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  1. Congrats, Donna, and all you lovelies here at VC! This forum was the gateway to feeding my Wilco obsession and finding lots of others who shared it. Here's to 20 years of friendships and sharing musical obsessions.
  2. "The air was crisp" but the atmosphere was warm. It was so great just to do something that felt like a normal thing we would do in the before-times.It was a bit weird, what with the distancing and masks, but the venue managed it quite well, I thought. The band sounded great and were clearly so happy to be there, as were the fans. Starting with the prayer for healing and ending with "Save It For Me" was an emotional one-two punch that continues to resonate with me a couple of days later. Thanks for enjoying the show with me, Paul and Vince and Laura and Dana!
  3. Just a late pop-in to say the show was just beautiful in every way. Canal Shores is so close I could (and did) walk over with my lawn chair. I had gone also the night before at the same venue to see I'm With Her and Mandolin Orange, who were also just lovely, if much more mellow. Space is just an incredible boon to the neighborhood here in Evanston, and these Out of Space shows are getting better every year. They did a top-notch job configuring a golf course and American Legion post next to an El station into a magical concert venue, with kind of a Stars Hollow town square vibe. (yes, I just d
  4. Good recap, Paul! Nice seeing all of you wonderful peeps in Chicago to enjoy our rare March sunny days (I thought to myself, "the air was crisp, like sunny late winter days" as I was walking around). I missed the first night, but last night still has me smiling.
  5. Of course, you know I agree with JamBase that your recaps are the best. And I'd love you even if your recaps were garbage (which they very much aren't). Watched that video on JamBase and got a fuller sense of the physical nuance of the moment. Thanks for all you do to capture the moment every time, Paul. They do deserve to be accurately reported.
  6. Paul, my friend, you deserve better than to be the primary source on JamBase.
  7. Thanks, Paul. It was worth the wait. Wish I could hear exactly what words were exchanged. These past couple of weeks have been emotionally exhausting. I admire Jeff for using his platform to encourage kindness and empathy.
  8. The show was well worth the trip to VT, despite the cold and sleet. Super setlist and Jeff sounded great. Plenty of my favorites in there, including Laminated Cat, The Late Greats, and Hesitating Beauty. I got really lost in it and enjoyed every minute, on the rail over to the right. Good crowd in general, with lots of singing along in the back half. Big fan of the new New Wave Theatre song. He understandably lost patience a bit with the dude yelling stuff out near the end and had to joke about trying to sustain a fake smile so he didn't seem like a jerk. Did that guy not have friends to tell
  9. Yes, good point! I have to think it is on more than one of them, given the frequency with which they play it. Some homework for me when I get back from Solid Sound.
  10. So sorry about that storm. It was a total anomaly and only lasted about 30-40 minutes here but was insanely intense. Many 100 year old trees were downed in my neighborhood just north of Chicago (north Evanston). It would jangle my nerves to drive through that, too. Glad you arrived safely and had a great show, by the sound of it! Best of luck in your travels and hope to bump into you in North Adams.
  11. I would love to see "Love Like a Wire" on any kind of formal release (b-side, EP, anything really) so I could have it in my music library. I love the song and the way they play it.
  12. Hi Donna, I will be there! (Susan) ...and I'm bringing my friends We will definitely check in and look forward to seeing you this weekend! Charge up those dancing shoes.
  13. I'm normally a Home Depot Garden Center or grocery store impulse purchase kind of plant buyer, but my niece (the one you have met) loves that place because they have cool terrariums (terraria?) and succulents, which appeal to her artistic sensibility. Also, it's a couple doors down from a good taco place and across the street from a guitar store. Crazy world!
  14. Have to share this one. I have been known to frequent a fancy plant shop in my adopted home town of Evanston, IL. One day a few weeks ago, just as I walked in, they started playing Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Last night, at the Tweedy benefit show at the Vic, a lady sat next to me. We were making small talk and she said she had a shop in Evanston. I said, "I feel like I've met you before." It was the owner of the shop (Cultivate Urban Rainforest and Gallery on Main Street in E-town). Small world!
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