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  1. It was Saturday, November 2nd, 2002. Went to my second-ever Wilco show. (The first had been three years earlier, my one and only Jay B. show). This one was at the Tampa Theatre, a surreally beautiful "movie palace" built in 1926, and an actual historic landmark (do a Google image search, seriously). Second row seats. Absolutely stellar show, and was thrilled to find a soundboard of it in circulation at a later date. Had tickets for the next night at a club called The Palace (definitely NOT a theatre at all) in the college town of Gainesville. Packed house, general admission, should
  2. I seriously hope they put this POS away for real. Federal prison, general population. Then again, I hope the same for 45, DeSantis...
  3. Wow, can't believe that rattlesnake guy is that close. Hilarious! There's no denying that in the past few years, FL seems to have had some of the biggest political turds to hit the national stage. I'd like to get rid of all of 'em. Still, I can't help thinking back to a certain Ronnie Ray-gun...Seems to me he was sort of the proto-Trump, no? Check out Bill Burr's routine about Ah-Nold for some other CA guv hilarity, too...
  4. The whole "Florida is weird" narrative is pretty played out. I've seen comedians like Bill Maher (and have heard favorites like Marc Maron) talk about how weird it is here, as they always seem to find the most bizarre news story that supports their misapprehension that Florida is a lot like Mississippi or Alabama. It isn't. I've lived here for over 25 years, and it's absolutely beautiful. My wife and I live in a gated community in a safe, highly desirable neighborhood. We're a 45-minute drive from beaches that have been consistently rated among the best in America. Whenever I see o
  5. I'll give it a whack. Box Full of Letters Misunderstood California Stars Via Chicago Secret of the Sea IATTBYH Spiders Impossible Germany Bull Black Nova Art of Almost RNG If I Ever Was a Child Love is Everywhere (Beware)
  6. I've gone a bit feral, too. I wasn't exactly a social butterfly before, but now I don't want to get together with anyone except my wife! I'm getting my 2nd shot on April 11th, so a couple weeks after that, I'd really love to head to a relatively uncrowded beach and go for a little swim...about as basic as it gets.
  7. No pic, but I got my first Pfizer dose today. Second one scheduled while I was there. Pretty efficient setup. Feel fine, no symptoms at all.
  8. I hear it, but it sounds like a pretty simple bit. Might just be coincidence.
  9. In order of preference, I’d like to see: Todd Rundgren The Go-Go’s Kate Bush Iron Maiden Devo New York Dolls
  10. I hope he doesn’t lurk on here, as I’ve poked fun at him more than once. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but his combination of ADHD and hyperbole really grate on me. Does anyone know if he’s on the spectrum?
  11. Wow, this new Dave's Pick sounds like it's going to be an unbelievable, wonderful, incredible show with lots of wonderful, incredible, unbelievable music.
  12. Finally finished watching all the episodes of Wentworth available on Netflix. The absolute monster performance by Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson is next-level. We're talking Walter White territory. Great show.
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