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  1. Hi guys! Sorry I didn't leak this news this year on Via Chicago. Not exactly dealing with a full deck lately.......but anyhoo.....the show is so late this year because I had to give my weekend I was holding at the Vic for solo Jeff, to Tweedy the band. Because Taste of Chicago got cancelled, they really wanted to do a Tweedy Chicago thing and with Jeff's schedule so insane, that was pretty much the only time they could do it. I had to give it up. I was kicking and screaming, but I had to do it. The good news is at least the brave people that line up won't freeze their balls off this year. So t
  2. srmt

    Love for Susie

    Thanks guys! And for the record, I do like being called Susie. I prefer it over Sue, but I will answer to both as well as other variations of my real name...Susan. xxoo
  3. Correction....the tickets will go on sale at noon on Friday. You can get them at jamusa.com or at the vic box office. Thanks! xo
  4. Awww.....I sent it to Jeff. Have a great time at the show. srmt
  5. Hi you guys....Jeff will be playing a benefit at The Vic again. The shows will be Friday Feb 14 and Saturday Feb 15. The tickets will go on sale this Friday December 13 at 10am. Thanks! xo srmt
  6. Hi guys.....here is the link to bid on the Recording Session with Jeff. You'll need to sign in with Bidding for Good but it's super easy. Thanks!! xxoo https://www.biddingforgood.com/auction/item/Item.action?id=187644882
  7. Hi guys......We are going to be auctioning off something pretty cool....... UP FOR AUCTION: 1 eight hour day of recording a song at the world famous Wilco loft. Your session will be tracked by a staff engineer and overseen by Jeff Tweedy who will also help you produce and arrange your song.. and maybe even play on it too if you need him too! You will leave with a CD of a finished mix. (date to be determined according to schedules) You will be able to bid on this item online on or after March 1. I will get all of the information you will need to bid on it and let you know. Thanks! srmt
  8. Yes! Tickets will be on sale at the Vic box office of Friday at noon! Sorry that the shows are on weekdays....it's the best we could do. They'll be a little earlier though, with a 7:30 start time. xo
  9. You will be able to get tickets at jamusa.com Thanks! xo
  10. Ha...thanks Wilco Me! The tickets this year will be $75 for general admission and $150 for the "Golden Circle". Thanks! xo
  11. Hi Guys!! Ok.....finally have the info......the Jeff solo shows will be Wednesday and Thursday March 13 and 14. The tickets are going on sale this Friday February 1 at noon. xxoo
  12. Someone should buy this guitar. It's for a really good cause. Jeff will sign it however you want. Or not if you'd rather have it unsigned. Pass the word on, k? Thanks!! srmt http://henrysfundauc...f-susan-tweedy/
  13. srmt


    So..........the Box is still available for Saturday night. It seats 10 people or so. If anybody wants to buy it....let me know. You can get your friends together to pitch in, but one person should pay. I still have to figure out how that will happen. At school, we usually start the bidding at 2500 for the box, but if anybody here wants to buy it, I'd let it go or start the bidding at $1000. Let me know. Thanks! xo
  14. srmt


    Hi hinko...sorry about the confusion. I am as confused as you are! But.....you can bring your son with you. You won't have a problem bringing an underage age child as long as you, the parent, are with him. Thanks!!
  15. srmt


    Okeey dokeey....both golden circle and regular tickets for both nights will be released next Wednesday the 21st at noon. Thanks! xo srmt
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