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  1. This is not the flu. Perhaps this story will help. This is not from some Internet rando. The author, Tommy Vietor, is a former policy advisor in the White House: The quote from the friend's wife is here: Or perhaps this article will help: This Coronavirus Is Unlike Anything in Our Lifetime, and We Have to Stop Comparing It to the Flu
  2. The Savannah Music Festival ends the weekend before High Water. Last year the festivals overlapped and we were able to see Jeff Tweedy and the Dimmer Twins in separate shows in Savannah before driving up to Charleston for High Water. The timing is not so fortuitous this year, alas, but Savannah is still worth the trip.
  3. We've been to High Water the past two years. It's a wonderful event and we'll be back next year. If past performance is a guide, Wilco will play a longish set (at least 90 minutes, maybe more, not an abbreviated festival set) on Saturday night after sunset. And we are strongly considering that ridiculously expensive package.
  4. This is a stellar piece of writing. A middle-age man finds ‘Joy’ through Wilco A few samples: “Ode to Joy” isn’t exactly what the title implies: Sure it’s an ode to joy, but it’s not a simple celebration of the emotion. Rather, it’s more an appreciation of a dwindling resource. In this sense it’s a perfect Wilco title for a perfect Wilco album for times that might require a reminder that joy sometimes needs to be nurtured like a plant. It’s heartening that an artist (like frontman Jeff Tweedy) or assemblage of artists (Wilco) can command your interest after a quarter century with something other than nostalgia.[...]“Ode to Joy” is a spacious creature, which is odd for a record so clearly built around the drummer. It creates a new mold for a modern protest album.Tweedy’s too smart to write a bunch of songs about how troubled he is by the 2016 election. Instead, like a novelist, he flows his feelings for our days into something more opaque yet enveloping. There are songs full of anxiety and mourning the absence of connection and communication. The songs are not arrows of protest, but rather something more like a fog or a dream.
  5. "The lyrics were also unabashedly domestic—the song “Hate It Here” boasts about learning how to do laundry..." Calling that song's lyrics "unabashedly domestic" is a pretty spectacular misreading, IMO.
  6. We have our tickets for Azkena now. Waiting to see if there are any other dates around it...
  7. We will see you in El Paso! Look for us, row A center. First row behind the pit. Look for a bit of gray hair and big smiles because we're at a Wilco show. We were in the front row in 2012, but in row H this year (8 rows back but gorgeous audio as always from Stan, and perfect sight lines). I noticed the audience more this time around compared to last time, when the only thing in front of me was that moat. But the energy level seemed very high for Santa Fe, which has a larger than normal gray ponytail crowd and sometimes can be a bit too laid-back.
  8. The Santa Fe Opera is a marvelous, acoustically near-perfect venue. The swells gather there in their finery in comfortable but not ostentatious seats to take in world-class opera all summer long. In the fall, after the tuxes are all packed away and the last soprano has sung, there's a brief pop season. One of the charms of the Opera's Crosby Theater is its open-air nature, with a solid roof that protects the audience from the elements, but open sides that allow fresh air and the occasional view of one of Northern New Mexico's legendary monsoon thunderstorms. Last night, the venue showed its unpleasant side, allowing strong, very cold winds to whip in and drop the temperature dramatically into the high 40s. Those fans who had ventured in with light summer dresses looked miserable. Those wearing down jackets and vests and stocking caps were clearly locals. The band turned in a solid, energetic, two-hour set, with Jeff smiling and happy throughout. He did remark early in the set that he was worried when he came on stage and no one was in the audience. "You were all over by the space heaters getting warm, right?" Jeff did tweak the audience mildly for a "not very good" sing-along of Passenger Side. "But that was from our first album, which a lot of you probably don't know. So we'll just keep working through different albums until we get to one you're familiar with." That was followed by the introduction to "I'm Always In Love." "That's from Summerteeth, our worst-selling album ever. It was a cut-out." (For those too young to get the reference, cut-outs were record labels cleaned out the warehouses, dumping albums at fire-sale price when they weren't selling to expectations. Cut-outs had a hole punched in the upper right corner to indicate they were being sold at a deep discount.) The most interesting banter was about the forest set, which Jeff said the band had copied from a local theater, the Scottish Rite Temple, a magnificent old pink stucco building downtown that was built in the early 20th Century. "It was probably used for Midsummer Night's Dream," Jeff said. "Next time we'll be using the set from Death of a Salesman. That'll be heavy. Or maybe Hair?" The crowd (about 90% sold out, I believe) was on its feet from the first song and never sat down. They left happily in an absolute downpour. This is from the printed setlist, which they played unmodified. You Are My Face If I Ever Was A Child Cry All Day I Am Trying To Break Your Heart> Art Of Almost Pickled Ginger ​Side With The Seeds Either Way Someone To Lose War On War Via Chicago Bull Black Nova (acoustic/electric hybrid arrangement) Impossible Germany Whole Love California Stars Passenger Side I'm Always In Love Heavy Metal Drummer> I'm The Man Who Loves You Hummingbird ---------------------------- Random Name Generator Jesus, etc. Locator ​Spiders/Kidsmoke ----------------------------- Monday> Outtasite (Outta Mind)
  9. Anyone else get a bad link for the Friday night (Roadcase 64) FLAC download? It shows up as the ALAC format for the Sunday Tweedy show. Have a note in to KungFu Store now... [uPDATED TWO MINUTES LATER] Well, that was fast. The KFS people got back to me and said they've got the download links fixed now. [uPDATED TWO MINUTES LATER] Nope, not fixed. They give you 10 download attempts in your account, and I now have only three left. Grrrrrrrrr. [uPDATED FOR THE LAST TIME] Finally fixed.
  10. I just picked up Roadcase 62, the Winterlude show from February 23, 2017. In the metadata for track 9, the song title is listed as ... At Least That's What She Said Am I a bad person for finding this hilarious?
  11. Not only that, but after you pick up the Will Call Only tickets with ID and original credit card, you are escorted directly in. No opportunity to transfer the ticket to a buyer. This really is the right way to block scalpers hard, although it also tends to penalize people who have genuine emergencies that make it impossible to go. If they can enforce these restrictions, I would say anyone trying to sell or buy via Stubhub is going to be extremely disappointed.
  12. I feel very lucky we were able to get 2 tickets for the last night in SF (9/11). The 9/10 show was sold out as far as I could tell within seconds. Was hoping to get two nights in a row so will now have to try to get something in the general sale on Friday morning from a laptop tethered to a cellphone while driving to Denver. I am not sure how many tickets they had in the presale for each night but if it was 10% of the house that's only about 55 pairs of tickets. Fillmore capacity is only 1150!
  13. I am not sure how you are going to survive the next I-don't-know-how-many months of waiting.
  14. I hadn't seen anyone point this out yet but Jambase says Wilco is playing Sasquatch this year. "Exact performance date not confirmed yet," Use the "Show more dates" option here: http://www.jambase.com/band/wilco Not sure I believe it, to be honest. Looks like they wrote Sasquatch but the dates match up with Mountain Jam, which I suspect is what they really meant.
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