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  1. I heard back from the Kung Fu Store. They said the release was "posted prematurely by mistake." They say it will be updated later ("date is TBD") and they will contact me when the revised version is available. Guess we have collector's items here.
  2. Thanks for confirming! I sent an email to the Kung Fu Store people describing the problem. We'll see if they can get a fix out.
  3. If you've purchased and downloaded the new Roadcase releases from the 2022 Sky Blue Sky festival, can you check a track and see if your copy has this flaw? Roadcase 095, 2022-01-20, track 8, Far Far Away The song ends normally at about the 3:19 mark, and then at 3:30 or so the last minute or so of the track abruptly cuts back in and repeats. If someone else can reproduce this flaw, I'll try to figure out how to report it to Wilco HQ and see if they can release a fixed version.
  4. We were standing a few feet to the right of Señor bbop and I can attest to the enthusiasm of the audience, which included one family near us from Valencia that were absolute diehard Wilco fans and knew every song. Nels played like he was making up for several lost days in one, and the entire band seemed ... joyful.
  5. My unpopular opinion: I also found the Sunday set uninspiring. If Solid Sound is going to sell this many tickets and be out in the middle of the country where people have to drive fairly long distances to find accommodations, there should be three Wilco sets. Let Tweedy (the band) have a set in the daytime just like the other band members' side projects.
  6. I have one left. Send me a PM.
  7. Please don't let these tickets go to waste. If you can use them, tell me your story.
  8. Alas, can't make it after all. Our loss is your gain. Tickets have been delivered to me (as digital passes). Face value is $398. Open to any reasonable offer. Send a PM and I can get them to you immediately. If you can use them, make your case and I will transfer them to you.
  9. I have some idea how the buyout contracts with the resorts work, because I have a family member who has worked on those contracts at this very resort. And of course Mr. Tweedy has spoken about the fact that Wilco is contracted with the promoter to perform at the show. But you don't need to read the contract in detail to understand that all this is going to result in financial hardship for many of the people involved.
  10. I am in fact married to a person who made her living for many years as a PR person, and I make my living today by writing. The trouble here isn't that no one has come up with the right words. It's that the party in charge (the promoter) isn't willing to make a decision that will probably bankrupt them. In the case of Dead & Co., the promoters didn't make that decision until they literally had no other choice because multiple band members and staff had come down with COVID and the show could not go on. This isn't about words, it's about actions, and like I said, all
  11. How would that work, exactly? Not challenging, I am just genuinely curious what options you think are available in a situation that seems to have very few good outcomes. I imagine there are some fairly testy conversations going on behind the scenes between promoter and band, but those are obviously not public.
  12. My understanding is that the way these festivals work is the promoter does a buyout of the resort, agreeing to pay the resort owner a fairly large sum of money in exchange for the right to put on the show and sell packages directly to fans. The band has a contract with the promoter to allow the use of their name and to play a certain number of shows. I don't know what either contract says, but I presume that the promoter is on the hook for the buyout fee unless the resort somehow is unable to deliver the rooms. And the band probably has some major penalties to pay if th
  13. I wish I wish I could share that optimism. Unfortunately, it's not just about being at an outdoor concert. There's the trip to the airport, and time spent in the airport waiting for your flight, and the flight itself, and time spent at the destination airport waiting for your bags, and the (long) bus ride to the resort, and then a repeat of all those things in reverse on the trip home. That's a lot of exposure to a lot of people. I personally know four people who had the same optimism, traveled over the holidays, and wound up catching COVID. Two got pretty sick (but not en
  14. >> sound on the rail was absolutely garbage though. Yes, we were on the rail as well (in the section on the right). The bass was so oppressive and overpowering that it literally hurt. It was like being inside a subwoofer that was turned up too loud. The bass drum completely overwhelmed every other low frequency and felt like it was shaking my internal organs. I think they had a blown speaker (or maybe had the crossover frequency set horribly wrong), because the sound at the other stage was not at all like that.
  15. Thanks, Paul. Judy and I made it to Chattanooga for this festival and I have been meaning to post something about it here. This is a lovely festival in a perfect location, in a large park on the Tennessee River. The festival organizers are Drew and Ellie Holcomb, who are fixtures in the Nashville music scene. Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors played the set just before Wilco, on the main stage, with Dr. Dog closing out the day's activities on the smaller stage across the park. During his (well received) set, Drew exhorted the audience to stick around for Wilco, who he called "the best
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