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Messed up track in new Roadcase release from SBS 1/20?

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If you've purchased and downloaded the new Roadcase releases from the 2022 Sky Blue Sky festival, can you check a track and see if your copy has this flaw?


Roadcase 095, 2022-01-20, track 8, Far Far Away


The song ends normally at about the 3:19 mark, and then at 3:30 or so the last minute or so of the track abruptly cuts back in and repeats.


If someone else can reproduce this flaw, I'll try to figure out how to report it to Wilco HQ and see if they can release a fixed version.

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I heard back from the Kung Fu Store. They said the release was "posted prematurely by mistake." They say it will be updated later ("date is TBD") and they will contact me when the revised version is available.


Guess we have collector's items here. :w00t 

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Are these going to be re-released? Really annoyed that I missed the premature release, really want to hear these shows (Sunloathe!). I did see Solid Sound just got released which makes me wonder if they are just skipping Sky Blue Sky.


Also: Sonnyfeeling, I could probably edit that audio file down for you if it's been annoying for you.

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3 minutes ago, Chad77 said:

They skipped the road case numbers, so think they will come back to them.  They were 93, 94, 95.  These new ones are 96 to 99, so imagine they will revisit them. 


That's good to know. I just think back to Roadcase 18 and 19 (the all-covers Solid Sound) and how they vanished and never showed back up.


I'm happy to wait and pay, but if we hit a year and they haven't shown back up the completist in me is going to need someone to send them along...

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