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    Music (Wilco, Springsteen, the Beatles, Dylan, DBT, Jason Isbel, Ryan Adams, Alejandro Escovedo); Sports (Rangers, Cowboys, Aggies); my kids (Magic Kristen and D-man); History (Napoleonic era, Ancient Rome, WWII, Civil War).
  1. He's 76 years old. He's 76 years old and still making records of new material. He's 76 years old, still making records, and plays concerts that are often over 2 hours long. He's 76 years old, still making records, plays concerts that are often over 2 hours long, and he collaborates with Kanye. He's 76 years old, still making records, plays concerts that are often over 2 hours long, collaborates with Kanye, he makes records with Youth, composes classical music, records standards (as a side job...not as his main job), and he is cooler than any other fucking 76 years old on the face of the planet.
  2. I learned some pretty important life lessons last week (although I should be well past any surprises): Fat clumsy oaf in a slippery shower will always lose to gravity The emergency room in a small town is MUCH more sedate than that of a large metropolitan area (i.e., no gunshot victims, no drug overdoses). When they refer to putting in Staples...they really mean STAPLES. Damn thing looked like something from Home Depot. The staples hurt more than the wound. 4.5 centimeters = c. 2 inchesMy poor noggin can't take too much more...orbital floor blow out fracture in October...Six Staples in April.
  3. Looks like the Rangers are headed for a 100 loss year.
  4. Watching the free agent bloodletting this Winter, I forsee labor unrest at the end of the next CBA. There's no real solution that will work, but the players are getting pissed off. I hope MLB doesn't fall into the feared model at the advent of free agency where the big market teams buy up all the talent and the small market teams suffer... (Although we kind of have that now to a certain ectent)
  5. I'm really thinking I have seen my last show...too bad it was that clusterfuck of U2 in the Cowboys stadium.
  6. I've always been a Wilco partisan in the great Uncle Tupelo schism war. I know it's okay to be fans of both, and I am a fan of Son Volt, but Jeff is my guy. My Male progeny (who moved into his first grownup, working man apartment) procured tickets a couple of weeks ago for what he called a "Red Dirt Country" show at the Verizon Center in Grand Prairie. I was asking him who was on the bill. Turnpike Troubadors (a Texas Country Band), Slobberbone (a Denton Texas old school alt-country band) AND... Wait for it... Opening band... Son Volt. He got to see a really good show. But I can't help but feel that Jay has let his monomania and temperment derail what could have been a monster career.
  7. so...I havent been around these parts for quite a while. Missed all the election bloodletting...the excitement over Shmilco...the solo record...the tour. Gather round, gather round...time for tales from the edge. My son bought us two tickets to see Wilco in Irving in October. Wilco is our thing. We've seen three shows together in Dallas. It was going to be a good night. He and I were going to take off work and really blow it out. The day before the show (which was a Monday), I came down with a nasty sinus thingie/allergy attack/cold. Took off work early, went home and took some over the counter stuff (Dayquill). Didn't really help much, so I decided to go to bed early (for me) at 10:00. Tohok some Nyquill (eight hours later....should have been fine). Didn't sleep well. Woke up around 4:00 (an hour early) feeling really thirsty. Got up, went to the kitchen for some water. Then the feeling started. Tingling in the legs and shooting up my body. Heard the blood roaring in my ears. Next thing I knew, I was wondering "why is my face cold? What am I lying on?" I raised my head and noticed a pool of black stuff on the floor. Black stuff dripping into a pool on the floor. Wait a minute. It's dark. That isnt black...that's BLOOD. I had a classic faint and fall. Landed face first and busted my nose and face. Suffered an Orbital Floor Blowout Fracture (look it up...it's as nasty as it sounds). Needless to say, Dylan and I missed the Wilco show. And that may have been my last show ever...hearing really suffering these days. So...how was your Fall and Winter?
  8. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/64/Bob_Dylan_-_The_Bootleg_Series,_Volume_5.jpg
  9. THIS is why print media is dying.
  10. My kids are passionate and listen to other voices. Get outside your echo chamber and try to understand what's going on.
  11. Nothin' to lose...(one of the five best songs about 'knocking at the back door')
  12. Marah --- Angels on a Passing Train Tom Waits --- Downtown Train The Who --- 5:15 Gordon Lightfoot --- Canadian Railroad Trilogy Gladys Knight and the Pips --- Midnight Train to Georgia Jimi Hendrix --- Hear my train a'coming The Monkees --- Last Train to Clarksville
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