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  1. I don't know about the Vicodin parallel, but man oh man, I really dig Viking Dan after hearing it for the first time today! (I've been wading through some other stuff, and just got through the Demos/Outtakes disc.) I don't think I've heard Jeff sound this unhinged on anything since their cover of TV Eye on the old Someone Else's Song mix set.
  2. I ordered the CD version of the S/T Deluxe set from Bullmoose, and got it about a week ago. Not to pile on here, but I'm a little disappointed in the flimsiness of the box. It's all cardboard, which is better for the environment than plastic, of course, but mine got slightly dented in transit, so there's a permanent crease on the side that will be visible when it's on the shelf. It's not the kind of damage where I'd request a return--I'm mainly interested in the music--but for the price of the set, I'd expect something a little better. By contrast, the new Joni Mitchell archives release has five discs and is only about $10 more. It comes in a much larger and more solid box with a beautiful booklet.
  3. He’s rage-tweeting like a mofo again, saying he won. Somebody get this guy a straitjacket. #25thamendment
  4. Great topic! Joni Mitchell is far and away #1 for me. I put her up there with Dylan. Some of the rest, in no particular order: Janis Joplin Aretha Franklin Emmylou Harris Jonatha Brooke Hope Sandoval Kendra Smith Dale Bozzio Terri Nunn Patty Larkin Kate Wolf Suzanne Vega Natalie Merchant Carly Simon Maire Brennan Sinead O’Connor Sandy Denny Tanya Donelly Julee Cruise Katryna Nields Grace Slick
  5. I love it. I sure hope you’re right. January 20th can’t come soon enough for me.
  6. It's all so sad. I know it's a common fantasy of us left-wing types that he'll be led out of the White House in handcuffs, but at this point I'll be relieved if he just leaves voluntarily without torching the place.
  7. He conceded today....well, not really, but sorta. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/11/now-get-out-critics-troll-donald-trump-after-he-goofs-and-admits-joe-biden-won-in-twitter-meltdown/
  8. Ah, okay. I thought it was always like that. I've decided not to subscribe for 2021. I suppose I can always buy an individual pick a la carte on the sale day. I've got more than enough Dead for a lifetime, some of it in folders I haven't even gotten around to yet!
  9. Not sure I understand this. You mean they're not allowing a la carte pre-orders on the next pick--or not doing pre-orders on the subscription? Seems like you can pre-order the sub here.
  10. Yeah, I no longer have a CD drive, and my old 6-disc player crapped out a while back—so I’m reduced to playing CDs only in the car! I think they should automatically provide a download link for those who buy the discs, but also offer digital only.
  11. Dave's Picks 37 just announced: 4/15/78 plus unidentified "bonus material" from some other show on the same tour. No word on what Vol. 38 w/bonus disc will entail. I think I'm gonna sit next year out. I have more than enough of this stuff, and can always buy 7/18/72 a la carte if they ever release it.
  12. This is where I’ve been spending most of my Netflix time as well. Black Spot is great, too.
  13. First: Kiss - January 27th, 1978, Springfield Coliseum, Springfield, MA, on the Alive II tour; Judas Priest opened. Age 13. Second: Aerosmith - November 18, 1978, Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, on the Live Bootleg tour; Golden Earring opened. Age 14. No wonder I have tinnitus now!
  14. You’re right! I have it on a Stones compilation, so of course they didn’t attribute it to Mick alone. Ya learn something new every day.
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