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  1. I cannot believe there is not a post about this already. Is anyone else going? Do we know if it will be the same first 30 people pick the songs format? I'm excited to say the least.
  2. Here is the set from tonight's show. Almost no banter from Jeff due to what I think was a pretty tight schedule. Great show all in all! Less than you think Handshake drugs Kamera I Am Trying To Break Your heart Art of almost. Panthers Hummingbird Sunken treasure Secret of the sea Heavy metal drummer. I'm the man who loves you Either way Hotel Arizona. Jesus etc. Born alone Via Chicago Airline to heaven. Impossible Germany Box full of letters Too far apart Red eyed blue/I got you Dawned on me Kingpin I'm a wheel. A shot in the arm California stars Too far apart War on war New Madrid Give back the key to my heart Misunderstood.
  3. Not that wrong. I was right about the drop d. Just invetween the D and G chord he is play what looks like an Em with a D on the B string.
  4. I think the above tab is spot on but I'm thinking it's in drop D. It would make more sense if you were playing the G that way.
  5. Liam is a kick ass musician who has a new band named Marrow. They've only released a two song EP but I saw them live at Shuba's and they killed it. One of the best shows I've ever seen. If you're interested you can find both of their songs in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eNITD0v6pg. I recommend it, I can certainly here a wilco influence.
  6. I had a pretty solid version of BBN for acoustic figured out about a year ago but after seeing Jeff play it I think does it in open G. Hopfully that's a good starting point for someone until I become less lazy and try to figure it out again.
  7. Impossible Germany, Walken or Bull Black Nova I think have some really interesting things going on as well. The acoustic version of BBN is crazy cool.
  8. Here is the tab to one of the Jeff Tweedy penned songs from the new Mavis Staples record. Great song. Hope you find it correct. Jesus Wept Standard Tuning, No Capo Intro/Riff e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- x2 D--------------------------------- A----0h2-0h2---0h2---0h2-0-0h2--- E--3----------------0------------3- G-----------------------Em My throat quits when I try to say G---------------Em How I long for the day -----Am--------------D--D* How I wish there was a way ------Am------D--D* I could see you again D* ---D---Em--F#m e--2----3----5--------------------------------- B--3----5----7--------------------------------- G--2----4----6--------------------------------- D------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------ G---------------Em--- I wither next to my thorns G--------------------------Em- I thread my tongue through the horn Am-------------D----D* Arm in arm we are born Am-------------D---D* Arm in arm to the end Chorus: Bm-------------C--- Side streets I have worn Bm----------------C----- Through late summer storms -----------Em----- I should have told you -----------C------- I could live without you --------------G But I don’t want to Intro/Riff Verse Chords: My heart lifts when I sing The joy I can bring Doesn’t mean a thing I want to see you again I wither next to my thorns I thread my tongue through the horn Arm in arm in arm we are born Arm in arm to the end Chorus x1 Verse Chords: My throat quits when I try to say How I long for the day How I wish there was a way To see you again Chorus x1 Oh I don’t want to
  9. With the One True Vine about to come out I've been trying to figure it out. One the Mavis record it sounds like Jeff is play without a capo but here is what I have... With a capo on 4 it seems the verses work like this but I'm having trouble with the chorus. Here are my notes but all correction are welcome seeing as I'm not even close to sure if this is right. One True Vine Capo 4 e------------ B------------ G-----0--0-- D-0-2--2---- : Into a C chord A----------- E----------- C G I was last in line C G For the one true vine Em D G Endless winding prayer C G I was dead at first C G I had done my worst Em D G Ooooh and you came to me (here is where I get lost, some of these sound okay. Obviously the question marks are where I need some help...) Bm Am Life had ceased G Bm I was lost and tired ? ? You set me free ? C From this mighty, mighty fire D G C D Just in time to be C G My one true vine (and repeat for the verse and chorus)
  10. Laminated Cat and Someday Some Morning Sometime are two I know of.
  11. Is it just me or is ST louder? I feel like if I listening to a song off, say, being there and then change to ST it sounds like it's mixed louder. Maybe it's just my copy.
  12. Wow... that would be the best day ever! I have only dreamed of such things! Whoever wins better put a posting full of details and photos. Already jealous.
  13. I'll be there, Ive got to get two requests in. In previous years what times did people start showing up to wait? (I hope that question isn't considered cheating...)
  14. Kids These Days are an awesome band. Seen them live a couple times and went to school with one of the band members. Super cool kids. Highly suggest their new album Traphouse Rock produced my Jeff Tweedy. There is an article about it and stream here http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/kids-these-days-debut-features-jeff-tweedy-production-album-premiere-20121029 Enjoy.
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