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  1. I live in the Portland area, but only been to the point once or twice for ice skating. I got an email that bleats out parking is SOLD OUT!, is anyone here familiar with where to park if the venue parking is sold out? TIA Henry
  2. Started watching this high quality video from the folks over at KEXP Wilco Live KEXP Aug 15, 2015 Awhile back I had started a thread about favorite Misunderstoods, well, this may very well be my new favorite, it is the first song they play in the recording. Enjoy
  3. Just listening to this great soundboard of a show in Nashville 1995. What I like about it is different interpretations of songs, something that i always enjoy when visiting older material of any band. You can read more about it here: http://soundaboard.blogspot.com/2018/04/wilco-dancing-in-district-nashville-1995.html I have not checked if it is available from the Owl, but if you need a copy let me know
  4. I would like to add one of the Wilco 20080215-20 from the archive to my library and would love some feedback on the source differences. I tend to like fuller, audience recordings, but not scared of the fm? thanks!! Henry
  5. hmm, I grabbed the Coleman House show there just yesterday? 03-03-2007 regardless, if someone wants the Memphis show please PM an email address
  6. Weird, just found the Jeff Tweedy 2008-01-12 Drost Home Living Room Show Disc 3, so that is now complete and another show that is not up on the OWL, if you have not heard any of the Living Room Shows, they are quite something. Henry
  7. I have a source for 10/30/2002 and glad to share it. It was given to me by a friend who says it was given to him by someone running the show. It is certainly a SDB, but I have no other lineage than that. Just let me know where to send it. I tend to use WeTransfer, so I just need na email. I could also put it on my dropbox and post the link here if that is better. In exchange I would love any help finding two things missing from my collection that are not on the Owl Archive. Wilco 2004-09-22 Upton Mix Nashville, TN Disc 1 Jeff Tweedy 2008-01-12 Drost Home Living Room Show Disc 3 I am curren
  8. I should have been more clear. I was looking for a mpeg to download and the show in FLAC format. I searched for a bit, but thought I would ask here as well. Thanks!
  9. Thanks. Anyone know where I can grab a copy of the full video of Wilco - 11/27/1996 - Chicago, IL and or the FLAC'sHenry
  10. I happen to listen to my first Wilco show the other day. Memphis 10/30/2002 and was reminded of a couple of things. It is a great show and there is a pristine soundboard of it to listen to. I particularly remember how intense "misunderstood" was, the Jeff was almost in convulsions and lots of spit was coming out during the "thank you" crescendo. I was not sure until yesterday whether this was just a memory or that really, it is quite a cathartic performance. Well, it is, you can listen for yourself here. What I was wondering how many permutations did this song go through? And might this be t
  11. I have seen the name Henry Kaiser many times over music blogs over the years, but it was not until last night I thought "who is this guy" Two things came to my immediate attention. 1. He is clearly pals with Nels 2. He has some serious music history and is somehow related to interesting bootleg recordings. This was evinced when I saw "Lineage: SBD 16-track tape->Henry Kaiser's tape->2nd gen tape" on a 1970 Captain Beefheart compilation. Anyone want to elucidate on this guy? Thanks Henry
  12. Came across this poster while looking for artwork for a 1969 dead show.
  13. I was at a toddler class today and this boy had on what sure as heck looks like a wilco shirt. I stared and stared and asked his mom who said it was a gift from a friend that she got over seas and it is in Farsi and cant remember what it says? Can that be true? I have such a hard time believing it? But the mom was quite specific about when and where she got the shirt?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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