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  1. Ummmm I have no idea who recorded that with their phone in unauthorized fashion.... Sorry for the shaky cam work, I have to seat dance to hummingbird, impossible not to. And the moronic woos were to try to let him know we were indeed still there :-)
  2. After 2 days she can't stop talking about it. We went to the movies on Saturday and she strikes up a conversation with stranger to tell them she went to the show the night before and Jeff Tweedy played Hummingbird just for her... I'm pretty sure he made her a lifelong fan :-)
  3. I thought Jeff sounded great but agree that the audience was weird. Seemed not at all into singing along when he seemed to be asking us too and made a lot of noises at other times. Disappointed he didn't get to Misunderstood and would have loved to see Art of Almost as a solo arrangement. That said he sounded incredible, Bull Black Nova was ferocious as a solo number, way more out of that one than I anticipated. My highlight was of course Jeff playing Hummingbird and dedicating to my daughter Haileigh. She was completely blown away and has barely stopped talking about it, telling random
  4. Jeff played Hummingbird for her and said it was for Haileigh, then he apologized for some of his behavior, swearing and getting upset etc... It was AWESOME! She was really blown away by it. Such a great night of music. Mikael joined him on piano. Thanks again to SRMT, deep gratitude from a dad.
  5. A popular song amongst the younger of the Wilco fans apparently :-) Although I love it as well, perhaps my enthusiasm for it is what got her hooked on it in the first place.
  6. Yes I have had some people message me to tell me that. I was not aware but it's cool that she saw it and passed it along to Jeff. Can't wait for the show!
  7. This is such a highlight of what I have loved about being a Wilco fan... the other fans. I have always loved my experiences at the shows of getting a chance to meet and talk to other fans. Wilco is one of the few bands I will go see by myself because the fans are so much fun to be around that you never are alone at a show. I got to see them at the Roundhouse in London when I was there shooting a documentary and couldn't get anyone else to go with me, but again the fans there were a blast. Thanks for all of the cool responses, I will share them all with Haileigh.
  8. Yeah wasn't exactly sure what to do with it honestly. So I sent it out managment link, posted here on Twitter and on Facebook feed. Got a nice note back from Dennis at TM management as well. Can't wait to see the show. It will be my wife and I, our 2 boys 14 and 11 and my 7 yo daughter. We all saw Wilco at The Bowl and Haileigh has played Wilco on her ipod ever since but especially Hummingbird, she ADORES Hummingbird :-) If it were not digital she would have worn it out by now. When your young child asks you to do something so confidently what can you say lol, you just try your best to
  9. Hi all, New poster here to the forum. My 7 year old daughter Haileigh wrote a letter that she asked me to get to Jeff before we go see him in Santa Barbara on Friday. She asked me to deliver it to him, I explained I didn't know him and she said confidently "I'm sure you'll figure something out." So here I am... wondering if there is a way to get a copy of the pic of the card to him or email etc. Her first ever concert was Wilco at the Hollywood Bowl and her favorite song is Hummingbird so she wrote him and asked him to play it for her on Friday. At a time when many of the girls in her
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