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  1. My kid is 7...and just graduated med school. Doogie Howser got nothing on my boy.
  2. Portland show was fantastic. Neko and Hogan were funny as usual. Nice tenor guitar on Neko too.
  3. Well, it's good to see some friendly faces. All is well with me in Portland, Oregon. Still making music, still drinking beer.
  4. No, man. I haven't been on that board in years either. I'm feeling OLD SKOOL. Now, who wants to argue about George W. Bush?
  5. That's Brown Blazer to you, son.
  6. Just read this article today. Fascinating look inside the actual business of being in a successful, independent band.
  7. This clip made me smile the whole day when it posted. How great is Mavis?
  8. For those paying attention, the third song from our EP is out now: Riviera - Destiny Or...you can get the whole EP from Captains Dead--for a limited time! If you like it, please share!
  9. And now another song is posted: Riviera - Destiny
  10. Thank YOU for listening and the kind words.
  11. My bulletin board time fluctuates. But I am always with you in spirit.
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