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  1. My older brother gave me a burned copy of the final show from Mississippi Nights. I didn’t get into it immediately. Put in my book of 500 CDs and forgot about it until several years later when I discovered Wilco. Then I remembered the old Uncle Tupelo CD I’d stashed away...
  2. That’s what I’ve heard too. I’ll probably pass.
  3. Welcome! IATTBYH is a classic. Most days, Misunderstood is my favorite Wilco track. Hope you find this place helpful and welcoming.
  4. Interesting! The lyric on record is definitely “lie.” One or his many classic lines about the challenges of real, honest human communication.
  5. I’ve been a Wilco fan for about 15 years now, and I can’t recall when it became super important for us to analyze and critique setlist variety. I’m just grateful when I can catch a show regardless of what they play, because it’s a great rock show every time.
  6. Caught 2-3 portions of songs on the Radio.com webcast but gave up after the connection kept freezing, timing out and playing choppy. Very much a frustrating listening experience but hopefully it’ll turn up on the Roadcase or in the Nugs.net catalog.
  7. Grab all of Jeff’s solo shows recorded at Lounge Ax in the 1990s. Terrific banter, not to mention hearing Jeff try out songs in progress, test/develop his growing body of material and engage in the audience in a low-pressure environment. They’re all in the Wilco Live Show Archive.
  8. He was offstage or hidden deep in the stage plot starting in 2002, and by 2003 was in the regular stage set. In fall 2001 it was Wilco the quartet, through and through.
  9. Penn’s Landing is probably one of my all-time favorites (not including the shows I’ve actually attended). A fantastic portrait of a band in flux, starting to find their footing with new sounds and tons of great lead guitar by Jeff before he relinquished duties to Nels the following year.
  10. Saw this announced on Facebook. A few of these have been available in SBD for years. I wonder if these are official Wilco recordings that are a little fuller and more robust than the fan SBDs, which for the most part sound pretty good but can be a little dry and lacking low end.
  11. An Empty Corner! Fantastic. Hoping some of these sets get released in the Roadcase, especially Kansas City. Thanks as always for the notes, Bbop!
  12. Cinnamon Girl! Awesome. Go see a show, folks. Don’t let the setlists detract you. There’s a difference between reading it on paper and being in the room. The KC show was straight fire. I’ve seen 14 (a drop in the bucket compared to bbop) but KC was easily in my top 3.
  13. We’re not debating. It’s friendly discourse. Call it wishful thinking. Just having some fun recalling the contributions of members from the early days.
  14. Probably more of a long shot since he was never actually a member, but it would be awesome to even have Brian Henneman come out to play a little bit of lead guitar!
  15. Why not Max? He was a founding member and played on two records. Leroy only played on two records. Well, four, if you count single-song performance credits on Summerteeth and MA 2. He was much more of a contributor on YHF and AGIB. And sure, he was a touring member since 1998, so I suppose I can see why he’d be more worthy. But it would just seem like a snuff to only include 1-2 former members and not someone who was there at the start and was a member of Uncle Tupelo. Just my $0.02.
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