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  1. Anyone at the show? Would love to know a set list, from what little I have read it sounds like it was a great time!
  2. After missing four years in a row of shows, it was such a pleasure to see the band last night. The venue was one of the oddest places I have ever been, middle of nowhere New Hampshire, had a food court where there was a Kubota Tracktor sales kiosk as well as many other odd and slightly off putting displays of NE culture (no offense, I live in Maine, just kind of a bizarre place IMHO) But, with a luck of a front row seat, it all drifted away instantly upon the opening bars of Handshake Drugs. It was JT's birthday last night and the banter went from singing HB to Jeff, th
  3. I have missed my last two wilco shows. Last year at Thompson's Point Portland Maine as I was not ready to get back to crowd situation and before that I had 4th row for the ACE Hotel in Los Angeles, but was out of town on business. But...this should all change come Thursday We are driving in a couple of hours and wondering when Wilco will take the stage? here is a warm up act at is supposed to start at 7p, so I assume 8pm as they have always been quite punctual in my experience. Thanks!
  4. I have two tickets, plus a parking pass for tonight's outdoor concert at Thompson Point in Portland Maine. Please let me know if you want them. under face value fine. I spent $143.30, feel free to make an offer. Wilco Presale Sec GA2, (General Admission) USD $50.00 x 2 Fees USD $10.40 (Service Fee) x 2 add-on Thompson's Point Prepaid Parking - Wilco & Sleater-Kinney USD $20.00
  5. I live in the Portland area, but only been to the point once or twice for ice skating. I got an email that bleats out parking is SOLD OUT!, is anyone here familiar with where to park if the venue parking is sold out? TIA Henry
  6. Started watching this high quality video from the folks over at KEXP Wilco Live KEXP Aug 15, 2015 Awhile back I had started a thread about favorite Misunderstoods, well, this may very well be my new favorite, it is the first song they play in the recording. Enjoy
  7. silsurf


    OK, I just found out I cannot make the show. Thanks for all your help and support and if you are going have an extra great time for me!!
  8. silsurf


    So sorry for the late reply. Still trying to figure out if I can go to the show. Are your tickets still available? -Henry
  9. silsurf


    Just got completely boxed out of the pre-sale for Boston 10/10-10/11. If anyone winds up with pit seats they want to get rid of I would appreciate the opportunity to buy them. Thanks very much Henry
  10. Just listening to this great soundboard of a show in Nashville 1995. What I like about it is different interpretations of songs, something that i always enjoy when visiting older material of any band. You can read more about it here: http://soundaboard.blogspot.com/2018/04/wilco-dancing-in-district-nashville-1995.html I have not checked if it is available from the Owl, but if you need a copy let me know
  11. I would like to add one of the Wilco 20080215-20 from the archive to my library and would love some feedback on the source differences. I tend to like fuller, audience recordings, but not scared of the fm? thanks!! Henry
  12. hmm, I grabbed the Coleman House show there just yesterday? 03-03-2007 regardless, if someone wants the Memphis show please PM an email address
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