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  1. Managed to squueze into all 3 by luck, the loveliness of our tribe and a little bitty hustle...man oh manv it was so much fun.. and they sounded great. Poor Stan was wedged into a corner but he made the room warm and the choices were fabulous and teh poster art was great and I ran into so many band it's nice to thank them personally... would love for this to be released..
  2. DOn't forget the "Paul has heard this song 3,000 times and then he changed the lyrics briefly to California stars..."
  3. Thanks for putting these together! "Just a Kid" for Lilah was my request for my daughters whose best friend moved from Chicago to Texas to get out of the city during the virus. Found out her bestie is staying in Texas and they won't be near each other. "Just a Kid" is Lilah's fave and she was so blown away she thought for a second I was pranking her. But she thought it was amazing! Just another act of kindness on a long list of mitzvah's.
  4. Tuesday April 28th is my birthday so I'm working the streets looking to get some love on the Tweedy Show for "Every Little Thing" Or "Far Far Away" or "Ashes" Come get behind the Weeder on this one!
  5. 1 available for Boston 10/11/19, Orch C, Row D, Seat 113, Face value 312 305 6421 or DM me! Thanks! TEXT ME 312305 6421 and I can forward to you
  6. 1 available for Boston 10/11/19, Orch C, Row D, Seat 113, Face value 312 305 6421 or DM me! Thanks!
  7. Gewee


    Have an extra for Thursday Orch C Row D Seat 113... any takers DM me or text 312 -305-6421
  8. I can;t make it to this one due to work, but I went to the Dead and Company last year and it was absolutely magnificent. The area around the concerts is gorgeous with something for everyone. I did something different everyday, cenotes, jungle, Tulum ruins, snorkeling, swimming. Amazing place, and the music lineup looks great. It;s one of those things you're not likely to regret.
  9. If anyone needs a Saturday ticket, just found out that I can't make it. Text me 312 305 6421. I can bring it tonight,,,
  10. Have one GA ticket for Saturday. Call or text 312 305 6421, you get what I paid for it. Will bring it to the show tonight.
  11. HI Steve Somehow I missed this but was able to get tix... Thanks as always for the offer
  12. Gewee


    Sunrise> Magazine Called Sunset
  13. Hello! Wasn't going to be in town for the Tweedy Vic shows but I will after all. Looking for tickets in the front area. If anyone has an extra please, send it my way! Looking for both nights. Thanks!
  14. Gewee


    Tonight's rumored set list for Phil Lesh, based on the band's new found love for Wilco One More Saturday Night> One Sunday Morning Fire on the Mountain > Remember the Mountain Bed> Passenger> Passenger Side Ripple> Ripple Box of Rain > Box Full of Letters Far From Me > Far Far Away That's It for the Other One > One True Vine > That's It for the Other One It Must Have Been the Roses > Forget the Flowers Foolish Heart > I am Trying to Break Your Heart Good
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