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  1. Another great write up and really appreciate this one after heading back to the east coast (paying no dues getting through) after night 2. Look forward to report on night 4. Thanks!
  2. Perfect write up and always remind me of little things I would have forgotten. One other little remark I thought was funny was after each cover he said something like yeah I just wrote that" and after his lyrical flub interlude during New Madrid he then quipped "yeah I didn't write that one" as if the legitimate excuse for messing it up. In addition to how special it is to see Jeff in really the smallest/most intimate setting on his touring schedule, it becomes obvious very quickly just how incredibly comfortable he feels there and how he plays off of the comedic feel of the room by always br
  3. I embraced much of punk and new wave, but never moved away from my love of the Grateful Dead. US Blues never a particular favorite as it was at times a very predictable encore. Somewhat of an interesting choice for Wilco and would be happy to see a full band version after Philco.
  4. Thanks! Could not be there and really wanted this level of detail to feel like I was. Many wow moments for sure with it looks like 6 total break out tunes.
  5. thanks as always Paul for helping Yun hee and me feel like we were at the show. Wish we were able to make it back to NY for the shows and no surprise really that they were two completely different shows. Glad you were there and we still hope to make it to the Orpheum in LA. Thanks again.
  6. Don't know about last night but they did on the first 4 shows of the tour.
  7. No break for a happy birthday rendering? Glad i was able to catch On and On and On early in the tour as it seems to be gone.
  8. Thanks for making me feel like I was there, much and always appreciated.
  9. Thanks Paul, just as much fun to read when I am at the show as not. His mention of 512 days since the last Wilco show made me realize just how little Wilco has been able to tour in the last 3-3/4 years. Other than the 9 month stretch between June, 2019 and March, 2020 Wilco hadn't played any shows between the St Paul shows in mid November 2017 until August 5, 2021. I think the hiatus was longer than 512 days but haven't done the math so Jeff's quip might have been wrong that it was their longest break since before they were a band. Years since Art of Almost was played and with no guitar in ha
  10. Very solid setlist and happy to see a few of the Sky Blue Sky tunes stick, at least for now. Great report and to feel a little closer to being there (that pun just happens on it's own). Take care Senor PS and see you again hopefully soon on down the line. Steve
  11. Perfectly encapsulated report, thanks so much. Been to so many different shows at Radio City over the years since my first - - Jethro Tull in January of 1977 - - and of course the Grateful Dead in 1980, but also the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Arcade Fire, the White Stripes etc. But having been to see Wilco there in 2004 and be able to do it again so many years later was pretty magical (even if the crowd overall was a bit stiff) and a super fun time.
  12. Yet another great read, thanks so much and see you in a couple of weeks for some stateside shows.
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