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  1. I love that mask! I haven’t posted here for so long, but I’m so happy to see the play-by-play synopsis ... thanks to u2roolz and everyone! Love it!
  2. I thought she was talking about the “first 30 people in line get to request a song” thing. Like maybe it might become a solo fundraiser show where Jeff plays what he wants to play, and however many songs he wants to play. I think he mentioned on stage that 30 is a lot! That made total sense to me at the time, because it’s definitely a lot of work for him to brush up on the songs and create a proper setlist sequence on the spot. Fans like to stump him with deep cuts which he hasn’t played for a long time, and he literally walks in the building without any idea what he’s going to play. It’s
  3. Calexico - new one coming out in a couple of weeks. "The Thread That Keeps Us" - a couple of songs below "End of the World With You" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsuWX5TMF4w "Voices in the Field" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU1lFU__2fI&index=2&list=RD9Xq2CnmSB_M
  4. I am able to re-watch this, so if you missed it, it seems still available for view. I can't leave a link since it's on my TV and I don't know how to do that right now. Can anyone else post a replay link?
  5. Just like Jeff said they did in South America!
  6. Yes! Second encore! Completely agree with the great opportunity this video provided to see Mikael and Glenn from that overhead vantage point of view! Awesome!!!
  7. It took me 2 songs worth of time to key in the URL for my TV with better sound system. But worth it if you can't be there in person! Band is sounding and looking great!
  8. Aaaahhhhh! I love it - "If I Ever Was A Child" Just beautiful! Two weeks until Seattle! (Edited to add we also heard new "Locator" )
  9. Did you click on "Start New Live Stream" in upper right corner? From this link: http://www.thecurrent.org/listen
  10. Great stream! I even got it to feed through my new smart TV, which I'n not used to yet, but has some good speakers attached! Yesssss! Agree, lost highway! This sounds terrific!
  11. Wendy


    Agree! And I like it ... a lot!
  12. I have had the worst nightmares with streaming audio/video since upgrading to Windows 10. Only got to see last few songs by the time I "fixed" it. At least that included "California Stars" with Jason Isbell joining in with Nels!
  13. Finally I got some decent seats (way off to Nels' side though) for Sat. in Seattle.
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