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  1. I didn't buy the bundle until Friday, so my physical copy won't come until later this week. Does anyone know when the mp3 album goes live, and how we go about downloading it?
  2. Wilco is just a generally poor choice for a best of due to song length (average song is about 4 1/2 minutes.) and due to (in my opinion) being an artist from the old school of making and listening to albums as complete works of art. They're not a hits artist, nor an iPod shuffle artist. They're a dog eared vinyl band. :-) My personal best of I came up with when I heard this was being made was: Disc 1: 01. I Must Be High 02. Box Full of Letters 03. Pasenger Side 04. Misunderstood 05. Monday 06. Outtasite (Outtamind) 07. I Got You (At the End of the Century) 08. Sunken Treasure 09. Calif
  3. Missing: "Poor Places", "Remember the Mountain Bed", "Spiders", "Wishful Thinking", "One Wing", "Art of Almost".
  4. While it's nifty that we'll finally have all of these tracks in one location, I always felt that the officially released B-sides were just the surface of the rich world of non-LP Wilco. Not only were some of my dream tracks not included (Studio versions of "Let's Fight", "My Words", an early version of "Spiders", the alleged 10 extra songs from the Being There sessions), even surfaced but unreleased gems like "Venus Stopped the Train" failed to make an appearance. If this is just the tip of the iceberg as some have optimistically said, then it's fine. I'm fine with this being the Past Mas
  5. I still haven't heard the David Kahne mix of "Nothing'sever..." is it any good?
  6. The Sales figures on wikipedia are primarily based on the now 7 year old Learning to Die; do we have anymore up-to-date sales figures? I know that as of 2009's Spin Magazine cover story, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was upto 642,000 copies in the United States, but that's really the extent of my knowledge. Anyone have anything more concrete?
  7. add Auto-tune and it sounds cool to me. hahaha.
  8. I have heard "One Wing" at Publix and Walgreen's. My former roommate heard it up in Lexington, MA at a McDonald's. One Wing! With a coke and fries dear neither yours or mine I fear it'll go down to your thighs! ...sorry had to.
  9. I always kind of wanted a boxed set or deluxe editions with rarities...I know I'm greedy. Some stuff I would want (if it still exists/ ever did): "Let's Hear it For Rock"- a good quality studio version. John Stirratt A.M. Songs- John submitted 3 songs for inclusion on A.M. Only one made it. Being There Outtakes- according to Learning to Die, the album came from a pool of about 30 songs. "Nothingsevergonnastandinmyway(again)- David Kahne single remix only available on promo cds. "Whispery Kisses"- a Finished version of this song. "Jesus, Etc"- the original demo recording that Jay Bennett
  10. I like Wilco (The Album). It has several good songs, and is much better than Sky Blue Sky which is "Impossible Germany" (great song) and the 11 crappiest songs Wilco has written since A.M.. That said, I haven't found Wilco nearly as captivating since Jay left, and now that he's gone for good, I have some doubts that Wilco will ever get their brilliance back.
  11. I heard a Vinyl rip of "Via Chicago" the other day...I'm seriously considering buying a turntable just so I can have Wilco's albums on vinyl.
  12. I dunno if they did a Zoroastrianism album, I might be intrigued. That said, I'm not sure I can buy that Wilco will ever make another album equal to their peak. Even AGIB to me is a step below the brilliance of the Jay Bennett era of Wilco, the melodies, the arrangements have gone downhill without Bennett's genius. The lyrics, well, that wouldn't matter if Jay was there or if he wasn't, but I feel like the music quality has gone down a bit without Jay.
  13. Sky Blue Sky is a boring soft-rock meets jam band record. I'd much rather listen to a "pop" record than that.
  14. I think W(TA) was a vast improvement over Sky Blue Sky. Hopefully the next album will vastly improve over W(TA).
  15. My Top Ten: 01. Kanye West- My Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy 02. Arcade Fire- The Suburbs 03. Janelle Monae- ArchAndroid 04. The National- High Violet 05. Big Boi- Sir Lucious Leftfoot... 06. LCD Soundsystem- This is Happening 07. Joanna Newsom- Have One on Me 08. Beach House- Teen Dream 09. Sufjan Stevens- Age of ADZ 10. Bruce Springsteen- The Promise
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