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  1. That's good to know. I just think back to Roadcase 18 and 19 (the all-covers Solid Sound) and how they vanished and never showed back up. I'm happy to wait and pay, but if we hit a year and they haven't shown back up the completist in me is going to need someone to send them along...
  2. Are these going to be re-released? Really annoyed that I missed the premature release, really want to hear these shows (Sunloathe!). I did see Solid Sound just got released which makes me wonder if they are just skipping Sky Blue Sky. Also: Sonnyfeeling, I could probably edit that audio file down for you if it's been annoying for you.
  3. Right you are! Thanks, definitely read that as just being 2/15 at first glance.
  4. Were the 2008 February Chicago 5-show run ALL ever available as boots? The archive is only showing 2/15 and 2/18. I could have sworn I remembered the whole run being available but never grabbed the boots - is anyone aware?
  5. Has anyone ever put in the effort to get Wilco's music up on the Live Music Archive at archive.org? For as active a taping community and the abundance of shows there is, it is surprising to me that they aren't available there like most other bands with taping communities. Does anyone know if Wilco management is actually against it, or if it's more that nobody has ever reached out to get authorization/spearheaded the effort? If the latter, I may try. I'd definitely listen to a lot more boots if they were more readily available for streaming as opposed to the Owl and Bear archive downloading met
  6. Isbell is streaming, but Springsteen is still purchase and download individual shows, not part of the subscription. Some of his recent live albums like the Live Series and Springsteen on Broadway are up there, although they are on other streaming services as well so not really a unique nugs offer.
  7. A bunch of OLD shows just showed up streaming on nugs.net. As far as I can tell, they are at this moment exclusive to nugs.net subscribers and not available on Wilco's Roadcase (although maybe they are coming). 3/27/1999 - Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK 12/3/2001 - The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA 6/28/2003 - Festival Pier at Penn's Landing, Philly, PA 12/31/2004 - MSG, New York, NY 11/17/2005 - Tribeca Performing Arts Center, New York, NY
  8. The nice thing about this is a virtual guarantee of some major setlist variation since the audience will be the same all 3 nights.
  9. Wilco's Roadcase series has been added to a nugs.net subscription! You can stream all of their Roadcase releases for a $12.99 monthly fee (or $129 for the year). In addition to Wilco you get access to all their streaming artists - IMO the big one is Pearl Jam, but they have some jam band types on there too like Widespread, Moe., Umphrey's, etc.
  10. I sure hope they release night 2 and the Tweedy set as well.
  11. I just don't agree with you. Unless you hold a monopoly on the service you offer, I see no reason someone should be forced to act against their conscience. Again, I recognize the difficulty of passing a law like this, because it does give free reign for people to just be complete bigots in the name of religion, and it would certainly be taken advantage of. And for that reason I'm against it, especially as it is currently written. But I can understand some of the thought process behind it. It seems to me, that as we evolve and become more accepting as a country (as someone mentioned abo
  12. So if we flip the roles - does a homosexual baker or photographer have to agree to make a cake or photograph an event for the Westboro Baptist Church?
  13. I guess my point is, religious people get some sort of fulfillment from being religious and following the teachings of their church. The fact that you think they are batshit crazy (and a lot of them are) is irrelevant. Provided they aren't causing someone harm or depriving them of a very basic need, they should probably be allowed to act as bigoted as they feel. The government should absolutely protect minorities against true discrimination, in terms of employment, access to healthcare, tax breaks, etc. I think they are also right to allow gay marriage and the benefits that come with it. But
  14. ^ this post kind of exemplifies my point. You are certainly being more judgmental toward me than I was in my post to any gay person. People viewing religious people as out of touch and acting like they are whackos just marginalizes them and their beliefs.
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