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  1. Might have an extra for Monday 12/8. Winterlude night 3. PM if interested. Thanks.
  2. I have 2 tickets for Thursday, Dec. 11 at Riviera. Looking to trade mine for 2 tickets for Monday, Dec. 8 at Riviera. My tickets are hard copy from Etix. I can meet in Chicago to do the trade. Please PM me! Thanks! If you can't do the trade but still would like to buy my Dec. 11 tickets for face value, let me know.
  3. Looking for 1 or 2 tickets for the Friday 3/30 Jeff show at Vic Theatre, Chicago. I was out of town during the onsale and thus sadly missed it. By the time I remembered to check, tickets were gone Thank you!
  4. Caught the first 4 Chicago shows in December, and happened to be in SF this weekend, and ended up getting floor tickets for face from a very nice fan. Standing on the floor in front of Nels about 4-5 people back, we had such a GREAT group of people around us. A lot of enthusiastic and positive fans. I tried to be as respectful as possible, but if I blocked anyone's view momentarily while jumping during Bull Black Nova or a few other songs, I'm sorry. This was around my 15th show, and finally my first "One By One". Extremely emotional song for me - I was almost in tears. If Tony and you
  5. Under 1 week away... anyone have a friend back out? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm looking for extra tickets for the Warfield show in San Francisco on 1/29. Will take anywhere from 1-4 tickets. Coming in from Chicago for this show, please help me out, thanks!
  7. Definitely a lot of setlist treats last night. Loved Hesitating Beauty. Hell is Chrome was awesome. Great to hear Summerteeth. Overall I enjoyed Riviera more. Bull Black Nova, Spiders, Always In Love, I'm a Wheel, and many others just made the show that much more intense and fun for me. Just some personal preferences. I've never felt so happy about a Wilco show than after the Riv. Hoping to get in tonight at Metro... if not, 3 shows was a great run.
  8. "Handing both to you" is very unlikely. I don't think there will be any physical tickets given. So, your friend will have to get you in the show, and then he can either man up and watch the show, or turn around and leave. If he must leave right away, I recommend having him at least wait a few minutes / leave through another door just so security doesn't notice him as much. Not sure they could really do anything to you guys, but due to the will call only policy / anti-scalper intent, they might question why he's entering and leaving so quickly. See below for the email I got: Below are in
  9. 3 day bump Have extra tickets to Riviera and Vic, looking to trade them for entry to Metro or Lincoln Hall. Thanks! (good show tonight at the Opera House, btw!)
  10. EDITED original post to show my current ticket status. I have Opera, Riv, and Vic. Looking to trade for Metro/Lincoln Hall. Thanks!
  11. bump. Still looking to trade my extra Opera House and/or Riviera and/or Vic ticket (at will call) for your extra Metro / Lincoln Hall ticket. I would pay the cash difference in the case of Lincoln Hall (since it's a more expensive ticket). Thanks!
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