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  1. that's a fine looking glass to fill beverages with
  2. https://youtu.be/89P8M6QXME0 it’s snowing, AGAIN in Jersey. Warms me, seeing Jeff if shorts, and talking about Hawaii.
  3. When Glen joined Wilco, I never heard of him. He’s made a huge impact on the music Jeff writes, he’s transformed the sound of Wilco part 2.
  4. no way ! that's pretty crazy story. He seems like a cool guy. The Walkman are great too.
  5. i'm out of practice on how to start a thread Isabella is good, but i really like the rest more. Def check it out, let me know what ya think he has such a distinctive voice
  6. it was great to be part of the VC cover project 20 yrs ago ? kinda scary, it's been that long
  7. anyone ? new record is a 9 check out his Tiny Desk from Fathers day. He has the cutest kids ever.
  8. i've just into listening to the new record, so far i'm liking it. some songs have 70's feel to me ? should be a great tour, whenever it happens
  9. Sarah smile one more wilco show sadly sounds like new Tweedy record, Jeff solo shows
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