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  1. rlrs

    Roadcase Series

    All Wilco Roadcases are on sale today for 27% off including the just added 11/9/16 Utrecht show.
  2. Well this day just got a hell of a lot better
  3. rlrs

    Roadcase Series

    Does anyone know why there hasn't been any 2015 releases? I hope they don't discontinue this awesome way to get live recordings.
  4. Flying in today. Looking forward to another gret night at the Vic.
  5. Roadcase #35 is up. Tweedy from Buffalo 10/1/14.
  6. They have added the Detroit and DC shows as a preorder.
  7. So happy to see the Chicago shows added. Fingers still crossed for the Fillmore run.
  8. A few lyric changes for God. I don't believe in Yoda and I don't believe in Garcia which was especially meaningful at the Fillmore.
  9. I was surprised how good Bull Black Nova sounds solo acoustic.
  10. Loving this Northern California run. 2 down 1 more tonight.
  11. rlrs

    tweedy solo dates

    Well at least Fillmore tickets were easy to get.
  12. Boy this sure made my day. Maybe Bob Weir will invite Jeff to be on his Weir Here broadcast from TRI.
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