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  1. I hear a little bit of Lou Reed and VU, does anyone else?
  2. I have 2 tickets for tomorrow night show that I will not be able to attend. Section F Row 0 Seat 1& 2, the problem is I am in OKC.
  3. I found it odd that the schedule stays the same for both weekends, not sure how they do it at others but I would of thought they would have jumbled the schedule up between the two weekends. Given bands that played an hour one weekend 90 minutes the next. I was disappointed in the Wilco time slot and length also.
  4. I was just looking at the rest of the summer shows and was wondering if there were any rumors floating around about new shows during the two weekend time frame of the ACL festival in October. In the past the festival has been one weekend and usually Tulsa, OKC, Dallas or Houston would get a show. I would hope that this is the case especially since it is back to back weekends. Hard to believe they would only come to the southwest for those two shows only.
  5. Saw the commercial during the Spurs/Thunder game monday night. Didn't Jeff do a commercial for Apple in days gone by?
  6. If they are doing a minor league ballpark tour I will throw in the brick in OKC for a show. It is right downtown and would be a great venue for them. Dylan played there a few years back and it was a great show, even though he only said about six words during his performance. Come on boys bring the show to OKC.
  7. I was just thinking of the same thing and wondering since the boys are playing Gulf Shores in May they might make a southeast/midwest route since they did the Pacific Northwest late last year and early 2012. Hope OKC is in the mix.
  8. It seems like they did a lot of random shooting of these shows, just made me wonder and hopeful for some sort of release.
  9. when you awake has a video of the boys with mavis singing this tune. It is nice to see Mavis having such a good time. Has anyone been able to confirm if a new dvd of the recent chicago shows is in the works? http://whenyouawake.com/2012/01/09/video-of-the-day-wilco-mavic-staples-and-nick-lowe/
  10. Don't get me wrong, the Ashes show was a great show. I just remember JT was suffering from some health issues and had been to a doctor that day for some treatments. I hope he is at 100% this time around, that is all I meant from the bring it statement.
  11. Great encore set I will take that in Tulsa
  12. Picked up the tickets this morning and am ready for this show. Jeff was suffering from a voice problem during the Ashes show last time so I am hoping he brings it Sunday. When I got my tickets today I asked the ticet agent if the band had released any extras and he informed me that they did on wednesday and sold out in 15 minutes.
  13. While trying to pick up some tickets for friends to the Cain's show in Tulsa I was wondering, outside of Chicago or maybe St Louis could Cain's be the toughest venue to get a ticket to a wilco show? I have been lucky enough to see wilco/jt solo there and lucky to have tickets to the upcoming show in May and love the whole atmosphere of this venue, but it seems like it sells out quicker than most other venues. I have always been able to pick up tickets in Dallas, OKC and Austin. But Cain's is always a challenge.
  14. Looking for two extra tickets to the Cain's show on May 8. Got two for my wife and myself but now two of our friends want to go and it sold out before they could buy tickets. email me at sni.okc@att.net if you can help. Thanks
  15. only delivery option i saw too. confirming w/front gate that my daughter will be able to pick up w/o issues. b Sent an email to frontgate to see if delivery options can be changed incase I messed up when ordering. Will let you know what their response is. Glad I am not the only one that had this happen to them.
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