!
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