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  1. So, was the show you saw "the fiasco" last Friday in Dallas? http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/kings-of-leon-show-fiasco-hints-at-band-problems-20110801
  2. Been awhile. How's everybody been? Looking forward to the Cain's Sunday night. Because Wilco visits to Oklahoma are special occasions, I was able to get a pass from the Mrs. on Mother's Day (and it didn't hurt that Monday is my bday) and will be trekking over on the turnpike in eager anticipation. Who's with me?
  3. Many of you will recall this event from a few years back ... I'll always have a fond memory from Wichita in '06 when Jeff took my camera as the band came back onstage for an encore ... I was in the front row and had been alternating between rocking out and politely photographing all night ... As he headed back on stage, Jeff saw me take a photo of some friends we'd met at the OKC show (the only time I turned my flash on b/c it was dark) ... Walking up to the front of the stage Jeff said, "Did you want to be in that shot?" ... Holy crap! ... I turned as Jeff reached out for the camera. I thou
  4. Chipote, Stillwater, Oklahoma ... steak burrito w/black beans ... "What's the World Got in Store" ... delicious!
  5. Here's a youtube link, courtesy Consequence of Sound ... You and I, Me and You
  6. Got the show from Philly on 6-21 from dimeadozen.org ... thanks, y'all!
  7. In my book, Trace is Teddy Roosevelt, as it deserves a place on the Mt. Rushmore of albums being discussed here. Bully!
  8. Would like to get my hands on -- make that ears on -- a live recording of Rhett and the Old 97's from this summer tour, particularly Rhett (and even Murry's) solo opening sets. Just throwin' that out there ... Gracias.
  9. No Depression - Uncle Tupelo Airline to Heaven - Wilco (Kicking Television or demo version)
  10. That was Phil Busteed. Here's the show in MP3 format, taken from iTunes. If you're on a Mac, just put the files in your iTunes Music Library ... http://www.sendspace.com/file/i5l0zz ENJOY! Some funny banter during Hummingbird (Sharpies, PowerPoint and more!) I'll try and get the FLAC version for those of you with more acute hearing. Here's the equipment he was using: Recorded by Phil Busteed using AKG C480 with CK63 (Hypercardoid capsule) >> Silver clad XLR mic cables >> Fostex FR-2 @ 24/48 ... using Audacity to dither the recording to 16/48 (CD quality) and track out
  11. I talked to two guys who taped it. One said he had to use a Jedi mind trick on security to get his gear in the door, but was ultimately successful. Hopefully these will surface soon.
  12. See if you can spot my new friend - Chris from Lubbock – in the crowd. He's 6'9" and always has a great view ...
  13. Oh, and before I forget ... nice meeting Commerce Comet, Neil, MWB, the two young kids from San Antone, the tall dude and the platypus girl from Lubbock! (And anyone else I may have forgotten.) Hope to see you down the road at future gigs.
  14. Finally got my photos uploaded. Wilco concert pics I took my trusty "sidearm" (Sony H7 camera) along with me to the show ... Didn't want to take my big DSLR as it would be pretty bulky in the audience and I didn't think they'd let me in with it anyway. In any case, the H7 is not the greatest for low light (pretty grainy), but it has a decent zoom. I was about 3-5 rows back from the stage and was partially obstructed by other fans, so I didn't get the best shots. A few turned out okay. It was a good opportunity to try and work on composition though, and just practice ... and rock out!
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