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  1. yeah, I'm all in. Tour coming to Philly & NYC !
  2. what's really scary is I looked at my sent messages, and saw that I send a message to FrOnk 18 years ago!! yes, he responded back.
  3. YES ! Shiney ! I couldn't think of who started the debate on the cheese
  4. wow ! that's awesome Donna. Reading Jeff's take on it all, was amazing. So many memories. I remember those initials, LLP, sad to hear he passed. I stumbled on VC early on & it was such an addiction. Kept me from going crazy, being bored at my job, always hoping I wouldn't get caught by anyone at work. I've also met and still keep in touch with so many great people from those first months of VC.I can say I knew Paul before he became a celeb. Kinda unreal, 20 years. It really was/is a family, of course I miss those early, early days, but memories are great to have. Than's Donna, yer the best
  5. the new record is amazing. Love every track. Jim has stepped it up. Hope they swing back East in the Spring.
  6. love me some Spoon. Gotta admit, I like their older stuff a bit more than recent, but I'm all in.
  7. just finished the Peter Frampton book. recomended starting Little Steven's/Miami Steve book
  8. that's crazy, I thought they were aren't at the same time. Any idea what George is doing ?
  9. I saw this record pop up, and total remember this band. I haven't listened yet, but hoping it's at least good. Lots of bands get lost. I always loved the band The Saints, Australian group. same kinda vibe.
  10. new record coming. I unfortunately missed this tour, but have watched lots of live vids. This band is just relentless. I've always loved Jim's writing & singing, the whole band is now right up there with Wilco. Should I dare say, sometimes I love them more.
  11. that's a fine looking glass to fill beverages with
  12. https://youtu.be/89P8M6QXME0 it’s snowing, AGAIN in Jersey. Warms me, seeing Jeff if shorts, and talking about Hawaii.
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