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  1. In many respects, we live in a failed state.
  2. The hill at Alpine 87, 88 and 89 was like a sovereign country - completely lawless and anything goes / went. Saw lots of weird / odd / scarey / bizarre / taboo / awesome stuff up there...at least I thought i did...
  3. Love the Supplication Estimated Eyes...really strong Jerry soloing. Post drums really strong too. They were on fire. Great first show.
  4. Always knew how great 16 June 1974 was (is), but never realized how massive the China Cat is...wow
  5. 1982-04-19 Franklin's Tower is pretty damn tight...easily one of the finest versions I've heard...
  6. google "freaks and geeks" vimeo episode 1
  7. Just started watching this show with my 19 year old daughter on house arrest from freshman year of college. Through 5 episodes...excellent.
  8. Fargo Season 1...man...great show...
  9. I think we are really ready for some televised professional sports. Golf (not my favorite sport to watch) could very easily be televised with no fans attending. Each hole could have 1 player, and the broadcast could switch hole to hole.
  10. Wisconsin likely to shut down today. Permitted to go to exercise (run, walk), doctor, pharmacy, grocery and liquor stores (cannabis not legal here). My question - is playing singles tennis permitted?
  11. https://youtu.be/_J60fQr0GWo Wow - you can hear the collective grasping for air...Italy is 11 days ahead of NYC...
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